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Comments in 2012 and 2011



This government can’t be serious

Former defence minister Moshe Ya’alon has launched another attack on the PM, calling on him to resign as a threat to democracy. He also attacked other ministers for their rhetoric of decisive security actions but doing nothing.

Ruvi sounds alarm about Bibi’s populism

Reuven ‘Ruvi’ Rivlin was known as a right-wing member of Likud. But stepping up to the position of president (to the Netanyahus’ dismay) he has taken on the mantle of guardian of Israel’s democracy. As he sees the PM, trying to evade corruption charges, as the principal threat to that democracy the distrust between the 2 men has passed the point of no return. LA Times and Haaretz.

This regime cannot survive, half slave, half free

The subjugation of Palestinians is the fatal flaw in Israeli society. It distorts everything – especially democracy – about which the mad messianic religious right doesn’t care a fig. Adam Keller on what 49 years of occupation has done to Palestine and Israel.

Stamping out the last sane voices

In the third world it is usually NGOs, more fleet of foot and less vulnerable to corruption than political parties, which pose the greatest threat to governments. In the developed world they are more often a vital element of a multi-voiced democracy. These comments on Israel’s ‘transparency bill’ all suggest Israel is in the former category.

Israeli Right targets left-wing NGOs

A new bill compelling Israelis to wear badges if they represent an NGO and Israeli NGOs to make public any funding from foreign public sources has passed most stages on the way to becoming law. It was devised by the Israeli cabinet as a means of demonstrating that concern about Palestinians and human rights are foreign infiltrations. The right-wing is richly funded by private foreign bodies and individuals. Fear that Israeli democracy will be severely wounded spreads across much of the political spectrum.

Treason of the intellectuals

Prof. Zeev Sternhell, an authority of the rise of fascism in France, defines fascism as a rejection of, an assault on, enlightenment values. In the regime’s treatment of the Palestinians and of Jewish dissidents, in the submission of intellectuals to government orders and the blind following of the masses, Prof. Sternhell sees signs of fascism, and certainly the end of Zionism as he understood it.

The Israeli paradox: a ‘democracy’ dominated by Jews

The Israeli Democracy Institute has released its most recent findings. The Israeli paradox is that a large majority of Jews believe Israel can be 1) democratic, 2) organised to ensure Jews are dominant and privileged. (Palestinian Israelis disagree.) How to explain this glaring contradiction? The authors don’t question the finding, letting facts speak. Richard Silverstein speaks of the racism but even in S.Africa the upholders of apartheid did not delude themselves that their state was or should be democratic.

Governance bill can’t fix system as it ignores democratic values

‘The only democracy in the middle east’ Israeli leaders have long boasted. This is code for ‘we’re superior to those wretched Arabs’ and ‘you Israelis should be grateful for our bestowal of goodness on you’. At best, Israel has had a minimal democracy writes Yossi Mekelberg. The new governance bill, which has passed its 1st reading, is decried by Arab/Meretz MKs as “a terrible sense of tyranny”, “brutal, dictatorial, hypocritical”.

A democracy that never was

In the second of three postings on democracy in Israel Tsafi Saar starts with the latest ‘threat’ to democracy – but then asks was there ever a democracy in Israel to be threatened? There has been a closed room of ‘democracy’ for Jews only. But since its foundation Israel has governed the non-Jewish population – the Palestinians – with an iron fist, an abomination which is hidden by a set of self-flattering myths – or lies.

Adelson’s wealth used to destroy Israel’s independent newspapers

Richard Silverstein sees the hands of billionaire Sheldon Adelson and ‘the permanent far-right majority which is designed to turn Israel into a state that chooses nationalism and religious identity over democracy’ in the demise of Maariv newspaper and the relentless pressure on left-wing academics at Ben-Gurion university. +972 is an invaluable independent voice from which we take many posts. Their appeal is 2nd.

Fear of facing truth about Israel’s lawless and racist beginning

The NY Times has put on its widow’s weeds to mourn the passing of Israeli democracy (from ’embattled’ to ‘failing’ in the last fortnight alone). It blames PM Netanyahu and Likud party (3rd) Avraham Burg tweaks this myth with a nod towards the Palestinians and the US/Israel military alliance (2nd). +972 has led the attack on the myths which ignore Israel’s military, lawless control over the Palestinians from its foundation.

One state is in place – the issue is to change power relations

Ilan Pappe, renowned historian and author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, is interviewed about his current views on Palestine while on a speaking tour of Canada (1). There is already one state – the issue is to stop the oppression of one part of the people living in it he says. Made a pariah in his home country, he now lives in the UK, based at the University of Exeter (2).

Ambassador offers shaky facts and shoddy sources to show Israel as ‘a tiny America’

Noam Sheizaf analyses a Foreign Policy article by Israel’s US Ambassador “which intends to portray Israel as a tiny America, a bastion of civil rights in a hostile and strange environment”. It’s a sort of stump speech which Michael Oren, a former academic, uses to delight elite audiences across the USA.

Beinart writes requiem of liberal Zionism

Richard Silverstein takes issue with Peter Beinart’s Op-Ed (posting below) in more ways than he can count but at heart it is Beinart’s inability to call oppression and occupation by the right names and his misnaming of BDS and right of return as moves to destroy Israel rather than empower Palestinians.

Why American Jews should rename West Bank as ‘non-democratic Israel’

Orthodox Jew Peter Beinart thinks the only hope for Israeli democracy is for American Jews to make a rigorous distinction between Israel, with its flawed but real democracy, and the areas it has colonised and settled – and to boycott all products from the second, ‘non-democratic Israel’. For a critique of this article, see posting above.

Israel’s ambassadors can’t defend their country in Europe and USA

Barak Ravid hears unhappy mutterings from Israel’s ambassadors; they can’t answer the questions about reports of right-wing and religious attacks on the country’s democracy – though they congratulate themselves on stopping the flotilla and UN recognition for Palestine

Israel’s crisis of democracy: leading figures join to call for end to its destruction

Alarm that an array of new laws will destroy key aspects of Israeli democracy has prompted: a protest letter by 70 leading figures including Amos Oz and former military oficials; spoken concern from Hillary Clinton; an angry Op-ed by the president of ACRI and a critical speech by the President of the Supreme Court. All from Ynet.

Israel’s Assault on Human Rights


Neve Gordon comments on recent developments in Israel: “A spate of anti-democratic bills, now in the process of being ratified in the Israeli Knesset, render it a crime to support any ideology that poses alternatives to conservative interpretations of Zionism, such as support for the notion that Israel should be a democracy for all its citizens…”

Israel’s drift ever rightwards – a guide to the laws discriminating against Palestinian citizens


Since the elections in February 2009, which brought one of the most right-wing government coalitions in the history of Israel to power, a flood of discriminatory legislation has been introduced in the Knesset… This short paper provides a list of 20 main new laws and currently-tabled bills that discriminate against the Palestinian minority in Israel and threaten their rights as citizens of the state, and in some cases harm the rights of Palestinian residents of the OPT.

“All-Out War: Israel Against Democracy”


The Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP) has just published a comprehensive new report: “All-Out War: Israel Against Democracy.” This documents the increasing political persecution of peace and human rights organizations and activists, and describes the connections between the assaults led by Israeli government officials, security forces, courts, journalists, and extreme-right organizations in this well-orchestrated offensive on democracy.