After questioning, Netanyahu ‘certain Case 4000 has collapsed permanently’

PM says 'data proves' he had no influence on coverage at Walla news site; police say evidence of wrongdoing remains strong

Police investigators arrive at Presidential residendce

Times of Israel writes, “After completing the latest round of questioning by police Friday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “is certain Case 4000 has collapsed permanently,” a statement on his behalf said. Police officials rejected the premier’s claim. In the case, Netanyahu is suspected of advanced regulatory decisions as communications minister and prime minister that benefited Shaul Elovitch, the controlling shareholder in Bezeq, the country’s largest telecommunications firm, despite opposition from the Communication Ministry’s career officials. Police suspect that in exchange he received positive coverage from Elovitch’s Walla news site.

“’The data proves unequivocally that the coverage of Netanyahu in ‘Walla’ under Elovitch remained as negative as it was when ‘Walla’ was owned by [Haaretz owner] Amos Shoken, and did not change in the slightest when Netanyahu became communications minister,’ the statement said. Police officials rejected the premier’s assertion, telling Hadashot TV news the evidence against Netanyahu remained strong. His responses to investigators’ questions, though apparently well-prepared, did nothing to change the severity of suspicions against him, they said.”

Nirt Hefetz, former media adviser to Netanyhahu, arrives for remand hearing

Hadashot said officials in the Israel Police as well as in the state prosecution believe the case against the prime minister is ‘solid.’ Police said Elovitch was also questioned again in the case on Friday. Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan also testified in the case this week. Erdan, who served as communications minister between 2013-2014, was said to give investigators information on the workings of the ministry and his policies as minister.”

” On Tuesday, an unnamed source said to be familiar with the progress in the case told Hadashot television news that the evidence is expected to be deemed by police as sufficient to charge the prime minister with bribery.” (more…)

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