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29 November: JfJfP, with many others, signs a "UK must protest at Bedouin expulsion" letter

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11 Jan: JfJfP supports public letter to President Obama

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What Bernie Sanders thinks but didn’t say

Bernie Sanders, the radical but defeated candidate for the Democrats’ nomination as their presidential candidate disappointed many with his near-silence on foreign policy. In an interview with The Intercept he expands – Saudi Arabia is not an ally, he would cut the huge American subvention to Israel and open channels with Iran.

The games Netanyahu plays

This is an interview with Yossi Alpher who has held many senior positions in Israeli security. The reason for the moves which are further destabilising the MidEast are not clear to anyone but Alpher pinpoints the Saudi-Trump ‘love fest’ as a key agent of change as well as Netanyahu’s machinations. Alpher is APN’s regular man in the know.

Saudi hypocrisy on armed groups

Qatar and Qatari diplomats have been expelled from all Saudi-led bodies on the grounds of supporting terrorism. The supporters and financiers of armed groups wreaking havoc in Syria and Iraq are those same Gulf states. Al Monitor garners opinions.

Trump seeks buyer for his deal

Pres. Trump’s whistlestop tour of the Middle East may have flattered the leaders of the regimes but most commentators rebutted Trump’s self-presentation as new and dynamic, finding him vacuous and insensitive.

Trump lavishes royal Arab billionaires with praise

Human rights? Never heard of them. 9/11 bombers? Fake news. Lotsa money for lots of weapons? Now you’re talking. Trump in the land of super-rich autocrats.

Saudi court sentences stateless Palestinian poet to death

A petition is circulating for the Palestinian poet, Ashraf Fayadh, born in Saudi Arabia, but a citizen of no land. He has been in prison since January 2014 when he was charged by the religious police with “insulting the Godly self and having long hair”. The initial sentence was four years in prison and 800 lashes. The prosecutor appealed and the death sentence was imposed which is now being appealed. As a stateless person, like many Palestinians, he has no government to intervene with the Saudi authorities. Sign the petition.

Netanyahu makes the most of Iranian anti-Israel rhetoric

Declarations of deadly intent towards, and from, each other constitutes the public relationship of Iran and Israel. In this latest round, Brig. Gen. Mohammad Reza Naqdi is reported by Israeli TV (so far no other news publication has bothered to translate it) to have said yet again that Israel will disappear from the map though whether through its own inherent instability or military force is unclear. Nonetheless PM Netanyahu has lapped it up eagerly as proof that the nuclear talks with Iran should not be happening. Self-publicising Shmuley Boteach uses the speech to liken those in talks with Iran to Chamberlain appeasing Hitler, momentarily forgetting that the mouthy Brig. Gen runs a volunteer militia, not a country. And is pro-Palestinian Saudi Arabia, bombing Iranian allies in Yemen, now Israel’s friend?

Tanks – fall out! Special Ops – forward!

“it is abundantly clear, including to IDF generals, that Israel is not facing an existential threat at this time” writes Ben Caspit. So clear that they have reconfigured their armed forces and order of battle. Today the army relies on a large infantry (for policing the oPt ) and elite units for special ops. Its intel work is up to scratch; its understanding of Palestinian aspirations remains at zero.

Saudis get away with murder

Both anti-terrorist agencies and European Muslims have turned a blind eye to the mass killing of Shi’ite Muslims by Al Qaeda ‘franchises’ and other Sunni jihadists in Pakistan and Iraq. In the case of security agencies this is because, argues Patrick Cockburn, such groups are funded by wealthy men in Saudi Arabia, the west’s great ally, Israel’s new friend and Iran’s old enemy. Plus protest at exclusion of Gulf states from Iran talks.

Saudis, vying to to be regional masters, prod USA to strike Syria

The Middle East, in some views, will never be at peace until one state has regional hegemony, hence the wars. Israel only has weapons, not influence. So will it be Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran? The USA and Russia vie to be the Godfather. Follow the money – it leads to Saudi Arabia, the USA’s well-armed friend.

Oslo was a process to manage the conflict in interest of US and Israel – jettison it.

Professor Rashid Khalid is not afraid of making enemies – which is fortunate as he has a lot, especially in the US. In this wide ranging interview he speaks sharply of the Palestinians, Saudis, Qataris, the vast settlement-industrial complex and his old friend Obama. And why a peace process based on Begin’s idea of autonomy can’t work. Recorded 18 months ago, it is remarkably fresh – except that then he only fears a civil war in Syria might begin.

How Iran and Saudi Arabia pick their sides in Arab uprisings

All forms of government – from monarchies and dynastic republics through formal democracy and theocracy to dictatorships – have felt threatened by the Arab uprisings in the multi-ethnic, multi-faith Middle East. Tony Klug maps the positions – but is stopped short by the toxic effects of the refusal to make progress on the Palestinians’ situation.

The shame, selfishness and cynicism of petrol-rich Arab states

Mohamed el Mokhtar cries shame on all of us who allow drought to decimate the people of the Horn of Africa, but in the new voice of anti-ruler anger at the Arab ‘feudal sheikhdoms’ and ‘lethargic gerontocracy’ of Saudi Arabia – which could have done so much to assist Palestinians- he contrasts their moneyed indifference to Israeli energy in rescuing the Falasha Jews in the 1980s

Can Saudi Arabia be next?


After showing how Saudi Arabia is rotten-ripe for change, Madawi A-Rashid concludes: “Yes, Egypt was key to the coming change, but when Saudis rise they will change the face of the Arab world and its relations with the West forever. Now is the time for the United States and its allies to understand that the future does not lie with the old clique that they have tolerated, supported, and indulged in return for oil, security, and investment. At a time of shifting Arabian sands, it is in the interest of America and the rest of the world to side with the future not the past.”