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The demand for ‘security’ can never be met

Those settlers who think they are the heroic vanguard of the Greater Israel believe the Israeli state owes them, not just their extra rations from the public budget but also impenetrable security which Mr. Security Netanyahu seems to offer. Mazal Mualem waspishly points out that this is a bottomless financial pit.

Beleagured PM blames fake news and conspiracies

Netanyahu has stayed in power so long because he’s Mr. Security and because supporters need to believe his claims of fake news and a media witch hunt. But, says Amos Harel, his judgment has become very flakey threatening his image as a safe pair of hands.

On the art of making life difficult

pal_fest literature

The Palestine Festival of Literature is an annual event which draws authors from around the world. Yet however much they know, their reports back – here from Teju Cole – are not about the literature but stunned accounts of Israeli security; which makes them think – if it’s bad for us, what’s it like for Palestinians? Israeli own-goal.

Forecast that OECD will investigate G4S for breaking law

Label something a ‘security’ issue and immediately the ‘suspects’ lose rights and dignity and the agency dealing with it – whether state (IDF, IPS) or private (eg G4S) – acts beyond the scrutiny of prisoner advocates and family. The Independent reports that the OECD might investigate the actions of G4S as the agent for Israeli security. Meanwhile, G4S’s management of Britain’s low-cost Oakwood warehouse prison is under question.

Israel and Egypt, ‘security’ trumps all

Although Netanyahu has instructed his government to make no comment on the events in Egypt, the military takeover has so far caused Israelis little anxiety: Egypt’s military command has long co-operated with Israel’s security forces to control Gaza and the Sinai and their joint interest in preventing jihadists getting a hold and maintaining the 1979 peace agreement will continue. Israel’s fear is of no military control.

Chopping Palestine into useless little bits

Israel presents the Separation Wall as a clear line that holds back a horde of terrorists from destroying Israel. In fact, says B’Tselem, the Wall serves to incorporate settlements into Israel, to separate Palestinians from farms and towns, and to provide checkpoints through which Palestinians must pass to reach land or work.

Israel locked into its stifling fears

The changes known as the Arab Spring offered Israel a unique opportunity, writes Avi Shaim, to make common cause with its neighbours to embed democracy and peaceful relations. Both the Israeli elite and the young protesters of last summer rejected the chance. Fear of not making security the paramaount policy or patriotism the paramount virtue have blocked this route to a freer, safer future

Abbas interview: Ready to negotiate but not as colonial subjects

On the last stage of his European tour, in which he is seeking to increase diplomatic presure on Israel to stop settlement building, the PA President tells Russia’s RT that Israel might withdraw from a few settlements and try to persuade the world that this has changed the status quo of occupier and occupied. Which it won’t. But he remains willing to negotiate on the two things that matter – borders and security.

Obama claims ‘unprecedented’ support for Israel in bid for Jewish vote

Obama wins standing ovation from Reform Jewsin USA for insisting his adminstration’s support for Israel has had no match. It’s all in the name of mutual security.

Palestinians to seek moral majority at Security Council November 11

The UN Security Council is expected to vote on 11 November whether to recognize Palestine as a member state, 1st, 2nd article. 3rd, in interview on Jordanian TV President Abbas assesses all he achieved by non-violent means – apart from the still-elusive national independence

Desire to maintain status quo makes Israel and Palestine unsustainable

The Italian NGO, Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), has published a set of MEDPRO reports on the sustainability of various Mediterranean states Its report on Israel/Palestine, ( below with footnotes etc stripped out) reaches a gloomy judgment because of Israel’s fixation on its status quo, isolation within its own region and failure of political leadership.

Security not the point on Golan Heights


Whatever the machinations of the Syrian government, grievances of dispossessed Syrians are genuine

Walking blindfold to the edge…


Uri Avnery compares the euphoria in Israel today to that which followed the six-day war in 1967 – until 1973. Today, too, Israel is riding high in every way – economically, in terms of security and politically where “[t]he Israeli government rules Washington DC more firmly than ever”. But, he predicts, pride will have its fall. And, unlike in 1967, “[w]hen the inevitable crisis arrives, world public opinion will no longer be on our side. It will be on the side of the Palestinians.”

Israel’s security needs


Martin van Creveld is Israel’s premier military historian, who takes a hard-nosed approach to war and defence. So his opinion that the West Bank is entirely superfluous to Israel’s current security needs is of more than passing interest…

Tea is not the custom; it’s ‘just a conversation…’


Hagai El-Ad, Executive director of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, was invited to chat by Shin Bet: “Alongside crude attempts to gather information, the essence of these Shin Bet “conversations” appears to be a touching effort to assist well-meaning, if naïve, citizens not to mistakenly stray from the straight and narrow path. The Shin Bet somehow succeeds in pre-identifying that an Israeli citizen is approaching the threshold of illegal activity, and therefore seeks to assist the citizen before she or he may end up getting themselves in trouble. George Orwell himself could not have framed this better…

Racial profiling at Ben Gurion

Avirama Golan reports on the security checks at Ben Gurion International Airport and the humiliating treatment that Arab citizens of Israel receive: “The ethnocentric panic undermines the principle of civil equality.”

Uri Avnery on Obama and Israel


[M]ost American Jews are ready to do anything – just anything – for the government of Israel. With one exception: they will not do anything that appears to hurt the security of the United States. When the flag of security is hoisted, the Jews, like all Americans, snap to attention and salute. The Damocles sword of suspicion of disloyalty hangs above their heads. For them, this is the ultimate nightmare: to be accused of putting the security of Israel ahead of the security of the US […]

Paul Rogers on the US-Israel spat


An insightful overview of the “serious row between Washington and Tel Aviv” putting it into a wider regional context. It “is about far more than the construction of homes in east Jerusalem; it goes to the heart of the close military alliance between the two states…”

Should the EU subsidise Israeli security?


Ben Hayes writes that “The inclusion of Israel in the European Security Research Programme undermines the EU’s commitment to even-handedness in the Middle East.”…