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‘Shining stars’ show a way to reject Occupation

Three teenage girls – Odeh Bisharat’s ‘shining stars’- are again enduring repeat imprisonments for refusing to do military service. They refuse to join the force which oppresses and humiliates Palestinians or accept that ‘racism and hatred are necessary for the existence of the State of Israel’

Refusenik Omri Baranes free at last

Conscientious objector Omri Baranes. (Hila Aloni Ohayon)

A short announcement of the release of refusenik Omri Baranes two weeks ago. Thanks to all who signed petitions of support for her and Tair Kaminer.

Teenage girls lead the refusers

In a country where people are born ‘with a gun in their hands’ and a spell in the IDF is the necessary prelude to being a good citizen there is no space for political conscientious objection. But the number of Israelis refusing to enforce the occupation is growing and getting organised with teenage girls setting the example.

‘I see only more trauma and pain. Enough!’

The steadfast refusal of 19-year-old Tair Kaminer to do military service has made her a cause célèbre. Altogether she has served more than 170 days in prison. Objection to the occupation is not classed as a matter of conscience.

Defiant CO goes to gaol

A hallmark of Israel was that all its citizens willingly did a period of military service – an idealised citizen army. In fact many Israelis do not want to police Palestinians – the main job of the IDF. Conscientious objector (CO) Tair Kaminer gained publicity because she had the extra courage to denounce the role of the IDF in Palestine.

‘I did not want to spread more hatred and fear’

Tair Kaminer was never going to go quietly. She went with a group of friends to the IDF induction centre for conscripts to declare her refusal to do military service. She was sent to prison. Mesarvot organised daily protests while she served her term. She has issued an eloquent statement about her decision.

Tair Kaminer refuses

Tair Kaminer joins a long list of Kaminer Refuseniks. Send messages of support via Hanna – +972-(0)54-4732253.

Reservists of elite intel unit refuse to collect information on Palestinians

‘We learned that gathering information is part of the system of military control over Palestinians, that assassinations kill more than the target person, that we get private information for the purposes of blackmail’. Such intelligence is gained by elite unit 8200. Its use has so disturbed many soldiers that 43 have written a public letter saying they will not do reserve duty – and that many more agree with them in private.

Refuseniks say: In Israel, war is not politics by other means — it replaces politics.

A letter signed by 56 Israeli reservists stating why they refuse to serve their country in its current military operation is published this week in the Washington Post. Their fundamental objection, the two initiators tell Democracy Now, is the power the hierarchical IDF exercises over Palestinians and Israelis. We learn on the way that most Americans have never heard of the siege of Gaza but think Israel is under siege by Hamas.

We are Israeli and we refuse to fight in the IDF

“The Army serves the people in power and not the civilians, who are only a tool” says one of 60 Israeli teenagers who have signed a letter to PM Netanyahu stating their refusal to serve in the IDF. (Refusal of military conscription is punishable by imprisonment). Their letter states that in the oPt “human rights are violated, and acts defined under international law as war-crimes are perpetuated on a daily basis”. It is the biggest mass refusal for 6 years.

Refusenik new leading light of the right

Adam Keller sketches the history of refusing military service, from the 1982 Lebanon war to today. During that 30 years many young conscripts have refused to use military power to enforce the Occupation. Now Naftali Bennett, leader of a revamped far-right party, has said he will refuse – to evict settlers. He may galvanise a pro-settler cohort inside the army and among settlers.

The USA (corporations and military) does not want peace in Israel says Bibi’s nephew

The integration of American and Israeli military and technological systems, the enforcement of the status quo in Israel, the rules and walls separating Jews and Arabs — these are not news. We post this take on these features of the US/Israel alliance because it comes from Netanyahu’s refusenik nephew who went to prison for his beliefs before going to study in the USA. He is now at Cambridge University, UK.

I refuse to perpetuate the rule of terror: Israel’s refuseniks

Three of the young Israelis who have most recently refused to do military service because they will not enforce the occupation. They all believe that military service bears no connection to the idealised image of the IDF as the people’s servant and protector. They all expect to be sent to prison.

Breaking the Silence – new book published


Breaking the Silence has released a new publication, “Occupation of the Territories – Israeli Soldier Testimonies 2000-2010”, as part of the organization’s wider goal of increasing access to information on the daily reality in the Occupied Territories. The 431-page volume is made up of testimonies from 101 male and female soldiers who served in the Territories over the past decade. Joseph Dana of +972 provides a brief commentary on the publication and its significance.

Crying out loud – the work of Breaking the Silence

As news comes in that Breaking the Silence, now in its sixth year, is planning a major new publication to mark ten years since the start of the second intifada, we reproduce a substantial Ha’aretz feature article on the organisation and its work.

Breaking the Silence nominated for the Sakharov prize


Breaking the Silence (BTS) has been nominated for the annual prize by the Greens and European United Left groups. The winner will be announced later this month.

Matan Cohen legal appeal – £5,000 needed

MC eye (hosp)

Refusenik and activist Matan Cohen, who almost lost an eye after being shot in the face by a tear gas canister had his case dismissed by an Israeli judge – who further imposed a £13,000 fine for bringing a “frivolous” lawsuit. Matan needs to raise a £5,000 deposit in order to lodge an appeal against the ruling.

Haaretz goes head to head with Breaking the Silence founder Yehuda Shaul

Yehuda Shaul, 27, one of the founders of Breaking the Silence, which collects and publishes eyewitness accounts of soldiers from the territories, is celebrating a minor victory over the Israel Defense Forces, the IDF spokesman and the wall of silence that Shaul says surrounds the events of Operation Cast Lead in Gaza […]

Send messages of support to Refusenik Diane Kogan back in military gaol…


CO Diane Kogan, 18, of the Tel-Aviv suburb of Bat Yam, was sentenced on13 June to 25 days in a military gaol for her refusal to enlist. This is in fact the second time Diane is being sent to prison and the sixth time she is being sentenced for her conscientious objection. Please send her messages of support…

Refusenik Or Ben-David speaking in London


One of this year’s Shministim (courageous high school leavers who refuse to be drafted into the Israeli Army) will be speaking in London this weekend. Or Ben David has been jailed for her refusal to serve three times, not including a pre sentence detention of 7 days. She will talk about the reasons for their […]