Clare Short on JfJfP from ICAHD-UK AGM

April 21, 2010

housedemofromEIClare Short spoke at the recent Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions-UK annual general meeting, where she said (among other things):

“The Muslim communities feel very upset and angry about this.  And when we work in solidarity, they’re not isolated, and there isn’t that division in our society.  When we had the demonstrations during the attack on Gaza, going up Whitehall were angry young Muslim kids – Bengalis, largely, from the East End – and then there were lots and lots of posters: ‘Jews for Justice for Palestinians’.  It was a most beautiful and moving thing.  I didn’t see any Labour Party banners; I didn’t see any Trade Union banners; on an anti-apartheid demonstration, it would have been very different.  And when it came to the angry speeches from the plinth in Trafalgar Square, there was one Imam who spoke, and he said: ‘And as for these Jews, every one of them is worth more than any of the governments in the Arab world’.  Well, that is solidarity.  That’s what prevents people being divided and turning to violence.”

(We’ll upload the audio file when we work out how to compress it.)

HT: Brian Robinson/Deborah Maccoby

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