“Israeli Soldier Sentenced for Failure to Follow Orders, instead of Killing of Child

Al Mezan: Leniency Attests to Entrenched Impunity”

14-year-old Othman Hillis

From IMEMC News:

In one of the dozens of cases pursued by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights for the killing of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza’s ‘Great March of Return’ protests, an Israeli military court has sentenced a soldier who killed on July 13 2018, 14-year-old child, Othman Hillis, to only 30 days in prison.

A suspended 60-day sentence and a demotion in rank were added by the court, which indicted the soldier on the charge of “disobeying an order leading to a threat to life or health”, per article 72 of Israeli Martial Law (1955).

Convicting—even charging—an Israeli soldier for conduct that led to death or harm of a Palestinian is rare; however, the case is very troubling in that it was centered on disciplinary charges, instead of properly based on criminal charges for unlawful killing.

The absence of a criminal conviction is a testament to the perpetual manner in which the Israeli justice system, including the military courts, shields State actors from genuine accountability and denies justice and redress to the victims, even in cases amounting to potential war crimes.

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