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My Judaic values are not tribal but universal

The one-time hope that Jews would realise their true identity in Israel, and only there, is fading fast. Jewish identities in Israel have taken on harsh nationalistic and intolerant forms, inimical to the thousands of years of multifarious Jewish life-styles. An eloquent Brad Japhe says his identity comes from the universalism of Jewish values; it has nothing to do with Israel.

The resistible rise to power of Israel’s Rabbis

Netanyahu’s Faustian pact with the religious right has fed the ambition of the Ultra-Orthodox. Not content with their authority over marriages the Haredi Rabbis have taken to themselves the power to decide who is really Jewish.

Wrapped up in the Jewish self

In a cutting critique of a new report What’s changed about Being Jewish in Scotland, Robert Cohen argues that UK Jews focus on small incidents of hurt to themselves while ignoring the large harm being done to Palestinians in the name of all who are loyal to the Israeli state.

The anomalous Jews

Antisemitism has become highly politicised says historian Adam Sutcliffe as anger about Israel’s war with Gaza bangs against charges of left-wing antisemitism. All is confusion, starting with Jews – a race, religion or ethnicity? Jewish religion was in part incorporated into Christianity, Jews have been hated pariahs and loved – see Thatcher – by those who want what they see as ‘their’ sophisticated knowledge. It’s easier to hate Muslims, who have been far more often victims of attack than have Jews – it’s not a national crisis. A dense and intricate article from oD which also notes the sad slide of Livingstone into conspiratorial views.

Gilad Atzmon – attention-seeking Jew

A lot of people will give a sigh of irritation at another posting about Israeli Gilad Atzmon. He’s not interesting, he seems intellectually childish, (there is no generic Jew) and he has a fervour for attention. And it’s very sad. In his favour he’s an admired sax player. But his repudiation of [his and others’] Jewishness seems like his problem, not a useful political argument. Real News has a go.

A dissident, rebellious and awkward Jew

Robert Cohen’s commitment to rescue the Hebrew covenant one blogpost at a time remains undimmed.

Here he sets out his stall for 2016 as a digital activist: pursue peace with justice; challenge the deniers; support BDS; occupy Judaism; keep a sense of proportion and a sense of humour

We are all Semites – the T-shirt

oD. Annabelle Sreberny examines these elements of identity: a reinvigorated Israeli anti-Arabism and its contradictions; Jewish antisemitism and the need to historicise socio-cultural categories; and a possible political recuperation of the ‘Semites’.

Enemies everywhere we look

Let’s get back to basics, who is really a Jew and how does she/he know? The title concern of this report from JPPI is finding a scientific test for Jewishness (why?). The substance of its report is the need to unite all Jews into one cohesive body but the ever-faithful US, supplier of true Jews, is becoming restive about Palestine.

I resign from being a Jew

Shlomo Sand, Israeli, intellectual, historian, controversialist, Jewish. Previously, he has disputed the idea of that one can be Jewish if one does not practise Judaism. Here he says he no longer considers himself Jewish because that means being identified with Israel’s racist policies. Psychologically, it seems unlikely that he can excise this aspect of his identity. Politically, it shows an odd ignorance of the life of non-Israeli Jews. Plus Bertell Ollman on the same theme.

Jews wrest their identity back from Israel

montreal demo 2013 insignia

We’ve come a long way from the Holocaust, world war 2 and the founding of Israel. Millions of Jews have been born since then and more of them live outside Israel than inside it. By choice. Many of these value the identity and traditions that have developed over 2,600 years in which, obviously, the state of Israel played no part; report of a debate in Canada on how to create open discussion among Jews about Israel and Zionism.

Huge budget for converting diaspora Jews into ex-pat Israelites

Diaspora Jews, in our familiar European and American homelands, have always been subject to costly efforts to turn us into something else. The latest comes from Israel where anxiety about the shrinking of Israel as THE mark of Jewish identity (above custom and religion) has been growing for several years. Large sums have now been allocated, as the Prime Minister’s Initiative, into reversing this trend. It’s not about saving us, as the ‘diaspora’ but about saving israel as The Homeland.

Confusions of Jewish identity

Netanyahu’s late demand that Palestinians recognise Israel as ‘the Jewish state’ has raised many questions and begged one in particular – what does ‘Jewish’ mean to people who so define themselves? It can define ethnicity, religion, cultural heritage; different groups have different rules on who is Jewish; the distinction between Hebrew as a polite word for the language and people (though not religion) has been lost to the all-encompassing, and thus confusing, term Jewish. The contradictory demands that Israel be accepted as any other nation state, and as the unique ‘state of all the Jews’ apart from all others, entrenches the confusion. Three writers from Haaretz give different views on what the terms mean to them.

American Jews losing the faith

A new survey of American Jews, commissioned by Jewish Forward, has found that non-Orthodox Jews are increasingly marrying out, assimilating and abandoning religious observance. (The same is true of British Jews.) Does this mean the non-religious are no longer Jewish in any meaningful way?

Bill to make preserving Jewish identity the exclusive right and duty of Israel

MK Ariv Levin has tabled an amendment to the Basic Law which would make preserving Jewish identity the exclusive and paramount property of the state of the Land of Israel. This would overrule the requirements of democracy. The presumable intent is to make non-Jews and the followers of the Enlightenment belief in the separation of church and state know that they have no place in the Jewish state. 2 articles plus Notes and links

Hunting identity: a Jewish fixation on genes

Here is a question begged by conflicting research on genetics– why do so many Jews seem so interested in ‘Jewish DNA’? For some, it ‘proves’ a right to claim Israel as a homeland/state/coloniser. For some it ‘proves’ intellectual superiority. For some it proves Belonging which religious belief no longer provides. Although DNA can show that some Jews have a Middle Eastern origin it hardly explains a predilection for science any more than it explains the preponderance of financiers and property managers who head Britain’s Zionist Federation and Jewish Leadership Council. Apart from some fine distinctions of interest to medics and genetic scientists, the surest thing we know is that we all came out of Africa.

Keeping it in the family – but whose family?

A sobering discussion by Adam Horowitz on what it is to be Jewish and who still counts as family, what transgressions are acceptable and what unpardonable.

“Some of My Best Friends Are Zionists”

New York academic and activist Bruce Robbins is making a film about how people have changed their minds: “what they were told about Israel and their Jewish identity as they were growing up, what they went through as they started looking at things differently, what Israel and Jewish identity mean to them now…”

Eli Valley, artist in residence at the Jewish Daily Forward

Ghoulish gazers get to ogle a horrifying Halloween history from the Forward’s Artist in Residence, Eli Valley. Gasp at the graphics and view the visceral video if you dare, dear reader.

Valley’s latest work for Halloween pokes fun at Zionists for never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity… And there is more.

Update on Brandeis


Pressure grows on the Brandeis Hillel Student Board (BHSB) to reconsider their ban on Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). On the latter’s web site it states,” Hillel at Brandeis University provides a rich and vibrant Jewish life on campus“. A thousand students and faculty members have petitioned the BHSB to reconsider but till now unavailingly. The author’s tip to JVP: get yourselves elected to the governing body of BHSB. (There was a previous posting on this theme on 10th March.)

Are the settlers annexing Israel?


Uri Avnery reflects on “two obnoxious racist laws” that the Knesset has finally adopted, both directed against Israels’ Palestinian citizens. But he reserves his most vitriolic for a third bill, that to outlaw the boycott of Israel – which includes “the boycott of Israeli institutions and enterprises in all territories controlled by Israel”. This includes, of course, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.