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Warm embrace of Christians at Al Aqsa protest

Those whose religion in Palestine/Israel advocates love, humility and respect for the holy places of all religions have won revered status in the Al Aqsa conflict. That notion of religion is unifying and security forces find it hard to find a justification for attacking them.

Jerusalem, symbol of division

Jerusalem is unique. It is presented as a symbol of unity, a symbolism that is wholly specious. No other city has a brand that is so adrift from its reality. Acting on its reality could, says Avraham Burg lead to a plan for proportional representation and federalism.

Israel’s love affair with Trump is turning sour


Two articles from the Jewish Chronicle, suggesting that Israel’s honeymoon with Donald Trump is over. Apparently, Israel is worried about Trump’s causal sharing of confidential information with the Russians – information sourced by Israel’s security services. And it is peeved at Trump rowing back on his campaign promise to “transfer the US embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem”.

Trump has no authority to set up embassy in Jerusalem

President Abbas has started a campaign to marshall opposition to moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Trump seems to be unaware that Jerusalem has a special and guarded status as a sacred city for Christians, Muslims and Jews. Treating it as an American province will have widespread repercussions.

Jewish take-over of Jerusalem rebuffed

Jerusalem, ineffably holy to Christians and Muslims, a valuable property to Palestinians and Israelis, who control it against international law. Daoud Kuttab looks at the Israeli map which makes the Old City wholly Jewish despite its assertive Palestinian majority.

What the SPR doesn’t want to know

On behalf of the JfJfP executive Naomi Wayne engages in a lively debate with Prof. Perry, president of the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR). Well it’s not a debate. Wayne enunciates all the reasons why the SPR should not have chosen Jerusalem for its conference. Perry enunciates the society’s aims and values, which don’t include the wrongness of whitewashing the occupation.

Psychotherapy conference must move from Jerusalem

There were protests when the European Association of Behaviour and Cognitive Therapies decided to hold their 2015 conference in Jerusalem. Now the Society for Psychotherapy Research plans to hold its next international in the divided city. The inducements must be good. Over 300 professionals from the field of mental health, organised by JfJfP signatory Andrew Samuels, have publicly condemned the decision.

Herzog’s plan for polls

At last week’s national security conference, Isaac Herzog, joint leader of the Zionist Union, laid out his plan for next steps which Israel could take re Palestinians which would be acceptable to Israeli Jews. That means it offers a little bit more than Likud. Mitchell Plitnick is not impressed.

Terror in Jerusalem

Two reports (Canadian Globe and Mail and BBC) focus on the extreme fear felt by Israelis in Jerusalem and one on the shock felt by new French immigrants that they do not feel the promised security. Whether Palestinians have similar fear we don’t know, though they are far more likely to be killed (latest figures given). And we get a new euphemism from Jeremy Bowen: what is going on in Jerusalem is a sincere effort to ‘unify’ all the people in one city.

Violence in Jerusalem here to stay

Whatever happens, the routines of people in Jerusalem re-assert their way of life. Shops re-open. The light railway resumes service, stone-throwing Palestinian youth continue to throw stones. Only the closure of the Old City to Palestinians is new and alarming. But get used to it says Nir Hassan.

Jerusalem: the sick city

Amjad Iraqi argues that “the only permanent cure to Jerusalem’s sickness lies not just in ending the occupation (the foremost and most urgent step), but in ending the nationalist-religious mantras of ownership of the city in both Israeli and Palestinian social and political thought.”

EU must act after ‘battle for Jerusalem’

The heads of mission of EU countries have sent in their annual report advising that it must act more firmly to stop the causes of the violence seen in Jerusalem last autumn. Heavy-handed policing and continued settlement building are cited. The diplomats say there will be no 2-state solution if the polarisation gets more severe.

City of permanent conflict

The great rememberer, Uri Avnery, looks back on the history of Jerusalem, supposedly the holiest of cities and treated with universal reverence; in practice, rarely at peace or a sanctuary.

Surge in random attacks on Palestinians

Teenage girls with pepper-sprays, boys shouting that all Arabs must go, men with knives: all actions of Israeli citizens, not just in response to the synagogue killings but going back to last summer when the Jewish push to control all Jerusalem, and Palestinian resistance, began in earnest.

The Jerusalem syndrome

Larry Derfner writes about the movement to rebuild the Jewish Temple on the site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque: “The Temple Mount movement is and always has been a movement not for religious equality, but for Jewish religious domination and contempt for Muslims and Islam.”

And reflecting on fundamentalist conflicts in Jerusalem in the last few days, Avram Burg, former head of the Jewish Agency and no stranger to controversy in recent years, reflects on what he calls the Jerusalem syndrome, the way in which “Its victims are suddenly possessed by a deep spiritual conviction that they have divine or messianic powers”. It has, he fears, become a mainstream Israeli party…

Status of Jerusalem as ‘not Israel’ upheld by US appeals court

The status of Jerusalem as a demilitarized city under the aegis of the United Nations Trusteeship Council was an integral element of the UN’s 1947 partition. The IDF gained control of western Jerusalem in the ensuing war, and seized control of East Jerusalem in 1967. Neither act changed the international status of Jerusalem. Now a federal court has upheld the right of the President to affirm the neutrality of Jerusalem. This means Americans born in Jerusalem can no longer go on declaring themselves to be Israeli-born.

‘In Jerusalem’s DNA to be under sole Jewish rule’

The mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, said this week that Palestinians should rename Ramallah ‘northern Jerusalem’ and leave actual Jerusalem to sole Jewish rule. Two fifths of the population of Jerusalem are Palestinians.

Bending the laws to keep Arabs out of Jerusalem

The official – if barely legal – policy of the mayor of Jerusalem is simple and brutal: keep the ratio of Jews to Arabs at 70 to 30. Ben White describes the measures taken to ensure this result. An extract from Israel’s founding declaration, on equality for all, is included at the end.

Jerusalemites, caught between the rock of Israeli rule and the PA’s hard place

There is no doubting the increase in applications for Israeli citizenship by Arabs living in Jerusalem. The question is why. Here Yehudit Oppenheimer (1st) of Ir Amim argues that it is a survival strategy while Khaled Abu Toameh, 2nd, suggests Israeli citizenship confers more rights than the impotent PA is able to provide.

Target Al Aqsa: settler incursions into Muslim shrine

There has been a mosque on Temple Mount since the eighth century. It is the third holiest centre in Islam, as well as having religious significance for Jews and Christians. For the last month it has been under attack by Jewish zealots who claim the right to pray and practise Jewish rituals there – endorsed last week by a Jerusalem magistrate. Calls are growing for an Arab summit to protect the Muslim site.