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BSST is the leading charity focusing on small-scale grass roots cross community, anti poverty and humanitarian projects in Israel/Palestine

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Shut up Ken, you don’t know what you’re talking about

‘I’ve never read such a gigantic load of rubbish about the Labour party’ storms Michele Hanson (JfJfP signatory). It’s formed a great cloud blotting out what it is important to see and act on. Which is not ‘silly Ken’.

Welcome for refugees Israeli-style

Israel has a simple answer to the international issue of accepting African migrants most of them fleeing Eritrea and N. Sudan: ship them out to a ‘third country’ or hold them in a fenced camp indefinitely. This is because ‘migrants threaten the security, and the identity, of the Jewish state’. BBC report

All states wash hands of refugee crisis

It is evident that intrusions by the US, UK, France and Israel have meant that many Arabs are not safe in what were once their own homes. It is also evident, though Ramzy Baroud gives this little weight, that ISIL and other paramilitary Islamist groups have exacerbated the unsafety.

UK’s unheroic record on desperate refugees

With one gesture – not an easy one – the UK earns its medal as a generous asylum for refugees – the 1938 ‘kindertransport’ which brought 9,354 German children to the UK, many of whom ended up working as skivvies or low-paid landworkers. George Kerevan finds no change in British mean-spiritedness towards the desperate.

Israel returns refugees to death by ISIL

It’s controversial but W.European countries, including the UK, accept asylum seekers from the militaristic regimes of Eritrea and Sudan. Not so in Israel; as Richard Silverstein reports, the Jewish state returns them to likely death at the hands of psychotic ISIL.

Syrians join Palestinians in overcrowded camp

The fate of Palestinian refugees – most of them in camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Gaza and Syria – is always on the agenda whenever peace talks take place. Syria’s civil war has driven Syrian citizens as well as Palestinian refugees out of the country into Lebanon. NY Times report.

Just hanging on in Yarmouk camp

Palestinians are not the only refugees in Yarmouk camp in a Damascus suburb; they were the first but have since been joined by Iraqis and Syrians. Assad’s regime began a siege of the camp last July, hoping to starve them out. Many have escaped to Lebanon, but many thousands remain waiting for food and especially medical supplies. Deliveries are stopped by the siege and by firing from the Assad regime and rebel groups inside the camp.

Truman opposed creation of ‘a Jewish state’

The support of the United States, under the leadership of President Truman, for the creation of Israel is often cited as the decisive factor in what was a very contentious issue. What is less well-known is that Truman was adamantly opposed to the creation of ‘a Jewish state’ as being fundamentally unAmerican. He also complained about the intensive lobbying by Jewish organisations he was subject to – but, as author John Judis says – the lobbying was successful and set a precedent that has continued ever since.

Israeli terror of ‘infiltration’

Now enclosed wholly behind ‘separation barriers’ and the (heavily patrolled) coastline Israel is still having trouble finding ways to stop any Africans settling in Israel (Thai and Filipino workers are imported to do the work that Eritreans or Palestinians might do.) Despite the human misery on their doorstep, the country founded by refugees for refugees only accepted responsibility for deciding refugee requests in 2009 – and accepted less than 0.2%.

Refugees in Israel have worst treatment in western world UPDATE

The story of a long protest march by African asylum seekers from a detention centre in the Negev to the Supreme Court in Jerusalem has got extensive news coverage – a bit of it here. Perhaps this is because it marks out Israel more sharply than any other issue from the world to which it longs to belong. By claiming its special ‘Jewish state’ status Israel exonerates itself from the normal humanitarian concerns that govern western nations on asylum seekers, despite the political problems these may cause.

The sacking of Arab Lydda to make Jewish Lod

Lydda was a thriving Arab city in Palestine. In the summer of 1948 it was captured with maximum violence – against significant resistance – by the IDF. The population of c70,000 was either killed or driven out. Some of their houses were smashed, the rest emptied in a rampage of looting by Israelis. The city of Lydda became Lod and the surviving people of Lydda became permanent refugees. Report of article by Avi Shavit.

The six measures for displacing Palestinians

Displacing Palestinians from their homes and lands has been a continuous practice and defining policy of all Israeli governments since 1948. Munir Nuseibah describes the array of measures governments have used and argues that ‘transitional justice’, not narrow rights, is the only framework for exercising justice.

Nakba remembered as ongoing disaster

Almost half of all Palestinians are refugees (some estimates are higher). Continuing seizures of Palestinian land and demolition of their homes consolidate their exclusion from their own homeland. Nakba day, May 15th, links them all in memory of why they are where they are.

Palestinian refugees unseen victims of Syrian and Israeli wars

Since Israeli military forces first drove out Palestinians from 1947, neighbouring countries have provided them with refuge. Conditions vary from awful to tolerable but refugees lack basic rights to basic services and they are almost entirely sustained by UNRWA. So far, over 1000 have been killed in Syria’s civil war. They will not escape the effects of the latest strike by Israel on Syria.

So who did God the estate agent give the land to?

Faysal Mikdadi, a Palestinian refugee living in Dorset, UK, who is weary of the meaningless or lying talk about rights and peace, a man who has stood outside his once-home watching the new European ‘owners’ inside it, here begins his two-part essay on where hope for peace lies. Part 2 next week.

New story: Arab Jews not glad homecomers but forced refugees

It has always been in Israel’s interest to have its subjugation of Palestinians re-presented as a conflict between equal powers. It now claims they are equal victims. Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon is spearheading a campaign to reclass Arab Jews who emigrated to Israel as unwilling refugees due compensation from Arab states. A powerful article by Daniel Haboucha, 2nd, among 3 incredulous responses.

Speak Up – unless you’re a Second Generation refugee who cares about Palestinians

Who better to grasp the fear of Palestinians as all means of decent living are squeezed or destroyed, all movement checked by armed men in uniform, than the children of refugees from the Nazis? Yet when Yvonne Gordon, one such child, wrote an article for 2GN on Holocaust Memorial Day her passing reference to the oPt was cut out. Five members of 2GN have now resigned in protest and we publish for the first time an article by Yvonne about Palestinians and the threat to their existence.

Exile: voices of loss and longing – and hate

The contrast between Israel as the home to which every Jew has a birthright and the Palestinian land it occupies, to which no Palestinian has a right of return is extreme. Palestinian refugees are the responsibility of the UN Relief and Works Agency. Two reports on their work (Reuters, UNWRA); a vituperative attack on them from Right Turn in Washington Post and an AFP story of the Indian Jews waiting to go ‘home’ to Israel.

‘An asylum seeker froze to death in a Tel Aviv park tonight’

Despite a history of (selective) immigration, Israeli state and people are baulking at having to deal with an influx of refugees, mostly from Eritrea. They are not considered asylum seekers, nor given work permits, but end up sleeping rough or huddled into the poorest parts of cities, whose residents respond with racist hostility. Two reports from 972 plus a 2009 Guardian article explaining why so many flee Eritrea

PLO and Palestinian ‘shatat’ adrift if Palestinian state becomes the UN voice

The PLO’s status derives from its claim to be sole representative of an entire people argues Dr Abdel Razzaq Takriti, allowing it to ‘encompass the Palestinian shatat [diaspora] in its entirety’. What will happen to the PLO and Palestinian refugees if the statehood bid to take the one UN place succeeds?