New EDMs on Universal Jurisdiction, Berlanty Azzam/Bethlehem Univ and on East Jerusalem

December 4, 2009
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EDM 502

Corbyn, Jeremy That this House believes that universal jurisdiction for human rights abuses is essential as part of the cause of bringing to justice those who commit crimes against humanity and will oppose any legislation to restrict this power of UK courts.

24 signatories on 17 December

EDM 312


Caton, Martin

That this House congratulates Bethlehem University on its scheme to bring students from Gaza to the university to study; is shocked, however, to learn that one student, Ms Berlanty Azzam, who is in her fourth year majoring in business administration, was arrested by the Israeli military, blindfolded, handcuffed and transferred from Bethlehem to Gaza in the middle of the night; recognises that whilst the Israeli-controlled population registry lists Ms Azzam as residing in the Gaza Strip, she has lived in Bethlehem since 2005; calls on the Israeli authorities to allow her to complete her degree; and urges the Government to protest against the unjust Israeli policy that bans Palestinian residents of Gaza from studying in the West Bank.

22 signatures at 4 December 2009

EDM 314
Linton, Martin

That this House supports the proposed statement by the Council of the European Union drafted by the Swedish Presidency calling for negotiations on a two-state solution leading to an independent, democratic, contiguous and viable state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital; welcomes the statement’s clear reiteration that settlements are illegal under international law, as are the separation barrier on occupied land and the demolition of homes; agrees that all three constitute an obstacle to peace by threatening to make a two-state solution impossible; and asks the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs to endorse this document at the meeting in Brussels on 7 December 2009.

32 signatures at 4 December 2009

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