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Sodastream CEO says boycott due to antisemitism

Daniel Birnbaum, the CEO of Sodastream – which isn’t doing too well at the moment – wants us to believe (perhaps he believes it himself) that the boycott of the settlement-produced fizzer was due to antisemitism. Not the brightest bubble in the bottle.

BDS – 2014 the best year so far

The BDS movement posts the successes achieved by supporters in 2014. Notably these go beyond individual consumer choices to decisions by local councils not to use services linked to, and pension funds to divest from, Israeli settlements.

The fizz is going out of SodaStream as boycott shakes it up

Beset by declining demand for its products especially in the US, labour disputes in its occupied territory factory at Ma’aleh Adumim, and a developing worldwide boycott movement which claims to have persuaded George Soros to divest among its many achievements, Sodastream is set for a revamp which will almost certainly include closing its factory on the West Bank. Who says targeted boycotts don’t work?

Sodastream loses major UK outlets under boycott pressure

The most highly rated company in the UK, the John Lewis partnership which has 45 shops in the UK, has decided to stop selling SodaStream products . Ecostream, the shop set up by SodaStream in Brighton, and similarly affected by regular boycott demonstrations, has been closed. The campaign has successfully highlighted the issue of production in illegal settlements.

The hidden price of having air-bubbles in your drinks

Outside the Sodastream factory flutter the flags of eight states – but no symbol of the national identity of the workers who make Sodastream’s profits – the Palestinian workers.

A Merip Report

Sodastream shares crash – blame the ‘headwinds’

This is business reporting at its worst – competition from other companies is the only reason why a company may be afflicted by tumbling share prices which have afflicted Sodastream in the last quarter. Normally ‘reputation’ is highly rated by business analysts and following the coverage occasioned by Scarlett Johansson’s endorsement, Sodastream’s image has never been worse. If anything, the advertisement spurred boycotters to focus on Sodastream.

Better to work for Sodastream than sit on the streets

“The PA can say anything it wants and no one will listen because it’s not providing an alternative” says a young Palestinian waiting in the dark for the bus to Sodastream. If the issue at the heart of this is the quest for personal dignity then earning a good wage in a decently-run factory in part sets off the humiliation imposed by the checkpoints and harassment. The same checkpoints and barriers make developing the West Bank economy impossible.

BDS aims at best target – shareholders’ precious pockets

After Scarlett Johannson’s straw-sucking plug for Sodastream created mass free publicity for the opposition to illegal settlements, Sodastream’s share price plunged. Share-buyers may invest in all sorts of tacky enterprises as long as no-one makes a fuss. Its reputation may be a company’s most precious asset which is tarnished by a fuss. Targetting the shareholders may be the BDS’s movement most effective tactic.

Fear of boycott hits Sodastream shares

Sodastream’s confident and ambitious directors may have made a classic insular mistake in failing to recognise how much anger is caused by their state’s occupation of Palestinian land and its use of that land to provide low-cost space to Israeli companies. They will have been shocked to find the fall in their stock market rating since the publicity – and naive to think nice pictures of Arabs and Jews as human beings (who knew?) answer the problem.

Israel has no answer to non-violent action

Gradually, the shields the Israeli right have surrounded themselves with are falling. When Netanyahu says Kerry supports boycotts which are immoral – while calling for stronger boycotts against Iran, when Bennett says Kerry is a mouthpiece for antisemitism, when anti-boycott Avraham Burg says the violent occupation will be over when such non-violent action becomes the Palestinian strategy, then, at last, there is change.

By the light of the dwindling stars

If Scarlett Johansson were not young, blonde and beautiful – No 2 in a list of the 100 sexiest women stars – and very rich, and if she had not made a point of her concern for the poor and excluded she would not have become the symbol of, at best naive, endorsement of a company whose very existence is built on the expropriation of Palestinian land. But her very beauty has shown how ugly the settlements are in world opinion.

Fizzy drinks win over human rights for celeb Scarlett

(Image: Katie Miranda)

It seems unlikely that celebrity Scarlett Johansson has done herself any favours by choosing the lucrative Sodastream contract over her role as global ambassador for Oxfam, whose business is human rights and emergency relief (see the many mocking cartoons). Whatever Ms. Johansson actually thinks, she will be known as a person who exchanged the promotion of human needs and rights for the large income from an illegal firm for promoting a bubble.

Israel’s legal and illegal products flourish in EU’s hot air

In the 2nd article here, Ramzy Baroud challenges the argument that settlement goods only should be boycotted; they could not be produced without huge support from Israel. In the first article, Dalia Hatuqa looks at the failure of the EU to achieve a ban on settlement products via honest labelling of provenance.

Labour MPs with heads in a bubble about Palestinian workers and land

You might think Labour MPs would not want to favour a company which practised racial discrimination, paid its workers less than half the minimum wage, on casual terms, in poor working conditions, which mislabelled its products in order to fool consumers. When you add this company has based its production facility on a site which made a longed-for peace settlement impossible you do wonder why Labour Friends of Israel were happy to attend an event (1) publicising Sodastream (2, Who Profits report. Send this to an LFI member (List, 3)!

BDS takes hold, opponents try to dislodge with smears and inventions

A statement from BDS Italy about their annual conference reports discussions of strategic thinking on when and how to run an effective campaign and advice from Hind Awwad to ‘work within a broad base of partners and alliances’ . Meanwhile at the grubby end, the American ADL Stand WIth Us and Prof. Gur are pulling out all the stops to smear this week’s BDS conference at The University of Pennsylvania.

Bursting Sodastream’s bubbles

Sodastream is an Israeli company which makes devices for turning tap water fizzy and syrups to flavour the water. Its main production plant is in the West Bank settlement of Mishor Adumin and so has attracted a growing boycott campaign. The company has called on the aid of Edelman, global American PR agency with clients including News International and Twitter. It hasn’t helped. News release and article