Life under occupation – 10

October 8, 2010
Richard Kuper

palestine_flagA Précis of Israeli Violations during September 2010

1. Willful Killings

1 – 12 Palestinian citizens including 2 children were killed by Israeli occupation troops.

2. Judaization of Jerusalem

1 – The Israeli Occupation Authorities prevented the access of tens of thousands Palestinian citizens to Al-Aqsa mosque compound, to perform prayers during the last ten days of the holy Ramadan month, the thing that resulted confrontations between Palestinian Jerusalemites in Al-Issawiya town and the Israeli Police. Also other confrontations took place after an Israeli security guarding settlers shot dead a Palestinian Jerusalemite in Silwan neighborhood, a crowded Palestinian Jerusalemite neighborhood.

2 – A group of Israeli police broke into Al-Aqsa Mosque compound to remove a Palestinian flag.

3 – Under the protection of the Israeli police, about 130 Israeli settlers entered Al-Aqsa mosque compound through the Moroccan gate, and performed provocative actions.

4 – The Israeli central court in Occupied Jerusalem approved at establishing a bridge to link between the Moroccan gate, which leads to Al-Aqsa mosque compound, and Al-Buraq wall (Western Wall).

5 – Al-Aqsa foundation for Waqf and Heritage revealed in a statement that the Israeli authorities intend to establish a 600 square meters structure under Al-Buraq yard (Western Wall of Al-Aqsa mosque compound).

3. Palestinian Prisoners

1 – 450 Palestinian citizens were arrested by Israeli troops.

2 – Large groups of Israeli police broke into the Israeli Rimon Ofra, and Nafha jails, attacking the Palestinian prisoners in their cells; as a result 17 prisoners were wounded.

3 – After being detained in Ofra detention center for 10 days, the Palestinian child Khalid Da’na, 13-year-old, from Hebron city was released by an Israeli military court but wasn’t allowed to return home for 5 months (till his next trial).

4. Settling

1 – Groups of Israeli extremist settlers seized about 210 dunums (1 Dunum = 0.25 acres) of land in different places of the West Bank.

2 – Groups of Israeli extremist settlers attacked many times with stones Palestinian vehicles passing through main streets in Nablus, Jenin and Ramallah cities.

3 – Groups of Israeli extremist settlers uprooted more than 130 fruitful trees in Hebron and Bethlehem cities. Other groups have begun to steal the olive harvest from different Palestinian villages in the West bank.

4 – Groups of Israeli extremist settlers erected tens of mobile homes in Ali’azar and Afrat settlements to the south of Bethlehem city, and Rafafa settlement near to Nablus city; while the corner stone of a Jewish religious school in the centre of Hebron city, was laid.

5 – The Israeli Authorities issued two military orders to confiscate 110 dunums of land in Tafouh and Doura towns near to Hebron city, in order to expand settlements in the area.

5. House Demolition

1 – Israeli occupation authorities issued 17 military orders to demolish a number of Palestinian facilities and houses in the Jordan Valley area.

2 – A Palestinian home in Khan Younis was demolished as targeted by two Israeli air missiles.

3 – Israeli occupation authorities delivered 9 notices to Palestinian citizens ordering them to stop building a number of facilities and houses near to Salfit town /Nablus and Jordan Valley, under the pretext built without obtaining an Israeli permission.

6. The Media

1 – 3 Palestinian Journalists sustained bruises as they were attacked and beaten by Israeli troops.

2 – Another 3 Palestinian Journalists were arrested by Israeli troops while covering different incidents in the West bank. While the Palestinian Journalist Nasir Al-Shioukhi was threatened twice by an Israeli officer to be killed during covering peaceful demonstrations in Bethlehem and Hebron cities

Department of International Relations (DAIR) /PLO
Ramallah Palestine, 7th October 2010

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