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Bow down or we’ll chuck you out – again

The hitherto little-known regional co-operation minister Tzai Hanegbi has at last claimed the limelight by posting a promise of Nakba-like revenge on the ‘religiously ignorant masses’ of Palestinians. Report in +972.

Israeli police ban annual March of Return

The starting point of modern Palestinian history is the Nakba which broke the continuity of their history. Remembering their history in Palestine/Israel is central and has been marked every year by the March of Return. This year it has been banned for the first time. Jonathan Cook comments

Working with the Jewish Left for justice for all

Samah Salaime delivers an eloquent plea to the Israeli Jewish Left – we must work together but first you must jettison your Zionism and you must acknowledge our Nakba. You must give up your privileges – it’s hard, but as a feminist I know it can be done.

After 13 years at school Israelis know nothing of the Nakba

If Israelis (and Palestinians) really want peaceful co-existence they would surely learn other’s history, especially the Nakba, at school. It is shocking that accounts of the Nakba shock young Israeli Scouts,

We established a state on the mass graves of others

Palestinian medic tries to comfort a wounded boy at Shifa hospital in Gaza City, northern Gaza Strip,

This is a very angry statement by Israeli musician Jonathan Ofir, now living in Denmark. It’s not just the mass deaths of Palestinians which Zionists needed in order to create the Israeli state. It’s the lies Israelis tell themselves and others about their driving need for self-defence.

The unforgotten villages

As the French historian Ernst Renan famously pointed out a nation is made as much by what it forgets as what it chooses to remember. By razing Palestinian villages, the Israeli state has hoped Palestinian memory will be erased. Noga Kadman, in a book reviewed here, proves how wrong they were.

The nakba revisited

Noga Kadman’s landmark book, Erased from Space and Consciousness (2011), has just been published in English. For Rashid Khalidi, celebrated Palestinian historian “This remarkable book examines how the issue of the Palestinian villages whose inhabitants were expelled in 1948 has evolved in Israeli consciousness … [and] has been largely eliminated from the imaginary of most Israelis.”

To celebrate this publication we are reprinting an article, based on the Hebrew edition, that first appeared in +972 in 2011.

The fogs of war and history

While both Palestinians and Israelis, Arabs and Jews, have consistently tried to produce a single clear argument about Israel’s founding and the Palestinian Nakba, what actually happened in 1947 and why is much less clear-cut says Uri Avnery, who was there.

Liberal zionism- unequal partnership

In the early days, theere was not, for most, a conflict between being a liberal and being a zionist. Hopes that a Jewish home could be created that was run on the principles of democracy and universal human rights were high. That hope has long since gone. The zionism triumphed, forcing out the liberal and making liberal zionism an oxymoron. Ran Greenstein traces the history.

Accepting the Nakba as the foundation fact of Palestinian identity


The Nakba should be taught on the curriculum of all Israel’s schools – how else are Israelis to understand their Palestinian neighbours says an editorial in Haaretz. Shlomo Avineri opposes the idea of the Nakba as the Palestinian founding myth – the event was not a catastrophe and was anyway self-inflicted. Shmuel Amir reviews and take issue.

Liberal zionists clutching at straws

Jonathan Freedland is well-known and admired in the UK left for his sharp commentary on all matters except Israel says Ben White in a sharp critique . Freedland likens the Jews settling in Israel as ‘the right of the drowning man’. The drowning have no ‘rights’, only needs which others may – or may not – be obligated to respond to. Plus some powerful photos from UNWRA archive.

Remembering the Nakba


Zochrot – “Remembering” – is an Israeli organisation, whose activists include Jews and Palestinians. It is dedicated to educating Israeli Jews about their history i.e. the Palestinian dispossession on which the state is founded. Next week it launches an I-Nakba phone app which will allow users to locate any Arab village that was abandoned during the 1948 war on an interactive map, learn about its history (including, in many cases, the Jewish presence that replaced it), and add photos, comments and data.

Ian Black reports for the Guardian

The sacking of Arab Lydda to make Jewish Lod

Lydda was a thriving Arab city in Palestine. In the summer of 1948 it was captured with maximum violence – against significant resistance – by the IDF. The population of c70,000 was either killed or driven out. Some of their houses were smashed, the rest emptied in a rampage of looting by Israelis. The city of Lydda became Lod and the surviving people of Lydda became permanent refugees. Report of article by Avi Shavit.

Speak it aloud: Palestinian return

The very word ‘return’ attached to the word ‘Palestinian’ has been unspeakable and unthinkable – except as a nightmare – amongst all fearful defenders of the Israeli state. For a start, it means that someone once had a home in the place to which they will return. Which in turn means acknowledging the nakba. Yet at a Zochrot conference 2 weeks ago, Palestinians and Israelis discussed it sensibly, without exaggeration or hysteria, and worked out how this most precious of demands by Palestinians could actually be implemented.

How the story of Palestinian free flight was made up

So powerful has been the Israeli story of its own creation and acquisition of Palestinian land that testimony from Palestinians has had little effect. But formal documents in the state archive provided evidence for the ‘new historians’ to convince many Israelis of the untruth of the official story. Since then the archive has been closed – except for one file accidentally left out. This has now been been found to show the pressure young academics felt to ‘prove’ that Palestinians left on the advice of their own leaders, and how aware Ben-Gurion was of the role of Jewish militias in seizing the land.

Israelis ignore Nakba day for fear they will feel guilty

Most Israelis are not as extreme as Im Tirtzu who protest against any commemoration of the nakba. The preferred position is of studied indifference. Anything more means either openly deciding for or against Im Tirtzu’s totalitarian zionism, or openly acknowledging that a great wrong continues to be done, in the name of Israel. Here, one member struggles with the one thing he thinks he knows about Palestinians – their holocaust denial. Perhaps he should know out about the refusal of the Yishuv (Jewish community in Palestine) to make saving European Jews their priority.

Released documents confirm UK abandoned Palestinians to Zionists

Official documents made public this week confirm the accounts of the ‘new historians’ – that British protection was withdrawn from the Palestinians by 1948 allowing militant Zionists – feared to have great influence in the US – to seize Palestinian land and force the Nakba. New fact: British officials were preoccupied with which high-status car they could transport back to London.

Real remembrance, real independence requires empathy, justice, equal rights

As Israel’s Remembrance Day and Independence Day roll past again some reflection is in order. Combatants for Peace and the Forum of Israeli and Palestinian Bereaved Parents organise a joint meeting on the eve of Remembrance Day, Uri Avnery reports. And Tony Karon writes about 65 years of Israeli independence – only it was 60 years when he wrote it, but who’s counting? Karon: “without justice for the Palestinians, Israel is no closer now than it was 60 years ago to being able to live in a genuine peace with its neighbors…”

Nakba denial and its consequence

Zvi Bar’el writes: “The nakba terrifies Israel. We cannot forgive the Arabs for exiling themselves from Palestine, for destroying their own villages, for becoming refugees and for causing the cleansing of the War of Independence. Neither can we forgive them for the fact that many of them remained in Israel, destroying its aspiration to be a pure Jewish state, not only a state for Jews… We may one day have “peaceful coexistence” with the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza. With the Arabs of Israel, it will take much more. We need sincere reconciliation.”

From bustling cosmopolitan port to enclave for wealthy Jews

The port town of Jaffa has one of the oldest and most cosmopolitan histories on the Mediterranean, home to Arab and European Christians, Muslims, Sephardi Jews. In 1948 it was attacked by both the Stern gang and Irgun and most Arabs fled. The Palestinian population is now on the edges, with few amenities and unable to get permits to build new homes. It is popular with Israel’s wealthy elite.