Israeli lawmaker warns that the Great March of Return will turn into “The Great Nakba”

May 16, 2018
Israeli lawmaker Avi Dichter and former head of the Shin Bet intelligence agency warns Palestinians in the Great March of Return that they are bringing a “Great Nakba” upon themselves.

Israeli lawmaker Avi Dichter (Likud) is the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and former head of the Shin Bet intelligence agency. He tweeted the following message to Palestinians in Gaza:

Jonathan Ofir writes in Mondoweiss:

The Hebrew reads: “Special message from Avi Dichter to Gaza residents: Tell me, are you confused? Where are you going? The Hamas took you out to the march of return, and I tell you: The march of return will turn into the Nakba!”

There are two versions of the tweet, one in Hebrew and one in Arabic

In the video that accompanied both, he is speaking Arabic, and is more explicit than in the written heading – here he says not merely “Nakba”, but “The Great Nakba”, as a supposed pun upon the Great March of Return.

Dichter then goes through a typical Hasbara rant, explaining to Gazans how they should be so happy because of what is happening in Syria.

His threatening tweet from this morning comes after another one which he posted yesterday, which now appears to be removed (saved and posted on Facebook by Younes Arrar). There he wrote:

“If the protesters in Gaza will continue to try to hurt IDF soldiers and Israeli citizens, I am not worried. The IDF has enough bullets for each of the terrorists”.


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