Israel fires missiles towards Damascus airport

January 12, 2019
Most of the missiles were shot down, Syrian state media reports, but one hit a warehouse at the Damascus airport. 10 hours ago

Syrian state media broadcast footage of what it said were its air defences lighting up the night sky

Report in Aljazeera:

Israeli warplanes have fired a number of missiles towards Damascus, triggering Syrian air defence that shot down most of them, according to state media reports.

“The results of the aggression so far were limited to a strike on one of the warehouses at Damascus airport,” SANA news agency cited a military source as saying. The attack took place at 11:15pm (21:15 GMT), it said.

The state news agency also quoted a transport ministry source as saying that the airport was running normally.

Syrian state media broadcast footage of what it said were the air defences firing, with bright lights seen shooting across the night sky. Explosions were heard in one of the videos.

Israel has mounted attacks in Syria as part of its efforts to counter the influence carved out there by Iran, which is supporting President Bashar al-Assad in the war that erupted in 2011.

Many of them have been in the area south of Damascus.

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