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Insults not arguments

It is striking that those who defend Israel by saying all critics are antisemitic never put the argument that settlements promote human rights and are made in Israel’s justifiable national interest. Should that not be what Danny Danon is doing at the UN instead of presenting his country as the victim of other countries’ mindless prejudice?

The Great Entanglement

The religious right peddles a mythology based on a falsehood – that it is they who pioneered settlements. In fact, the first settlement was set up by a leftist and then became the national policy of all governments, Labor as much as Likud, writes Gershom Gorenberg in American Prospect.

The man who monitors settlements

Dror Etkes has dedicated himself to monitoring how and where settlements are built. Though they are ‘Israel’s greatest national project’ they are not driven by one force but created, he tells +972, by a mosaic of millions of tiny actions.

Where there are settlers there are soldiers

Palestinian children are amongst the most disturbed in the world; at every corner, especially near settlements, they might be attacked by soldiers or settlers themselves. They grow up in fear. Report by LPHR.

Trump’s too wobbly to build settlements on

No-one knows what deal Pres. Trump might want to make over settlement construction and whom will the deal be with? Peter Beaumont thinks the settlers might be rejoicing too early, mistaking the president as a man like them, with a fixed ideology. But ambassador-in-waiting David Friedman likes and is like the settlers.

Martial law enforces occupation

‘The only democracy in the Middle East’ – how can Israeiis who say this keep a straight face when their army enforces a military regime over the Palestinians whose land they are giving to Jewish settlers? Haggai Matar explains how the system works.

“A law that approves theft and robbery”

The headline is a quote from Labour leader Yitzhak (Isaac) Herzog, for once speaking out against the colonisation of Palestine, this time by the Knesset’s Legalisation [of outposts] Bill. It has been driven by the far-right bloc in the Knesset which does not recognise international law.

Commerce is the vanguard of illegal settlements


We are reposting a map and report from Human Rights watch on settlements on Palestinian land because of the current centrality of Israeli settlements to the UN Security Council (UNSC) and the policy of the Obama administration. Look at the map. Could a functioning Palestinian state be created out of this?

The Security Council decision explained

Pleasingly, assumes that lots of people don’t know what the UNSC is and why its vote on Israel’s settlements matters. They provide a 9-point answer including, No. 8, whether Trump can reverse it. (Not likely)

Amona settlers agree to move – to another illegal outpost

The outpost of Amona, near the Ofra settlement, is testing to the limit the willingness of the Israeli government to abide by its own rules. The Supreme Court ordered the demolition of this particularly aggressive outpost in 2014. It’s still there. The settlers see themselves as the vanguard for the Greater Israel – no place for Palestinians, or the rule of law.

Kerry: what blocked his efforts to start negotiations

There are two articles here about John Kerry who worked assiduously to start negotiations between Israel and Palestine. The second is a revealing speech Kerry gave about his efforts, thwarted by the Israeli government’s insistence on establishing Jewish settlements on Palestinian territory. Here he admits Israel ignored USA pressure.

Hopes for a final act from Obama

President Obama put more effort into securing negotiations between Israel and Palestine than previous presidents. In his last three months in office there are hopes he will have a final move.

Far right push to grab settlement for Israel proper


Right-wing MKs and the land-theft far-right group Regavim want to extend boundary walls so that the illegal settlement Ma’ale Adumim will become properly Israeli.

Habima theatre heads into cul-de-sac


It’s possible the management of Habima has strong Zionist views about treating all the land between Jordan and the sea as Israel’s by divine right. Its crass decision to perform at one of the most hardline settlements is likely to limit its touring future as the decision delivers a seal of approval to the settlement despite the universal anti-settlement policy abroad.

Paralysed Israel rejects all help

Hagai El-Ad, Executive Director of B

Veteran commentator Akiva Eldar is also impressed by Hagai El-Ad’s speech (see post below) – but not by the ignorance of the attacks on him. He points out that at every stage of its existence outside bodies have intervened to press Israel to save itself.

The end of the pretence of innocence

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent actions have brought to an end 50 years of Israeli deception about the temporariness of the settlement enterprise – Yitzhak Laor, Ha’aretz

And Ban Ki-moon wades in at the UN: “Let me be absolutely clear: settlements are illegal under international law. The occupation, stifling and oppressive, must end.”



These articles address the twisted mirror in which Netanyahu looks to insist that it is Jews who are the victims of ethnic cleansing in the region he governs, rather than Palestinians. Gideon Levy argues that, by using the term ‘ethnic cleansing’, the Israeli Prime Minister parts company with any semblance of reality and historical fact. Matt Duss argues that it is hard to swallow Netanyahu’s claims of Israeli victimhood when Palestinians are being ethnically cleansed right now by means of ‘home demolition, land confiscation, and explusion’. Palestinians leaders have made it clear that Jewish people will be welcome to live in Palestine, he points out, but not in enclaves of Israeli Jewish privilege.

Israeli smash and grab untouched by rebukes

Israelis continue on their new track of denying the Jewish history of the diaspora. Now their claim to Palestinian land is that ‘Jews have always lived here’. So they carry on erecting Jews-only houses and destroying Palestinian ones. Bibi has learned to ignore US disapproval because the military/financial arrangement just continues.

Secret Document Reveals Settlements were Built on a Lie

peace now

A document obtained by Peace Now reveals the big bluff behind the pretext of “military necessity” used since 1967 to seize Palestinian land, on which about one-third of the settlements were established. This method was used throughout the 1970s until it was banned by the Elon Moreh ruling in 1979. Today the government has found another bluff and is using “declarations of state lands” in order to expropriate lands in area C for the purpose of settlements.

American presidents? They’re all the same.

An opinion poll just carried out amongst Palestinians shows the usual Palestinian/Israeli gulf. The gut Palestinian feeling that American presidents are all the same may be true – the settlements continue. The fact that they attribute this to ‘the Jewish lobby’ is a problem. What of the military industrial complex, US strategic interests in the MidEast, the cheerleading for Israel role of right-wing Christians. Jews may be pre-eminent in some areas, finance or media ownership, but most American capital is owned and controlled by white Americans of Christian heritage.