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PLO wants new life

Palestinian political activists are desperately hoping, writes Daoud Kuttab, that the PLO will formally convene the Palestinian National Council. It hasn’t met since 1996 but is the only body which can make the decisions and hold the discussions which the movement needs if it is not to drift into being an apathetic and corrupt cadre.

PA ends security pact with Israel

Since 1995, as part of the Oslo agreements, the Palestinian Authority has provided the political policing of the West Bank working with the IDF’s admin unit, COGAT. Since the Al-Aqsa gates debacle, the PA has become more outspoken and has announced it is ending its work with COGAT which aims to “consolidate the colonial system through illegal settlements.”

We must remove noose that chokes Palestinians

Diana Buttu, a former Palestinian negotiator, argues persuasively that the PA is no more than a sub-contractor for the occupation and should go. Uri Avnery takes issue. The 2-state solution depends on there being a Palestinian authority and quislings can save a people from destruction.

Palestinian authorities clamp down on free speech

MENA Palestine Free Speech 1

The Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and Gaza are arresting, abusing, and criminally charging journalists and activists who express peaceful criticism of the authorities. The crackdown directly violates obligations that Palestine recently assumed in ratifying international treaties protecting free speech.

Is the Palestinian Authority about to collapse?

Israeli security officials and political leaders are increasingly worried that the Palestinian Authority — which along with Israeli security forces is responsible for governance and security in the West Bank — is on the verge of collapse, and that when it does collapse, law and order in the West Bank will erode, bringing disaster for Palestinians there and potentially opening the territory to a takeover by Hamas or other extremists. Jennifer Williams assesses the likelihood of this happening…

Who will succeed Abbas?


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ refusal to name a successor, hold elections, or reform the PA’s corrupt institutions is pushing his rivals to unite against him.

The staunchest of enemies—from members of Hamas to former members of the PA, including the Western-educated reformer Salam Fayyad and the exiled Fatah strongman Mohammad Dahlan—have found common ground in their quest to dethrone the aging Palestinian leader.

Intifadas are strategic

This is a set of articles which say directly or by default that we are not seeing a third intifada merely an increase in reactive clashes between Palestinian youth and Israeli police. Deaths and injuries are all on the Palestinian side. Plus brief histories of the first two intifadas..

Return, but to what?

Ghada Karmi’s extraordinary new account of exile and the impossibility of finding home, Return: A Palestinian Memoir, is sympathetically reviewed by Avi Shlaim.

Karmi describes her return to work with the Palestinian Authority and the disappointment and disillusionment she experienced: “The journey filled me with bitterness and grief. I remember looking down on a nighttime Tel Aviv from the windows of a place taking me back to London and thinking hopelessly, ‘flotsam and jetsam, that’s what we’ve become, scattered and divided. There’s no room for us or our memories here. And it won’t be reversed.’”

Bibi’s hard right tack won him the election and lost him the world

When these three experts on the MidEast say ‘few on the global stage believe Netanyahu is committed to trying to find a way to end Israel’s occupation of the Palestinians’ that is an overstatement. Does anyone? They warn the PA about expecting too much from the ICC but their admonition is directed first at Netanyahu for his intransigence and thus opening Israel to a revived delegitimisation campaign.

US needs strong Palestinian Authority

As US-Israel relations have worsened, the superpower’s relations with the PA have become stronger. These two shifts may not be connected, but it is clear to analysts that a strong PA is essential if violence or anarchy are not to subsume the moderate authority. Interview with Mustafa Barghouti on US/Palestinian relations.

Israel has inflicted ‘very deep wounds’ on US

There are many small reasons why the peace talks initiated by the Obama administration and conducted by John Kerry failed. But there is one big reason: the Israeli government did not engage. If it can continue to deny all political rights to Palestinians, it will. As the blame game/accountancy continues, the PA turns to the international arena.

A winning strategy for Palestine: popular non-violent resistance

al manatir

Since the Israelis reneged on the prisoner release agreement, the PA has adopted a new strategy: to gather ever greater legitimacy for statehood in the international arena, slowly turning Israel into a pariah nation for refusing to end the occupation. The PA itself is a vehicle that cannot get Abbas to his destination. Jonathan Cook assesses their options.

Failing Abbas surrounded by plots and chaos

The outlook for the survival of the PA as an effective force is bleak. Amira Hass on a new report which predicts collapse from the Israeli economic stranglehold or internal conflict. The attempt to oust ageing President Mahmoud Abbas is being pressed by UAE favourite and former PA security chief Mohammed Dahlan who is said to be secret talks with Israel’s Yitzhak Molcho.

Palestine and Syria – may they fall apart

In a interview with Ceasefire magazine, Noam Chomsky talks of the few choices the Palestinians have been left with and the pleasure in Israel that Syrians are destroying their own country.

Kerry pulls Israel’s nuts out of the fire/UPDATED

The announcement of new negotiations in Washington is excellent news for President Obama & John Kerry. It doesn’t seem like good news for the Palestinians who, having dropped the precondition of ’67 borders, are now forced to follow Israel’s agenda – which means entrenching the occupation, just when boycott and UN status seemed to moving things Palestine’s way. +972 analysis.UPDATE: security bodies have always negotiated – Abdul Sattar Qassem, Asmaa al-Ghoul, Moshe Machover – same old no-change.

Abbas tries to stave off political crisis in PA

The government of Dr. Rami Hamdallah was only meant to be transitional, until reconciliation talks between Hamas and Fatah arrived at some conclusion – but not as transitional as two weeks. Mr Hamdallah seems to have been taken aback by the impossibility of his task – how to act as a PM under the authority of President Abbas and his forbidding enclave of Fatah apparatchiks and within the constraint of the Paris protocol.

Meshaal: ‘our values are democracy, justice, human rights, respect’ – and we will not beg

Last February Khaled Meshaal, political leader of Hamas left Syria to live – via his first, brief, visit to Gaza – in Doha. There, in the Qatari capital, he is interviewed by Foreign Policy magazine. He gives brief explanations on why Hamas left Syria, and his opposition to making any concessions until Israel shows itself ready to end the occupation. It is less revealing than other interviews he has given but is, perhaps, a message to an American audience that he is a human being who believes in democracy and human rights – but is unflinching about the priority of ending the occupation.

The Oslo grip: only revolt against their elite can revive Palestinians’ vigour

The Oslo accords entrenched the occupation, established an international complacency about 2-state negotiations, and created a new Palestinian elite whose status depends on the false independence of the Palestinian Authority. In his class analysis of the Oslo agreement, Adam Hanieh argues that only if the Palestinians continue to challenge their supine governing class can they regain the vigour of an independence movement.

West mourns loss of Fayyad and triumph of Abbas

To Palestinians the resignation of Salam Fayyad is no great loss; he was not involved in any political negotiations and he was blamed for the financial crisis which caused such serious protests last September there was renewed talk of a 3rd intifada. To the West, Fayyad was the man they could do business with and they fear Abbas becoming enclosed in corruption and croneyism.

Demand to take Israel to ICC for death of Jaradat by torture UPDATES

Tensions over political prisoners were already high because of the hunger strike of Samer Issawi and others. When the death of Arafat Jadarat in prison was announced on Saturday, anger and frustration swept across the oPt, expressed in mass rallies and attendance at Jaradat’s funeral. An autopsy found signs of torture on Jadarat’s body. The PA and Addameer demand an international inquiry; people demand Israel be taken to the ICC. .