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06 May: Tair Kaminer starts her fifth spell in gaol. Send messages of support via Reuven Kaminer

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15 Dec: Chanukah: Celebrating the miracle of holy oil not military power

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24 Jan: Support for Riba resolution

16 Jan: EJJP lobbies EU in support of the EU Commission Guidelines, Aug 2013–Jan 2014


29 November: JfJfP, with many others, signs a "UK must protest at Bedouin expulsion" letter

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Labour leader snubs anti-Balfour Arab party member over Balfour

If the Israeli Labour party does not get rid of its new leader ASAP – he is an anti-Palestinian nationalist – it will have torn up its own history and future as a party for Arab-Jewish equality and co-existence. Two strong articles

Fear drives all Israelis

Philip Weiss, an American anti-Zionist, started Mondoweiss in 2007. He is a frequent visitor to Israel. In this essay he finds a people driven by fear of Palestinians – or that’s how they justify their unashamed racism.

Red Card for Israeli Football delayed yet again


At the very last minute, Israeli lobbying succeeded in persuading FIFA to break its own rules and delay tabling a report that would ban settlement football teams from representing themselves as Israeli and playing in the Israeli League. The Palestine Football Association reacted furiously, condemning FIFA’s actions at the Congress and indicating it will approach the Court for Arbitration of Sport to resolve its problems.

Israel’s unchosen: dirt to be swept away

This is a review of Mya Guarnieri Jaradat’s new book about the life of asylum seekers in Israel – which is grim. If a state is established to privilege just one sect, it follows that everyone else will suffer from poor, racist, treatment.

With Bibi, it’s racism stupid

Thanks to Wikileaks, Barak Ravid can read an exchange between an American political adviser and an analyst. It wasn’t the fear of Iran. It was the fear of Arabs that swung it for the master tactician.

Bullying Right fire ‘antisemitism’ bullets at left-wing women


It is hard to make sense of the current hot pursuit of so-called antisemitism of left-wing women (Malia Bouattia, Naz Shah and, here, Jackie Walker, a JfJfP signatory and none of them Anglo-Saxon white.) Is the charge of antisemitism the Right’s Trojan Horse to carry their racism, sexism and right-wing sectarianism?

Jewish establishment ignores racist harms done to non-Jews

Mike Cushman in the FSoI blog writes a sharp critique of those who used Chakrabarti’s report and the launch event merely to attack Jeremy Corbyn. They ignored her evidence on a wider racism because, of course, only Jews have ever suffered.

Israel’s stolen children

Many countries have appalling histories of the mistreatment of children in recent times. Israel, too, has its own dark history of rank racism in its earliest years, when substantial immigration of Jews from Arab countries was accompanied by a visceral contempt for their ‘backwardness’. Here Jonathan Cook tells the story of the theft of Yemeni and other children from their biological parents simply because they were Mizrachi – to be brought up by good Ashkenazi families instead…

Loud and proud: Israeli racism

This begins with a judicial-political dispute over natural gas but segues into the far-right’s intolerance of legal limitations. Their views would not have been heard in public in Israel a decade ago. Now they are commonplace and if the court objects, well just abolish it and create another.

Israel losing its place in democratic family

It’s not just the anti-NGO law which has made Israel seem an alien in the family of European democracies says Uri Savir. It’s also the power of the religious establishment, the racism, the opposition to mixed marriage and, of course the Occupation, that makes Israel seem to have more in common with religious fundamentalists than the EU. The effect of any estrangement would be worse for Israel than Europe.

Enduring racism

An Israeli TV commercial – marketing property in a ‘white’ neighbourhood when a vulgar Mizrahi family moves next door to proper, Ashkenazi Jews – has been quickly withdrawn. Viewers did not want the attitudes which the ad makers had clearly divined broadcast. Edo Konrad charts the contempt for backward orientals from the foundation of Israel.

White-washing terrorism

Heike Schotten here argues that ‘terrorism’ became the universal threat after the collapse of the Soviet Union. To fit the US’s need for an external enemy the new threat had to be political, dark-skinned and religiously foreign – that is unknowable and outside ‘civilisation’. Enter Palestine.

Jerusalem’s festival of young male bullies

Jerusalem Day – May 17th this year – continues to attract thousands of young men in a belligerent assertion of their power to take over a city. These are the new young nationalists of such concern to an older generation. The irony has been much noted: in their celebration of the ‘unification’ of Jerusalem they display how entrenched are the divisions of ethnicity, age, gender, politics.

Revenge of Israel’s Jewish under-class

This is a dynamic debate about power and class in Israel which rarely reaches the media outside Israel. You could say it’s ‘democracy’s’ most profound failure – the inability of ‘the system’ to produce political and economic equality creating an excluded underclass which votes for a far-right, anti-politics, racist position. Haaretz posts these two articles on the Mizrahim in Israel.

What does the man in a kippah say to the bus driver? ‘Dirty Arab’

Jerusalem runs increasingly separate bus-lines. Egged carries the Jews. Palestinians, who comprise most of the drivers on all lines, travel on buses run by the (Arab) East Jerusalem Transport Association. Israeli Jews boarding from settler and Haredi areas routinely insult the drivers. Disturbing interview with 3 drivers.

Alarming growth of anti-democratic trends

As civil rights in Israel become more limited and precarious, so the number of civil rights organisations increases writes Naomi Shepherd. The orthodox religious have been trying to establish their hegemony in civil and military life; immigrants who do not pass their test (Russians, Africans as well as native Arabs) are excluded, making a mockery of Israel’s claim to be ‘the only democracy’ in the Middle East.

New Jews-only towns planned to outnumber Arabs in Galilee

The Arabs of the Galilee, all Israeli citizens, have lived there a long time. But, like the Bedouin Israeli citizens, this is unacceptable to the World Zionist Organization – an arm of the Israeli state. They don’t want to build more homes for Jews in the existing towns – which would mean desegregation – so new towns must be built to install a Jewish majority. Equality for all citizens is not one of WZO’s principles.

Against all forms of communal hatred

75 years ago Jews were the primary target of those who hated immigrants and ‘aliens’. That was dramatically demonstrated in Germany/Austria in ‘kristallnacht’. Today in much of the world, gypsies and Roma, Muslims, Pakistanis and gays, Africans and asylum seekers are the likely targets. It is time for Jews to stand with these vulnerable groups and speak out against the ‘toxic sentiments’ behind the attacks.

What most surprised me about Israel? How common and accepted the racism is.

Like many investigative journalists, Boston-born Max Blumenthal thought that if he put the facts out there, the public would respond. Not in America, not about Israel. So he tried again with his book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel aimed specifically at an American audience that doesn’t want to know. Even though Christian Zionism is ‘Israel’s safety belt’. Here, he is interviewed on the book for Democracy Now.

Law allowing 3-year imprisonment for ‘infiltrators’ outlawed

Israel’s High Court has ruled that a legal amendment to the Anti-Infiltration law, which has allowed detention without trial for up to 3 years, is unconstitutional, conflicting with Israel’s Basic Law upholding people’s dignity. One judge predicted this would not go down well in Tel Aviv and there have already been angry denunciation of the judges.