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The shocking treatment of Palestinian children

It’s rare that Americans get the chance to hear Palestinian voices or evidence of Israeli cruelty to Palestinian children. They had a chance on June 8th when the video of a very sober panel discussion on the treatment of children was released. But just in case they watched it, says Peter Beinart, The Israel Project rushed out its own video and claimed the panel discussion was an “anti-Israel hatefest” and antisemitic. No wonder the Jewish establishment is so ill-informed.

Where there are settlers there are soldiers

Palestinian children are amongst the most disturbed in the world; at every corner, especially near settlements, they might be attacked by soldiers or settlers themselves. They grow up in fear. Report by LPHR.

Horrifying IDF brutality towards young boys

Any nation would be deeply ashamed to find that gangs of armed men can beat and bully 10 year old children with impunity. Except, it seems, in Israel. The report from Human Rights Watch on the increase in child arrests; videos which capture two of the incidents are sickening. Small boys aren’t killing people. Soldiers are.

Duty of all states to protect children

UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon has returned to the charge that was omitted from the list of states which harm children in conflict – that in its assault on Gaza in 2014 the IDF did not take steps to protect children from harm. Netanyahu has insisted that an unnamed group of senior generals has acquitted his country of all charges – and Hamas was worse, which seems an odd benchmark to use when assessing humanitarian concerns.

Palestinian children bring home the Israeli harvest

When Israel was founded, a strong drive for Jews’ own country was that they could take up farming and manual labour and thus become new men and women. That didn’t last long. Now Israel relies on foreign workers and increasingly, Palestinian children (they’re cheap) for farm work. Report from Human Rights Watch.

Israel’s style of warfare cannot but harm children

The Palestine / Israel conflict is not a war between two armies of grown men. The force used by IDF and police, often demolishing houses, but also using live ammunition, leaves many children dead or crippled, orphaned and homeless. DCI-International’s report on a grim year for Palestinian children.

Years of taking it out on Palestinian children

By coincidence, Defence for Children International released a report last week documenting the suffering imposed on Palestinian children – including the five who were killed in 2013 – by settlers and soldiers, especially in the Hebron area. The attacks by settlers on schools and children trying to reach school are almost too numerous to count. This is not a riposte to the killing of three Israeli boys. But if Israelis were willing to know what was being done to Palestinian children in the name of their security this might ground the debate.

Take the easy option: crush all the boys

Here is yet another report, from Defence of Children International-Palestine, on the arrest, confinement and interrogation of Palestinian children some as young as 12 years old. What security threat do children throwing stones represent to the Israeli state? None of the many bodies who have investigated has found any justification for these practices. The security state has an insatiable appetite.

Security forces harm and frighten children? What a wicked lie!

In report after report legal, medical and welfare bodies have picked out the terrorising treatment of Palestinian children by the Israeli military. The Four Corners programme of the Australian Broadcasting Commission went to find out and came back with a report, broadcast in February , which provoked a furore. Here its truth is attested to by Breaking the Silence and the reporter, who is attacked by Conservatives & Jewish establishment.

Why Israeli ‘security’ forces target Palestinian children

A teenage child, shackled, in solitary confinement, not allowed visits from family, often for the crime of throwing stones – this is a feature of the Israeli prison system unknown in western europe. For Israeli security, Palestinian children are all wannabee terrorists and their arrest an exultant display of the humiliating inability of Palestinian adults to protect their own children. Many reports have documented this abuse.

Racism becomes normal among young Israelis

Something stinks in the state of Israel says Israeli citizen Ilene Prusher. That something is racism, both the assaults on non-Jews by Jews and the wider refusal to give such racism its proper name. The irony of Israel, whose existence as an ethnic state has been justified as a defence against racism, should have spawned new generations of young racist gangs is lost on no-one – except for those who refuse to know that it’s there, and active, and violent.

No place of safety for Palestine’s children

All the normal rules for bringing up children are reversed in the oPt. Instead of feeling safe, Palestinian children are constantly exposed to danger; instead of relying on their parents for security, they see their parents humiliated and made impotent says Johara Baker. Their daily lessons are in teargas, trauma and and hatred.