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BSST is the leading charity focusing on small-scale grass roots cross community, anti poverty and humanitarian projects in Israel/Palestine

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Providing a protective presence


There are many organisations which train foreigners to visit Palestinian communities, to observe and listen and bear witness once home. The EAPPI is one of the best known and Sue Beardon, JfJfP signatory, was one of their volunteers. Now she helps administer the programme.

Settler terror cell indicted for attacks on Palestinians

The seven young men and two minors from various settlements who have been busy launching terror attacks on Palestinians say they were ‘inspired’ by the firebombing of the Dawabsheh family home in Duma, killing three. Is it too late for Shin Bet to stop this sickness spreading through the country?

Arab League to ask UN to protect Palestinians

An Arab League committee is considering putting a resolution at the United Nations Security Council to protect Palestinians from settler attacks. It wants to break the routine of unpunished violence.

Who is it who is dying in Israel / Palestine?

Many news outlets present the conflict between Israel and Palestine as equal, a conflict in which Israelis are forced to ‘defend themselves’ against lethal attacks from Gaza. Count the dead. Three more Palestinians were added to the long list this week, killed by settlers (a child aged 18 months) and the IDF (two young men protesting about the baby’s death in Ramallah and Gaza). Evidence-based judgment.

Israel destroying itself through compulsive expansion

As neither Palestinians nor Israeli Jews are going away Gershon Baskin believes they will reach a peace settlement. New factors are Israel’s earned reputation as the unjust oppressor and the international recognition of Palestine as a political entity. The danger is a government that does not want peace and condones the determined attempt by IDF and settlers to provoke Palestinians into violence, which Baskin believes they must resist.

Season of settler rampages

Attacks by settlers on Palestinians, their property and amenities happen at any time of year, but they find damage easier to inflict during the autumnal harvest of olives and the dryness after the summer. A Christian church, a school, cars and olive groves have all been attacked in the last week. Or perhaps it’s just that the settler youth, stuck in their wretched little colonies, find the summer does their heads in.

Report to UN on rise in settler violence and illegal building

This report from the Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling does not break new ground. Its importance is that yet another reputable body has taken evidence of and examined statistics on new settlement building and incidents of settler violence. There are no statistics on arrests or charges against these breaches of internal and international law because the Israeli state ignores, institutes or encourages them.

Co-ordinated attacks by settler militias on Palestinian property

Attacks of arson and graffiti and graffiti-spraying were carried out at the same time in a number of Palestinian centres on May 29, seemingly as a punishment for the stabbing of an Israeli settler by a Palestinian who was arrested at the spot of the murder. The attacks have been dubbed ‘price-tag’, though the term usually applies to attacks on Palestinians and/or the IDF in protest at government restrictions on settlements.

Settlers destroy olive trees to prevent Palestinian harvest

The olive harvest season has begun in the West Bank – and with it repeated attacks by settlers on the fruit-laden trees owned by Palestinians. The IDF does not intervene to protect this property – many attacks happen at night – but has been active in preventing farmers and families from reaching the olive groves. Reports from ISM, Irish Times and B’Tselem.

Violent Israeli settlers classified as terrorists by US

Anybody who has followed the news over the last year of increasingly violent attacks on Palestinians and their property is likely to have seen the terrorist aim behind the asaults. Now, reports Barak David, the US State Department annual report on terrorism includes ‘price-tag’ attacks as terrorist acts. Hence the unusually forthright criticism from Clinton and Netanyahu quoted in the post below ‘This way they will finally be afraid’. Harriet Sherwood, also reports, 2nd.

A good week in the West Bank: only 24 Arabs wounded by settlers and IDF

We post this week OCHA’s weekly report for 18-24 July because the number of Palestinians injured by settlers and the IDF is unusually low. The dispassionate account of daily life in a ‘good’ week for West Bank Palestinians is horrible, Second, a frenzy of land grabbing and house demolitions by settlers is reported by the National Bureau for the Defense of Land.

Settlers with machine guns and knives attack farmers, destroy crops and sheep

Settlers from Itamar yet again attacked Palestinian farmers from Yanoun working in their fields, beating and stabbing them, killing three sheep and setting fire to their crops. The IOF arrived – and reportedly joined in the attack and blocked ambulances taking five seriously injured farmers to hospital. Reports from volunteers from EAPPI and the International Solidarity Movement.

Settlers disturb laws of property and peace

The Israeli government has ruled that the Ulpana outpost – a state enterprise to boost settlements – has to be evacuated because it infringes Palestinian property rights. This idea has no weight with right-wingers or the Ulpana settlers, from whom the IDF expects violence. Should the establishment support the rule of the state or the rule of settling on all Palestinian land? Jpost reports and deliberates, plus Ynet and +972.

Settlers uproot 100 olive trees, woman starts hunger strike in protest at unchecked violence

Violent settler rampages continue unchecked by Israeli police or army. Palestinian olive treesand cars are the latest targets. In Hebron Hana Abu Haikel has begun a hunger strike in protest at frequent settler violations and inaction by the Israeli state

Deputy PM condemns deliberate vandalism of Israeli settlers

During the visit of PA President Mahmoud Abbas to London on January 16th, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg accused Israeli settlers of acts which make peace negotiations impossible. Last September the UK insisted negotiating was the proper course for Palestinians. The formal speeches of David Cameron and Mahmoud Abbas are posted second

MKs’ loyalty not to people, state, or IDF but to vigilante rabble

The greatest threat to Israel is inside its bosom — the cherished settlers in the occupied West Bank and the MKs who defend them against the IDF despite their continuing violence. It reminds Richard Silverstein of the slavery-defending South in the USA.

EU members of Security Council demand end to settlement construction

EU members of the UN Security Council call on Israeli government to halt the devastating effects of building settlements and of escalating settler violence and asks for political leadership on both sides. Israel responds with ‘outrage’ at European assault

Israeli state cedes violent enforcer role to settlers and right-wing gangs

Settler and right-wing gangs now recognise no limit to their power: from Palestinians and peace protesters through sacred places to the IDF itself. Few of the thugs are ever arrested let alone punished. A diatribe from +972 and news repor from Ma’an

Settlers attack IDF base and rule of law

50 settlers break into an IDF base and block a road, vandalising army equipment and throwing stones at soldiers and Palestinians. The attacks were a reponse to a rumour that the IDF was about to act on a Supreme Court ruling that their outpost of Migron was illegal and had to be destroyed. Two Haaretz reports.

‘Price-tag’ settlers out of control

‘Price-tag’ thugs – whose violent assaults on Palestinians is the price the settlers exact for any infringment of settlers’ ‘right’ to occupy what land they want – have increased their reach- more Palestinian homes, mosques, people and now an IDF base. Netanyahu wonders how to control the monster he has nurtured