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Hunting the enemies within

Chemi Shalev raises the alarm about the incremental steps of far-right ministers (from Habayit Hayehudi) to exclude anyone to the left of them (most people) from any position of influence.

Amona settlers agree to move – to another illegal outpost

The outpost of Amona, near the Ofra settlement, is testing to the limit the willingness of the Israeli government to abide by its own rules. The Supreme Court ordered the demolition of this particularly aggressive outpost in 2014. It’s still there. The settlers see themselves as the vanguard for the Greater Israel – no place for Palestinians, or the rule of law.

Bringing settlers into the fold

There are illegal settlements planned by the Israeli state and there are outposts set up by aggressive settlers which have been vulnerable to state demolition. A new bill going through the Knesset will overrule the Supreme Court and ‘legalise’ these outposts.

Loud and proud: Israeli racism

This begins with a judicial-political dispute over natural gas but segues into the far-right’s intolerance of legal limitations. Their views would not have been heard in public in Israel a decade ago. Now they are commonplace and if the court objects, well just abolish it and create another.

IDF punish families of attackers by destroying their homes

The ‘most moral army in the world’ resumed the demolition of Palestinian homes as a punishment in September 2014. This is quite clearly illegal on several counts – though the Supreme Court has left it to the Commanding Officer to decide as Charlotte SIlver, Electronic Intifada, and B’Tselem explain.

Courting conflict

Cabinet posts for two Jewish Home MKs, Ayelet Shaked and Naftali Bennett, are causing serious concern in and outside Israel. The Supreme Court has not shone as an upholder of equal and human rights, but it has overruled some of the Knesset’s more nationalistic acts. With her new power as Justice minister, Shaked plans to change the law so that the Knesset can overturn Supreme Court judgments. That will leave Israel with no checks and balances.

Anti-boycott ruling opens all Israel to boycott

The Supreme Court ruling that Israel’s anti-boycott law applied to the oPt, not just those living in Israel proper has, effectively obliterated the Green Line demarcating Palestinian land. As such BDS supporters will have no reason to confine their efforts to Israeli products from the oPt. Plus Gideon Levy assails the failure of Israel’s courts to uphold human rights and the rule of law.

Start with an outpost, the rest follows

An outpost can appear like a small pimple but left alone it will suck in more and more land, preventing Palestinians from reaching their land which can then be taken over by settlers. It then expands into a larger settlement and , by ignoring all legal judgments, becomes yet another fact on the ground. Landless, Palestinians are then the cheap labour for Israeli companies.

Right to boycott in a free market

Gush Shalom took the lead in responding to the Palestinian request for BDS against the Occupation. It led to a nasty new law forbidding anyone in Israel from calling for a boycott. Which led to “Avnery v. the State of Israel”. But, dangerous goods apart, a state cannot tell consumers what or what not to buy. Except in Israel with a newly supine Supreme Court.

The laws that enshrine Israel as a racist state

These are the facts that provide the evidence that Israel is a racist state – the more than 50 laws, many passed by the last Knesset, that ensure Palestinians living in Israel are second-class citizens – and a few laws that confirm the lack of rights of Palestinians in the oPt. The new settler government will build on these.

Regavim v. Susya villagers

Susya settlers have already seized about one sixth of Palestinian land around the old village of Susya. Since last summer, the villagers have been defending their residence against aggressive legal attacks from the right-wing Zionist body, Regavim. On Thursday, the Supreme Court should arrive at a judgment on Regavim’s petition for the destruction of all Palestinian structures in Susya and the villagers’ petition for access to their land..

Supreme Court rules Zoabi ban illegal: right wing vows to change law

As expected, the Supreme Court in Israel has overturned the election committee’s ban on Haneen Zoabi running in the January election. It was seen by Zoabi, Adalah, Ha’aretz and others as a test of Israel’s democracy. Likud-Beiteinu has said it will change the law to keep this ‘terrorist’ (she was on the Mavi Marmara which tried to breach the siege of Gaza) out of the Knesset.

Making the unexceptional case for boycott

Israel’s boycott law allows settlers to sue anyone who calls for a boycott of settlement products. Gush Shalom has appealed against this law, hearing on December 5th. (3) A settler argues that boycott is collective punishment, or ineffectual (2). Jerry Haber takes apart his argument (1) UPDATE Report of hearing.

IDF clearance of South Hebron land for firing zone broke laws of occupation

The IDF has been laying claim to a large tract of the South Hebron Hills as a military training firing range for a long time. This is the traditional land for grazing animals, the herders living in temporary shelters. The IDF expelled people and animals from the area. It is now clear the IDF cannot use it for training. ACRI has prepared a new petition for return of the land. B’Tselem argues the IDF action, and claim for the land, are a breach of the laws on occupation – see post below.

Respect for rule of law proclaimed as settlers leave Migron

Following a supreme court ruling last August that the illegal outpost of Migron be evacuated, the settlers began leaving this week in apparently peaceful respect for the rule of law. In one tiny place. That was before the price-tag attack on a Christian monastery – see post below. Reports from +972 and Al Jazeera

Israeli state wants school segregation for children of ‘infiltrators’ aka Africans

Eilat, a tourist city in southern Israel, has refused to enroll immigrants’ children in its schools since 2008. It has sent them to segregated schools outside the city. This year the Be’er Sheva District court ordered the city to admit the children of African immigrants. The council appealed to the Supreme Court and the national education ministry has taken up the appeal on the grounds that integration harms other children. Two reports from Ha’aretz.

Fear of Ramadan delays eviction of Migron outpost

The Migron settlement was acknowleged as illegal by Israel’s Supreme Court – because it was built on privately-owned Palestinian land. It was to be evacuated on August 1st but this has been delayed because, say authorities, it falls during Ramadan.

Message of settler violence to Israeli state: don’t give another inch or else….

Settler violence seems like mindless thuggery. But, says Jonathan Cook, there is a clear purpose – to threaten the Israeli state with mayhem if Palestinian citizens receive any state protection. Palestinians may be the victims but the destruction of any hope of an egalitarian state is the settlers’ bigger aim. Is this what a ‘Jewish state’ looks like?

Aggressive Zionist body wins court order to demolish Palestinian village

There are two Susyas. One is a Palestinian village dating from the 1830s. The other is a religious settlement dating from 1983. One has had nearly all its for building permits rejected, the other has built freely, 1. A Zionist NGO Regavim, 4, has won its petition- opposed by Rabbis for Human Rights, 2 – to have Palestinian Susya demolished. Zionist bloggers, 3, are jubilant. +972 (5).UPDATE from Villages Group- last.

Ulpana settlers frantic at steps to move them – and to end settler immunity

While the rest of the world is clear about the status of settlements – they are all illegal – the Israeli state is trying to draw a fine distinction. And Ulpana is on the ‘wrong’ side. Residents are reacting hysterically – it “would be equal in magnitude and enormity to the Expulsion from Spain” said one. What’s so unsettling them is that their pro-settler government is moving against them. 6 items updating previous post this week.