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UN Human Rights Council is proposing to blacklist settlement-friendly firms

A United Nations blacklist of companies operating in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights includes some of the biggest firms in Israeli industry as well as some household names in the US. The US government is doing its level best to prevent publication.

UN head – something can be done about Gaza

On his first visit to Gaza UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres promised funds for reconstruction and said the UN was doing all possible to support President Abbas’s efforts to create conditions for a unified leadership. This would be the first step to transforming Gaza.

Hopes lost that Obama will make a last act for Palestine

Pro-peace activists buoyed up their hopes of the US finding a lever they could use against Israeli settlements by suggesting he might make a final grand gesture. Articles here dismiss that not least because in a few weeks Trump will be President and it is he who would smooth Bibi’s ruffled feathers. Anyway, the massive military aid which the US gives Israel carries on regardless of political principles.

Conflict made worse already

Palestine was completely absent from Trump’s campaign, a campaign in which he and his team made various anti-Obama promises to Israel. Here Palestine’s UN ambassador says he will ‘unleash all the weapons’ Palestine has available at the UN.

Hopes for a final act from Obama

President Obama put more effort into securing negotiations between Israel and Palestine than previous presidents. In his last three months in office there are hopes he will have a final move.

Status of Palestinian women comes to fore at UN

The point of noting this (repeated) resolution from the UN’s Economic and Social Council on Palestinian women is not that it will make much difference for the women but it shows the will of the Palestine Mission to make maximum use of their membership of international bodies.

Ramping up security will not stop the violence

car-ramming nr nablus-november-2015

I am the messenger says Ban Ki-Moon bringing you, Israel and you, Palestinians, a warning: continued occupation, continued violence lead only to ‘a corrosion of the moral foundation of Israeli and Palestinian societies, ever more inured to the pain of the other’.

UN: mutual fear will lead to catastrophe

The flurry of international intervention in Israel/Palestine continues with Pres. Abbas’s demand for UN protection and the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights predicting that current relations between the two peoples is leading to disaster.

Internationals pile in to stop MidEast violence

The ‘security’ situation in Palestine/Israel has been kicked into a crisis by the ‘knife intifada’. All international agencies fear a new MidEast crisis. Significantly, they have not blamed Palestinians for this latest emergency. “Security measures can be counterproductive if they are applied without special efforts to defuse situations before people lose their lives. If the use of force is not properly calibrated, it may breed the very frustrations and anxieties, from which violence tends to erupt” said the UN.

Netanyahu sends a message…

“Danon is considered of the leading officials of the Likud’s far-right wing. He strongly opposes a two-state solution and the establishment of a Palestinian state, and has expressed support for an Israeli annexation of the West Bank.”

Now what message can Netanyahu be sending? Barak Ravid reports in Ha’aretz.

“Give Up on Netanyahu, Go to the United Nations”

Henry Siegman, former executive director of the American Jewish Congress (one of the nation’s “big three” Jewish organizations) has become a scourge of Israel in recent years. Here is his interview with Amy Goodman of DEMOCRACY NOW, in which he advocates giving up on Netanyahu and going to the UN to enforce a peaceful solution.

Duty of all states to protect children

UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon has returned to the charge that was omitted from the list of states which harm children in conflict – that in its assault on Gaza in 2014 the IDF did not take steps to protect children from harm. Netanyahu has insisted that an unnamed group of senior generals has acquitted his country of all charges – and Hamas was worse, which seems an odd benchmark to use when assessing humanitarian concerns.

Pressure from US and Israel keeps IDF off list of those who harm children

Judged by the results – at least 540 Palestinian children killed and 2,955 wounded by IDF airstrikes and shelling, one Israeli boy killed and four wounded – Israel and Hamas had earned their places on a UN list of those who had harmed children over the year. But intense lobbying by the US and Israel has ensured there will be no mention of either government.

UN envoy: Israel is a state that harms children

The UN’s envoy for children and armed conflict has included Israel in a list of states which harm children. So far, the UN has accepted her list but is under heavy pressure from Israel and the US not to. The Israeli foreign ministry says “This is a heinous and hypocritical attempt to besmirch the image of Israel and it is doomed to fail.”

The “plan to save the two-state solution”

There is a strong current of opinion among those working on Israel-Palestine that the two-state solution is dead. Long time peace activist Gershon Baskin believes otherwise.The Palestinians are seeking recognition from EU countries and are drafting a Security Council resolution which, Baskin argues, has every chance of being adopted. This, together with a growing boycott movement and increasing pressure for sanctions could, believes Baskin, be a game changer.

Steep rise in settler attacks – Palestinians fight back

The rise in settler attacks on Palestinians escalates – Israeli government deplores but does nothing other than allow the IDF to protect the attackers. Except for in Al Qusra where photos of settler thugs with bloody noses shocked Israelis. But, as Amira Hass points out, there has been no government response to the many attacks on Al Qusra. Given this history, the Palestinian response has been remarkably kindly.

Doublethink on UN membership for Israel and Palestine

Doublethink was George Orwell’s term, in 1984, for “the acceptance of contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time, especially as a result of political indoctrination”. A new paper reported by MERIP contrasts the arguments Israel used to gain admission to the UN in 1948-49 (essential for the peace process) with the arguments used by the US/Israel against Palestine gaining even UN Observer status in 2012 (it would harm the peace process.) Hat tip to G. Orwell.

What the UN can do for a Palestinian country

Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights, has delivered his last report to the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly. In it, he returned to the issue of corporate responsibility for Israel’s power to maintain the occupation and break international law. Diplomats don’t have the answer; opposition to complicit corporations plus popular resistance and with UN backing may be the only way.

The tireless effort the US and Israel put into defaming their critics and deflecting their criticism

If it weren’t so serious it would be comical watching how the US and Israeli do elaborate dances to ensure they and their vassals never have to hear, or judge by the standard of international law the daily breaches of Palestinian human and political rights carried out by Israel. But it’s not comical and former UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk has been on on the receiving end of their tactics of ignorance. Palestinian passivity does not help – but then political passivity has become the hallmark of western ‘civilisations’, unnervingly like the 1930s.

Profiting from the Occupation challenged in Canada and the UN

The Palestinian village of Bil’in has filed a complaint with the United Nations against Canada for failing to prevent Canadian-based companies from aiding and benefiting from Israel’s settlement enterprise.