Huge incendiary kite from Gaza lands on kibbutz power lines

IDF strikes cell in northern Strip launching devices as arson attacks continue; flaming balloon lands next to a community dining room in Eshkol Region

incendiary kite on kibbutz power lines

Times of Israel staff report, “A large incendiary kite launched from Gaza landed on power lines near Kibbutz Sufa, sparking a quick operation by employees from the Israeli Electric Corporation to remove the device before a fire was started. The 4-meter (about 13-foot) kite, which landed on Friday, caused a power outage at the kibbutz and in the surrounding area. It was removed from the high-voltage wires by electric company workers using a crane.”…

“In another community near the Gaza Strip, police sappers neutralized an incendiary balloon flown over from the Hamas-run Palestinian enclave that landed next to a dining room in an Israeli community in the Eshkol Region. In response, the Israeli military on Saturday afternoon said it targeted a cell responsible for launching incendiary balloons in the northern Gaza Strip. Reports in Palestinian media said two people were injured in the Israeli strikes in El-Bureij. There were also Palestinian reports of a second IDF strike elsewhere in the Gaza Strip.” (more…)

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