A new website – and its first archive on the Gaza Flotilla

June 4, 2010


About delegitimize.com

delegitimize.com is a new media library project that plans to publish a series of both topic-specific and current event-focused archive websites, with the help of the pro-Palestinian community and beyond. Sites will be:

  1. created on an as-needed basis, sometimes in immediate reaction to Israel’s actions or breaking news;
  2. deployed in non-crisis periods to address obvious research gaps in line with activist priorities, resource availability, and—wherever possible—Palestinian need.

The mini sites will cluster around, highlight, and deconstruct the very behaviors Israel believes it can explain away by simply investing in yet more public relations. Where delegitimization is concerned, nobody does it better than Israel does it to herself.

The Gaza Flotilla archive

The Gaza Flotilla archive is a freely-available research resource on the events that took place in international waters off the coast of Gaza on 31 May 2010.

The Gaza Flotilla archive is the first website in the delegitimize.com series, soft-launched on 31 May 2010 in the immediate and bloody wake of a morning’s violence against peace activists.

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