Early Day Motion/Universal Jurisdiction

July 21, 2010
Richard Kuper

hocEDM 108


[For background information and analysis see our earlier posting Human Rights Watch: Don’t Shackle UK Courts on War Crimes and Torture and links from it.]

Corbyn, Jeremy

That this House believes that universal jurisdiction for human rights abuses is essential as part of the cause of bringing to justice those who commit crimes against humanity and will oppose any legislation to restrict this power of UK courts.


There were 71 signatories up to 1 August 2010  – see if your MP has signed

Abbott, Diane
Betts, Clive
Blears, Hazel
Brake, Tom
Brooke, Annette
Buck, Karen
Burden, Richard
Burt, Lorely
Campbell, Menzies
Campbell, Ronnie
Caton, Martin
Clark, Katy
Connarty, Michael
Corbyn, Jeremy
Cunningham, Jim
Danczuk, Simon
Dobson, Frank
Dowd, Jim
Durkan, Mark
Edwards, Jonathan
Evans, Chris
Farron, Tim
Flello, Robert
Flynn, Paul
Foster, Don
Francis, Hywel
George, Andrew
Godsiff, Roger
Hancock, Mike
Hemming, John
Heyes, David
Hilling, Julie
Hoey, Kate
Hopkins, Kelvin
Horwood, Martin
Hughes, Simon
Huppert, Julian
Illsley, Eric
Jackson, Glenda
Kaufman, Gerald
Keen, Alan
Laws, David
Lazarowicz, Mark
Leech, John
Lloyd, Stephen
Lloyd, Tony
Llwyd, Elfyn
Lucas, Caroline
Mahmood, Shabana
Main, Anne
McDonnell, John
Meacher, Michael
Meale, Alan
Mulholland, Greg
Murphy, Paul
Owen, Albert
Pound, Stephen
Qureshi, Yasmin
Reid, Alan
Riordan, Linda
Rogerson, Dan
Russell, Bob
Sarwar, Anas
Sharma, Virendra
Singh, Marsha
Slaughter, Andy
Smith, Robert
Thornberry, Emily
Twigg, Derek
Williams, Mark
Williams, Roger
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