Court overturns Palestinian’s incitement conviction over poem

May 16, 2019
Dareen Tatour sat in prison and was put under house arrest for a poem

Dareen Tatour (right) and attorney Gaby Lasky

Oren Zvi reports in +972

Dareen Tatour sat in prison and was put under house arrest for a poem she published on Facebook. Now an Israeli court has decide to partially overturn her conviction.

An Israeli court partially overturned the conviction of Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour on Thursday, ruling that a poem she wrote, which landed her in prison last year, does not constitute incitement to violence.

The Nazareth District Court accepted an appeal by Tatour, who spent four months in prison and nearly three years under house arrest for a poem she wrote during the so-called “Knife Intifada” in 2015. The court accepted that the poem, “Resist My People, Resist Them,” which she published on her personal Facebook page, did not constitute incitement, despite the discomfort it might cause the public. Meanwhile the court let stand her conviction over two other social media posts, which included support for Islamic Jihad, a proscribed group.

The court also recognized Tatour as a poet, as she published the poem under her Facebook page titled “Dareen Tatour the Poet,” which she used until it was shut down following her arrest. Tatour did not appeal her sentence, which she has already served.

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