Museum of "tolerance" still going ahead – sign the petition today

March 16, 2010

FrankGehry-simpsonsAs you may already know, the Simon Wiesenthal Center is preparing to build a Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem on the site of the Mamilla Cemetery, the oldest and most distinguished Muslim cemetery in the city.  All local efforts to prevent this effort from going forward using Israeli legal channels have been unsuccessful. Those whose ancestors are buried in Mamilla Cemetery are now seeking to block construction of the Museum through international means.  Columbia University Professor Rashid Khalidi and the petitioners’ lawyer Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Justice expose some of the lies used to try to justify the Museum’s construction and Palestinian resistance to this endeavor on a recent edition of Democracy Now!:

Campaign organizers have put together a petition demanding that the Wiesenthal Center cease construction of the Museum on this burial ground.  The petition will be brought forward to the United Nations’ Human Rights Council when the issue is discussed on March 22nd in Geneva.  The goal is to have 10,000 signatures by that time.

Now that you have seen the video, please take a minute to sign the petition here.  You can also read more about the Museum and the ongoing resistance to its construction there as well and Richard Silverstein has a great piece on the withdrawal of architect Frank Gehry from the project (hence the atypical picture at the head of this post).

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