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Comments in 2012 and 2011



This government can’t be serious

Former defence minister Moshe Ya’alon has launched another attack on the PM, calling on him to resign as a threat to democracy. He also attacked other ministers for their rhetoric of decisive security actions but doing nothing.

Where Bibi has brought his people: “Death to journalists”

These are two scary reports from Israeli papers of the recent rally held by PM Netanyahu for no purpose other than for his fans to express their adulation for him and their hatred of all his critics, the rule of law and, especially, the media.

As the vultures circle…

As the vultures circle, Gideon Levy argues there is little to celebrate as Netanyahu’s end draws nigh. He mocks the belief that it can’t be worse than Netanyahu. He may be going, but Israel is staying the way it is.

Netanyahu: the beginning of the end

Ari Harow, Benjamin Netanyahu’s former chief of staff, is about to turn state’s witness – to save his own skin. The vultures are circling and Netanyahu is now accused of bribery. As Yossi Verter writes: “Up until Thursday night, the word ‘bribe’ was uttered carefully by reporters, with caveats, with a question mark. That stage is behind us… Whoever is convicted on that count goes to jail, for years.”

Netanyahu is part of the problem, not the solution

Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has to choose between bringing corruption charges against the Israeli PM or dismissing the issue and jeopardising the honour of his office. By all accounts, writes Akiva Eldar, Netanyahu understands what’s at stake but is incapable of action.

Sending Kerry, naked, into the chamber

Nahum Barnea, Ynet’s editorial writer, looks at the legacy of the indefatigable Kerry and argues that he failed to make headway because he did not have the backing of Pres. Obama and thus lacked the power he needed. Meanwhile the Israeli PM and the American president-elect are well stuck into a tweeting relationship.

A Zionist on why he detests Netanyahu


Leon Wieseltier, cultural critic, has a great intellectual reputation. He is baffled by why former friend Michael Oren (once Israel’s ambassador to the US) expects all Jews to do things in a distinctly Jewish way and why all who disagree with him must be antisemitic.

An urgent appeal from Jewish Voice for Peace

14 February 2016 Two villages are at immediate risk of being destroyed, and we need your help. Can you send an urgent message to Netanyahu? Send an urgent message to Netanyahu: stop the demolition of Um al-Hiran and Atir!   Last week we received an urgent request from The Jewish Coalition for the Bedouin of […]

Netanyahu fears Palestinian Authority collapse

Peter Beinart writes: “Benjamin Netanyahu is worried that the Palestinian Authority may collapse. According to Barak Ravid, he’s twice convened Israel’s security cabinet to discuss the prospect since late December. It reminds me of a quote from the 2003 film Cold Mountain: They made the weather and then they stand in the rain and say ‘Shit, it’s raining.'”

Netanyahu sends a message…

“Danon is considered of the leading officials of the Likud’s far-right wing. He strongly opposes a two-state solution and the establishment of a Palestinian state, and has expressed support for an Israeli annexation of the West Bank.”

Now what message can Netanyahu be sending? Barak Ravid reports in Ha’aretz.

Making up the Iranian threat

When Bibi made his dramatic announcement to the UN in September 2012 that Iran was on the threshold of making nuclear weapons he knew that the state intelligence agency, Mossad, disagreed with him. That did not act as a deterrent to his war-mongering.

Israelis want US to support Palestinian rights

There is a maxim that no country should intervene in another’s election – but recent polls suggest Israelis would welcome an American intervention by producing a framework for a final status agreement. The poll finds a concern about a 2-state solution on which most Israeli parties are silent.

Send an urgent message to Netanyahu: stop the demolition of Um al-Hiran and Atir!


Send an urgent message to Netanyahu: stop the demolition of Um al-Hiran and Atir!

Chickenshit and other terms of endearment

As the spat between the Obama and Netanyahu administrations plays itself out, Uri Avnery and Gideon Levy look at the ramifications of the “chickenshit” appellation thrown at Netanyahu. This conflict with Obama is one that Netanhayu has provoked and wants, argues Uri Avnery. And, adds Levy, “Netanyahu, at least, is acting according to his ideology and belief. Obama is acting against his – and that’s pure cowardice.” So who’s the chickenshit then?

US administration furious with Netanyahu

US government frustration and anger with Netanyahu is reaching boiling point as Israel’s government ignores Washington, particularly on the issue of settlement building. As the head of the Anti-Defamation League told American journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, in quiet understatement: “The Israelis do not show sufficient appreciation for America’s role in backing Israel.” Goldberg and Israeli journalist Barak Ravid speculate on possible outcomes.

And here’s one we missed earlier…


Excellent analysis by Mouin Rabban, published a fortnight ago.

“Once again, Israel is ‘mowing the lawn’ with impunity, targeting civilian non-combatants and civilian infrastructure. Given its continual insistence that it uses the most precise weapons available and chooses its targets carefully, it is impossible to conclude that the targeting is not deliberate. ”

Now read on…

Settler impunity will lead to murder of another PM, claims former Shin Bet chief


Richard Silverstein: Israel’s Shin Bet has been weakened in its fight against Jewish terror. Former Shabak and Mossad chiefs, Shabtai Shavit and Carmi Gillon, have said that Israel is a land with laws that aren’t enforced when it comes to Jews attacking Palestinians… Gillon has gone as far as to say that “The price tag phenomenon is likely to lead to the murder of another Israeli prime minister.”

One-time friends say Bibi is coward, childish, irresponsible

Here are two opinion pieces from Ynet, Israel’s biggest selling newspaper and not known as a critic of their prime minster: both offer withering critiques of Bibi’s response to John Kerry’s diplomacy – contrasting it with the former bete noir, now new peace-maker, Avigdor Lieberman. While the PM authorises, or tolerates, splenetic attacks on the US’s secretary of state, Lieberman has come up with a new catchphrase: “The unity of the people is more important than the unity of the land.”

Bibi insists on IDF control of Jordan valley – in Rabin’s name

To the military/political command of Israel, the phenomenon of Islamic terrorism has made all peace treaties pointless. Suicide bombers are not bound by them. The Jordan valley must remain under control, said Netanyahu at a memorial event for Yitzhak Rabin, for Israel’s security, and he claimed that Rabin had said the same in his last speech. Read this post for who said what when.

How dare you steal my religion for your lies?

On his Facebook page, PM Netanyahu has spewed hatred about Muslims and vaunted the civilised superiority of Jews through the ages. Like any charlatan, he makes up stuff to sell his product (Israeli ultra-nationalism) while knowing nothing about the tradition which he pretends provides him with the evidence for his patter. Richard Silverstein is outraged at this abuse of his religion and tradition.