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Teenage boys prime target of IDF

A new report from NGOs documents the testimonies of sixty Palestinian teenagers who have been arrested, interrogated and tortured by soldiers because they have thrown stones. HaMoked and B’Tselem record their accounts. Why is this treatment not an international scandal? Has the IDF not got larger threats to face?

So torture is still widely used in Israel

In milestone Supreme Court hearings in Israel recently a serious debate was held about what constitutes torture and its use in interrogation. The result: a declaration that torture is unacceptable in Israel. The Court brought state representatives who reiterated in public that torture is forbidden. All sides in the hearing agreed that even the “necessary defense” claim – known as the “ticking time bomb” – cannot justify torture. Rachel Stroumsa, executive director of the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, reports.

Torture designed to break the spirit and leave no mark

Torture was banned in Israel in 1999 but permitted under certain conditions fairly soon after. As a means of getting useable information it’s a waste of time. As a means of breaking the spirit of a prisoner and establishing the authority of Shin Bet officials it’s effective and common.

Rise in torture of imprisoned children

Two recent reports state that the number of Palestinian children being imprisoned under administrative detention orders is rising as are the children’s complaints of torture and humiliation. Posting something hostile about Israeli forces on Facebook (‘incitement’) is the new cause of arrest. How many laws and conventions are being broke here?

Routine, illegal torture of prisoners


Interrogation for days with no sleep, solitary confinement, being tied to a small chair with uneven legs for questioning… B’Tselem and HaMoked detail the many ways in which the Israeli Security Agency humiliates, degrades, terrifies and causes extreme pain to Palestinian prisoners, despite a High Court ruling that all these means are illegal.

Right rallies for Jewish terror suspects

The slogans used by the Israelis protesting outside the Shabak Chief’s house are exactly the same as the Left has used – they are about due process. But what has moved them is less the process than their sense of affront that Jewish right-wingers should be treated like Palestinians.

Jewish terrorists want to overthrow Israel – Shin Bet

Shin Bet may possibly save the state of Israel from its own citizens. The agency appears to be single-handedly trying to identify and break up the network of Jewish terrorists.There is no way back if Israel is seen to condone family murder.

Always connect with the good

After a life-time of working with those severely damaged by the cruelty of others it is astonishing that Helen Bamber remained a compassionate and uncensorious person. She helped traumatised children by getting them to connect with the good things in their past and all victims of cruelty to feel safe and learn to trust again . Though not religious, her Judaism was important to her and we are honoured, and not surprised, that she chose to become a signatory of JfJfP.

Israeli NGO condemns lack of rights for arrested Palestinians

There have been many reports in the last few years about the lack of due process and lack of respect for human rights and dignity in the arrest and treatment of Palestinians. This is particularly serious in the case of minors, whose fear and helplessness intensifies their ordeal. Until the rights (e.g. to a lawyer or to know the reason for the arrest) of those arrested are enforced these reports will continue to be researched and published.

Insisting on the right to protest

INCLO, a group of 10 human rights organisations, has produced a report on the global suppression of protest. It takes nine countries – including Israel, the UK, Kenya and Hungary – as case studies. The chapter on Israel describes the suppression of the peaceful protests at Nabi Saleh and, in particular, the treatment of Bassem Tamimi. He has been arrested 12 times, held for long spells in administrative detention and tortured.

Torture in Israel is illegal, is routine, and is used to punish families

In this interview with International Solidarity Movement, psychologist Wael Dawabsheh describes the forms of torture used in Israel, the purposes of the torture and the effects. Israel is a signatory to the UN Convention against Torture and forms of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Each instance of this comitted by agents of the Israeli state is quite clearly illegal. How do they get away with it?

Torture of Palestinians: just part of the system

On the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, 26 June, two dedicated organisations speak out against the torture that is routinely used against Palestinians in Israeli prisons – and in the custody of the PA. Both regimes are acting against international law prohibiting torture.

British medical journal takes up issue of Israeli doctors and torture

The authoritative medical journal The Lancet this month reports the claims that Israeli physicians have been complicit in the torture of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. The Israeli Medical Association denies the charges but says responsibility for prisoners’ health should be removed from the Israeli Prison Service.

‘The goal of torture is to subjugate an entire people’

The death of Arafat Jadarat in prison, death of Ashraf Abu Thare shortly after release from prison, the hunger strikes of Samer Issawi and hundreds of others have returned the treatment of political prisoners in Israel (and the oPt), especially the use of torture, to the leading edge of political activity. Comments and reports on the use of torture in Israel, 2008-13.

Demand to take Israel to ICC for death of Jaradat by torture UPDATES

Tensions over political prisoners were already high because of the hunger strike of Samer Issawi and others. When the death of Arafat Jadarat in prison was announced on Saturday, anger and frustration swept across the oPt, expressed in mass rallies and attendance at Jaradat’s funeral. An autopsy found signs of torture on Jadarat’s body. The PA and Addameer demand an international inquiry; people demand Israel be taken to the ICC. .

Doctors who are complicit with harm

Doctors are usually involved in state-sanctioned torture as the person harmed by torture needs medical treatment. In that role they can act for the patient, protecting him or her from further harm, or they can allow the torture without check or comment. Dr. Ruchama Marton says the Israeli medical establishment is complicit with the view of the Palestinian as ‘agent of danger’ when it takes the political stance of silence.

Hamas disputes report on its abuse of human rights

Criticisms of the Hamas government for its lack of respect for human rights have dogged its five-year rule in Gaza. While, like its neighbour governments in the West Bank and Israel, it is accused of acts of torture and arbitrary arrest, it is the lack of due process, of a criminal justice system, which draws the most opprobrium. The Hamas defence — it is acting under siege — does not convince Human Rights Watch.

Cry freedom: Amnesty’s report on the oPt

Amnesty’s 2012 report on the occupied Palestian territories shows, in flat legal language, that Palestinians lack freedom — of movement, of access to their land, of house ownership, from unfair torture and unfair detention — while Israel enjoys the freedom to break international law.

Torture, disappearances, detention of Palestinian men by Palestinian Authority

Known in the realm of the PA but rarely reported on, the disappearance, detention and torture of Palestinians suspected of collaboration with Israel is briefy reported by Amnesty International’s director for the Middle East and North Africa and published by Ma’an news.

The crime of torture under the PA


A truly shocking report on the use of torture by the Palestinian Authority, published by the Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK in association with the Middle East Monitor: “This report is very significant, first for documenting the awful abuses of human rights continuing on a daily basis in the West Bank, and second for illustrating the depths to which the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli occupation forces and the US and EU funders and supporters of the current approach have allowed the situation to sink. There will be shocking consequences if these issues are not addressed, above all by finding a realistic, determined and honourable way to end the occupation.”
Sir Jeremy Greenstock Former British ambassador to the United Nations