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Change from Occupation to Apartheid

Oren Yiftachel writes that the means used to control Palestinians is no longer occupation but apartheid. This is an arguable point given the role the military plays in policing the West Bank, checkpoints, home demolitions and running courts to prosecute and sentence any form of Palestinian resistance. But with the oPt divided into cantons, separated by settlements and their roads, maybe ‘apartheid’ does better describe that means of control.

Israel has failed to meet its obligations in West Bank says EU

The EU is donating €3.5 million for infrastructure projects in Area C of the West Bank. Water supply, roads, education and medical amenities are all lacking and often destroyed by the IDF. In a sharp rebuke, Michael Köhler, who signed the agreement with PM Hamdallah, said Israel was not meeting its obligations as the controlling power to Palestinian people.

Choke points: how Israel’s occupation strangles Palestinian life


“The restrictions are so pervasive and systematic that it almost seems as if the Israeli state has mapped the entire Palestinian economy in terms of input-output relations, right down to the capillary level of the individual, the household, the small firm, the large firm, the school, the university, so as to find all possible choke points, which Israeli officials can tighten or loosen at will. Under these circumstances – which I’m happy to say I have never encountered elsewhere – political and economic development is barely possible…”

The West Bank is on the Edge…


David Shulman of Ta’ayush (Arab-Jewish partnership) writes, in the context of Gaza, about the anti-Palestinian riots in Jerusalem and about Israeli soldiers firing on a peaceful march to Qalandia in the West Bank. The West Bank is not far from exploding in rage, frustration, resistance…

The power of naming

The one who bestows names on people, property, land, processes is the one with the power. So Israel renames the western part of Palestine as ‘Judea and Samaria’, bureaucrats rename the quest for peace as the work of finding a ‘political settlement’ and Putin renames the Ukraine as ‘Russia’. Uri Avnery on the seized power of naming.

You have to be blind not to see apartheid in West Bank

Philip Weiss films the ‘staggering’ West Bank apartheid of roads and land visible from the back of a cab. This is a blatant denial of Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states ‘Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State’. He refers to a B’Tselem report, updated last month, on how freedom of movement for Palestinians is restricted.

Occupation and military rule

Oded Na’aman writes: “As you stand at the checkpoint, you must constantly consider the various ways in which you may be attacked: Where are they going to come from? What will their strategy be? Is that child as innocent as he seems, or is he smuggling a weapon? Is that ambulance really rushing a woman to the hospital to give birth, or are there enemies hiding inside? Is that old man harmless…
These are the instructions soldiers receive before beginning their principle combat mission in the IDF: enforcement of military rule in the West Bank.”

When 1 and 1 don’t make 2

Shaul Arieli takes a sardonic look at the mathematics of Israeli society and its occupation.

Ariel College set to become a fully fledged occupation university

Meretz party leader Zahava Gal-On commented: “The Judea and Samaria Council for Higher Education, which excels in ‘occupation studies,’ has brought Israel to a moral low point by establishing an institution on stolen land which forbids those whose land was stolen to enter through its gates.” We carry Tilila Nesher’s Haaretz report (1) and Dahlia Sheindlin’s +972 comment (2).

More on the Levy report

See our earlier posting “Defiance of law, case for one state, proof of apartheid: responses to Levy” (at which contains 9 items on the Levy report. Here we include a new statement from Acri (1); an analytical piece by Jonathan Cook suggesting that the report might open the way to annexation of Area C of the West Bank (2); and an opinion piece by human-rights advocate Sari Bashi, executive director of Gisha, the Legal Centre for Freedom of Movement in Israel (3).

Defiance of law, case for one state, proof of apartheid: responses to Levy

Outrage, arguments for one state, silence. These are the responses to the Levy panel’s proposition that the West Bank is not ‘occupied’. The silence is from the Palestinian media, where there has been little reaction. The outrage is obvious. The arguments that this makes the case for one state, making West Bank Palestinians Israeli citizens, or Zionist apartheid, also follow. Nine reactions.

Passover and Easter bring fear and un-freedom to Israel and West Bank

Jews for Justice for Palestinians wish all our signatories, supporters and readers a Happy Passover and Happy Easter – where these can be observed in peace and freedom. But in Israel and the West Bank the festivities bring new restrictions for both Muslims and Christians. News and opinion from PNN, the Washington Post and +972 . In his Easter sermon about God acting in the world the Archbishop of Canterbury urges all concerned in Israel/Palestine to make room for those who believe in a God who acts for empathy and reconciliation as well as justice

Why American Jews should rename West Bank as ‘non-democratic Israel’

Orthodox Jew Peter Beinart thinks the only hope for Israeli democracy is for American Jews to make a rigorous distinction between Israel, with its flawed but real democracy, and the areas it has colonised and settled – and to boycott all products from the second, ‘non-democratic Israel’. For a critique of this article, see posting above.

The very earth of Palestine can be shipped away by Israel High Court rules

High Court rules that Israel’s ‘unique’ occupation allows it to transgress international law on the fruits of the land, thus enriching Israel but impoverishing its own status as an upholder of law and justice

War on the Bedouin

The Bedouin are in Israel’s sights. After sustained attacks on the Bedouin of the Negev (see e.g. Israel’s war on its Bedouin citizens at it is now the turn of those on the West Bank who stand in the way of the expansion of the illegal settlement at Maale Adumim. This report by Jillian Kestler-D’Amours expands on Amira Hass’s , carried a while back (see

Young Arabs change the options for Israel and Palestine

The Arab Awakening has broken all the rigidities of regimes round the southern and esstern Mediterannean. In this (abbreviated) essay, Tony Klug clesely examines the options now facing Israel and the Palestininans – including Hamas which must, he says, ‘openly purge its Covenant of its virulently anti-Semitic content’

Settlers’ aggression crosses line into terrorism; what is Israel doing?

West Bank settlers have moved from harrassment, land seizure and house demolition into acts to terrorise Palestinians into leaving. Two news reports from Ma’an News are followed by a blog from One Democracy

Forceful deportation of Bedouin from homes in West Bank and Negev to begin

The Israeli government has a ‘master plan’ for Area C, West Bank, and the Negev – which does not include many of the villages of the traditional inhabitants, the Bedouin. Two reports of these decisions are followed by two extracts from a position paper on how to ‘recognise’ Bedouin habitations in the Negev published by ACRI last May

Housing crisis? Build in East Jerusalem of course

In two articles from Mondoweiss, Paul Mutter derides and deplores Netanyahu’s ability to manipulate US money and protesters’ gullibility with house-building projects which amount to a shift from occupation to annexation of the West Bank

‘Are Jews living outside Israel less authentically Jewish than those inside it?’

In his new blog, Micah’s Paradigm Shift, the British Jew Robert Cohen interviews a West Bank settler, and finds himself in the fairy-tale world of Oz with people trying to find their way to a place that feels like home – unlike the ethnically mixed homes they have left