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All states wash hands of refugee crisis

It is evident that intrusions by the US, UK, France and Israel have meant that many Arabs are not safe in what were once their own homes. It is also evident, though Ramzy Baroud gives this little weight, that ISIL and other paramilitary Islamist groups have exacerbated the unsafety.

Typhoid enters the ‘the lowest reaches of hell’

Many Palestinians have been able to leave the notorious Yarmouk refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus, Syria after fighting broke out in 2013 and again with ISIL in April this year. Those without contacts, money, health, passports are still there – with little food and water, but with an outbreak of typhoid.

Islamic State attacks Yarmouk refugees

It would be hard to imagine how life for the Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk camp, Damascus could get worse. But ISIL, with its penchant for killing other Muslims, has defied imagination and created mayhem in the camp with beheadings and sniper fire. At least 2000 have fled (to where?) .

Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp attacked again

This time, the attack is by ISIL rather than Assad’s forces. The aim, both times is purportedly to destroy the PFLP fighters inside the camp. As this force does not venture outside the camp, the reason seems simply beacuse the camp is there – and to prevent any Palestinian fighting force developing.

Just hanging on in Yarmouk camp

Palestinians are not the only refugees in Yarmouk camp in a Damascus suburb; they were the first but have since been joined by Iraqis and Syrians. Assad’s regime began a siege of the camp last July, hoping to starve them out. Many have escaped to Lebanon, but many thousands remain waiting for food and especially medical supplies. Deliveries are stopped by the siege and by firing from the Assad regime and rebel groups inside the camp.

No relief for Yarmouk’s refugees

The unremitting conflict for control of the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria has driven out many of its penniless Palestinian residents, the bulk of whom have been taken in by Jordan and Lebanon at huge cost to their budgets and amenities. Those left behind are subject to cynical denial of food. Many agencies and charities are trying to help them – and Syrian people themselves left devastated by the years of war.

Expendable refugees in camp desolation

The bombing is carried out by Syria’s national airforce; the lack of food and water in the Yarmouk camp near Damascus is in part due to indifference – in Syria’s cruel civil war, Palestinian refugees are expendable – and in part due to Palestinian factional fighting in Yarmouk; aid convoys and deliveries are treated as legitimate targets in the struggle to control the camp. Coverage so far has largely come from Arab media. Here a report from Harriet Sherwood in the Guardian.

Starvation – a simpler weapon of war in Syria

Starvation as a weapon of war is familiar: the British in Ireland, the USSR in Ukraine, Mao Tse Tung in the 1950s, Nigeria against the Biafrans 1967…Its peculiar cruelty is that it destroys the infants, the elderly, the frail first – the very ones with the first claim for protection. This is the war being conducted against Palestinian refugees in Syria by both the Assad regime and warring Palestinian factions.

Protests about Yarmouk starvation spread across Palestine, Jordan

No-one doubts the horror of the situation in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, Syria. Up to 50 people are said to have died of malnutrition. Medicines, cold-weather protection, even fresh water are in short supply. Who is responsible? Some say Assad’s regime, some the Syrian rebels, others the lethal conflict in the camp between Palestinian factions. Without free access to the camp’s residents, the aid agencies are limited in what they can do.

Palestinians in Syria dying of starvation

Yarmouk refugee camp for Palestinians, near Damascus, Syria, has been cut off from food and water supplies for months, bombarded by Assad’s regime and occupied by the Free Syrian Army who are in conflict with the camp’s PFLP General Command (pro-Assad). The result is death by starvation, especially of children and the elderly and frail. The photos posted are distressing although the worst have not been posted.

Palestinians divided over Syria but unite against western intervention

For decades Syria has been a refuge for Palestinans, hosting the Hamas leaders and housing several hundred thousand in camps supported by UNWRA. But since Hamas abandoned Syria and President Assad in 2012 and successive regime attacks on Yarmouk refugee camp, Palestinians tend to have sided with the Syrian rebels in the name of pan-Arab liberation. Now the threat of western intervention has silenced the Palestinian critics of Assad.