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Brits the most pro-Palestinian

These are the findings of YouGov polls conducted towards the end of Operation Protective Edge. It is unlikely there have been major shifts since then. The GB-France difference is surprising given the higher proportion of French people of N. African Arab heritage. The US results are dispiriting, though the age difference is significant.

Jews for Trump

Poll findings that just under a third of all American Jews support Donald Trump is only surprising to those who think Jews form a discrete bloc and vote on ‘Jewish’ issues. They don’t. Most Jews vote Democrat and are indistinguishable from other Democrats (as are the minority who vote Republican).

Israeli Jewish youth the most right-wing ever

The first post-holocaust generation of Jews in Palestine/ Israel tended to regard themselves as progressive and leftish despite their blindness about Palestinians. Today’s young Israelis see Palestinians as beyond the pale, are insular and self-regarding and have no notion of universal human rights.

American presidents? They’re all the same.

An opinion poll just carried out amongst Palestinians shows the usual Palestinian/Israeli gulf. The gut Palestinian feeling that American presidents are all the same may be true – the settlements continue. The fact that they attribute this to ‘the Jewish lobby’ is a problem. What of the military industrial complex, US strategic interests in the MidEast, the cheerleading for Israel role of right-wing Christians. Jews may be pre-eminent in some areas, finance or media ownership, but most American capital is owned and controlled by white Americans of Christian heritage.

Israelis safe in their knowledge

This is the latest survey carried out by departments of Tel Aviv university and the Israel Democracy Institute. We can see that no new knowledge is going to shift Israeli opinion – such as the majority belief that ‘the world is against them’. Gulfs on most issues between left, centre and right, and Jew and Arab, are vast. Not uncommonly, Israelis block all knowledge that does not confirm their beliefs.

Most Palestinians support ‘knife intifada’

The Occupation is, literally, intolerable. Young Palestinians in particular cannot bear it but it is clear from this new poll that it is unbearable to Palestinans as a whole. Although one third are against the knife stabbings they are not against less violent forms of resistance. So far, that’s not on offer.

Belief in 2-state solution falls to all-time low

The belief that a two-state solution can and should be found to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has fallen on both sides to just 51% – a steep drop amongst Palestinians, who had invested more hope and trust in it than Israelis. Findings are from the regular poll of attitudes. Mutual distrust about the other’s intentions is very high but Palestinians, realistically, have a much higher fear of being harmed by Israelis than the other way around.

Peace would be M.A.D.

The latest joint Palestinian/Israeli opinion poll shows that Kerry’s shuttles are having no impact and neither Israelis nor Palestinians think negotiations will start; both suspect that any settlement would lead to their own destruction as a national entity. Which means that the only positive outcome would be for Kerry to report back that if the US wants the status quo to shift it has to stop its exclusive backing for Israel.

He has the mandate, he has the partner, he has no will. Bibi’s choice.

For years the Israeli government successfully presented its military control over the Palestinians as being forced on them due to the lack of a ‘partner for peace.’ Since it became apparent that both Palestinians and the Arab League were willing to negotiate – and now a new poll shows Israeli people would accept the Arab Peace Initiative Netanyahu no longer bothers with excuses. He has bigger existential fights to plan.

US only country where majority have positive view of Israel

A series of questions about issues in the Palestine/Israel conducted by American ‘fact tank’, Pew Research Center, has produced few surprises. Most Palestinians disapprove of Hamas but think only armed struggle will bring them statehood; attitudes towards the US and its role in the conflict provide the sharpest difference between Palestinians and Israeli Jews; the most unfavourable views of President Abbas among all countries in the region come from Israelis, the most positive from the oPt, judgments of Netanyahu in the region are overwhelmingly hostile in every country except Israel. Read on.

How to spin a poll on cultural boycott

A poll commissioned by the Jewish Chronicle on British attitudes towards the boycott of Israel and Israeli performers was given triumphant coverage on their front page last month (1). A closer look at pollster YouGov’s own press release and the figures (2) suggests a public far more uncertain, and divided by age, gender and politics, than the JC would like. We add an example of how you too can spin the figures (3).