Gaza teen paralyzed in IDF strike visits Beersheba home destroyed by rocket

Maria Aman — a bystander seriously injured in a 2006 Israeli attack — and her family bring donation of clothes to Israeli mother of 3

Hamdi Amar, Moamen Amar, Maria Amar, Miri Tamano’s child and Tamano herself meet in a Beersheba hotel on October 20, 2018

Times of Israel reports, “A Palestinian teen who was paralyzed by an Israeli airstrike in the Gaza Strip over a decade ago this week visited an Israeli family who narrowly escaped with their lives after a rocket fired from Gaza directly struck their home. Maria Aman and her father Hamdi traveled to Beersheba to make a donation to the Tamano family, whose Beersheba home was completely destroyed earlier this week by a Grad rocket.”

““We heard what happened and we wanted to help because it’s a very difficult situation,” Aman told Channel 10 news on the way to Beersheba. “Both sides need to stop what they are doing, because every time this happens, I go back to the moments when I was injured.” Aman was critically injured in 2006 when the IDF struck the vehicle of a senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander in the Strip. The blast and shrapnel from the Israeli missile struck the Amans’ car, killing four members of the family.” (more…)

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