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European Jews call for solidarity against Muslim-hatred

At the end of January a young Canadian who had been nurtured on right-wing anti-Muslim propaganda killed six Muslims in Quebec. European Jews for a Just Peace issues a statement deploring the lack of media attention for this hate crime and calls for solidarity in opposing the culture that produced them. Plus Canada’s threatened heritage of multi-culturalism.

It is antisemitic to say ‘Palestine’

The proper ‘white’ way to refer to these darker-skinned people is ‘terrorists’ or ‘antisemites’. Where Israel and Palestine are seen as antithetical it is not possible to talk with interest or sympathy about Palestinians without risking a charge of antisemitism. But those who make the charge don’t themselves believe it. Anti-Muslim prejudice is evidentially a much more widespread phenomenon.

Far-Right are greatest fans of Israel

Glenn Greenwald’s article, the Intercept, first published last November (before the Austrian election), remarks on a phenomenon we have noted but needs further examination. That is, the far-right has thrown off its characteristic antisemitism and replaced it with an anti-Islam platform. Israel is seen as the bulwark against Islam and is, ironically, lauded by far-right groups. Israel welcomes these new fans.

Muslim-haters get top jobs

The beliefs about Islam expressed by some of those the president-elect wants in his government should be risible . Except that these men are serious in their prejudice. Richard Silverstein thinks so much hatred in the cabinet will cause it to implode – but not before serious damage is done to MidEast policy.

When all Muslims are seen as terrorists

Donald Trump’s tub-thumping campaign depends on defining Mexicans as criminals and Muslims/Arabs as terrorists. As in Brexit Britain and in Tea Party America, as in Israel, ISIL is seen as the epitome of Islam itself.

Islam hatred in the USA

This article from Foreign Policy on the American hatred/fear of all things Islamic tells us about a deep form of hatred against Arabs. While it is no longer acceptable for the white people’s hegemon to display such a phobia of African-Americans it is commonplace for fear and dislike of Arabs and Islam to be displayed.

Muslim-blasting Trumpet asked to stay away from Israel

The loud-mouthed republican billionaire, Donald Trump, got opprobrium from all political leaders for his demand that all Muslims should be denied entry to the US – but popular support from American citizens. He has had to cancel a planned visit to Israel, probably at Israel’s request. Netanyahu is too canny to want to be seen welcoming a shameless anti-Muslim bigot. The UK doesn’t want him either – the petition against his coming to the UK is ‘the most popular ever’.

Islam and the West, a relation of mutual anger

oD. Sami Zubaida contrasts the alienated, frustrated enemy status of many young Muslims in the West with their collective memory of a glorious Islamic past. The Israel/Palestine conflict, he says, converts anachronistic antisemitic tropes into a fitting idea.

Islamophobia passes unremarked

This is a response to Michael Walzer’s essay in Dissent by the Lebanese-American scholar As’ad AbuKhalil. In all the contributions to this debate there seems more heat than light, more fear and anger than curiosity about the other. But if they encourage thought about the replacement of secular politics by religion or by how religion or religious conflicts have shaped our civilisations, all to the good.

European far-right seen as safer for Israel

Victories for the far-right in the EU elections, despite their antisemitic record, have caused little concern in Israel writes Ben Caspit. It might boost immigration to Israel – and the far-right shares Israeli hostility to all things Muslim, including/despite the Islamic antisemitic strain.

Anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish racisms have become a global common sense

The idea that global events can be explained by prejudice against Jews or Muslims is alarming. Antisemitism is an accepted term, Islamophobia isn’t (that too can seem ‘common sense’). But how far these prejudices are alive in Britain is disputed. Participants in a conference on anti-Muslim/ anti-Jewish racisms raise the issues. One is the extent to which ‘western values’ of democracy, individual choice and rights can be used authentically to defend Muslim customs.

Science, faith and new world orders

Here are three articles, linked by chance – date of publication – and some common themes – Jews, Israel, Muslims, Islamophobia, science. On Jewish-Muslim differences Richard Dawkins says ‘Race does not come into it. It is pure religion and culture.’ Noah Efron attributes Jewish success in science to an immigrant desire ‘to transcend the old world orders’. The Economist reports on the EDL which hates Muslims and loves Israel as the old world order’s bastion against Islam – and suggests Islamophobia is now respectable.

Violent attacks increase as fear and loathing of Muslims cross USA

Although not strictly to do with JfJfP, and perhaps saying most about fantasy politics and violence in the US, this chilling report of murderous attacks on random Muslim-looking (West Asian) people suggests how US policies may be affected by popular moods. A senator is cheered for claiming Muslims in the US are trying to kill Americans every day.

Fake Jewish identity of Christian maker of Islamophobic film

The maker of a deliberately insulting film about Prophet Mohammed has been revealed as an Egyptian Coptic Christian living in the USA. He claimed to be an Israeli Jew with 100 Jewish backers. The backers have been revealed to be fundamentalist American Christians. Even the cast and crew of the 14 minute video were deceived. Islamists from Gaza, Jerusalem and refugee camps have joined the region-wide demonstrations UPDATE Coptic Christians denounce film but fear Pres. Morsi may not protect them.

She who pays millions to entrench Islamophobia and support for Israel

Nina Rosenwald, an heir to the Sears Roebuck fortune, has funnelled millions of dollars into groups that promote what neo-cons regard as Israel’s interests – and more millions into groups which spread the belief that American Jews and the USA itself are under threat from Muslims. Max Blumenthal reports.

The several roots of Islamophobia

The term Islamophobia has been used since the 1920s, but only became widespread after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Since then of course there have been many books about it asking what is new about it, why, and is it a form of racism. Here, Alex Kane of Mondoweiss interviews Deepa Kumar about her forthcoming book, ‘Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire’, in which she adds Zionism as a new ingredient.

Toxic marriage between European and Israeli (and Jewish) far right

The growing phenomenon of Islamophobes cozying up to Jews in Western Europe has long been noted with disquiet. Now Rachel Shabi reports that Israel’s right wing is welcoming some of Europe’s most racist bigots. 2, the English Defence League welcomes the new head of its Jewish section. Islamophobia is not the only common cause – add nation, family, security.

Ambassador Prosor out to lunch with with far-right Le Pen

Every senior diplomat in NY refused Le Pen’s invitation to lunch except Israel’s Ron Prosor 1). Perhaps he was beguiled by her anti-Muslim rhetoric which, according to a new report by Demos 2), is now galvanising Europe’s young men as antisemitism did in the 1930s’ crisis of capitalist states.

The funds, links and groups that spread Islamophobia

New research by the Center for American Progress documents the people investing in Islamophobia (1st); 2nd, a post-Oslo report from Jadaliyya showing ‘that Islam has now taken the place of Judaism in the paranoid weltanschauung of some of the far right is a result of a transformed global situation’.

Modernity and the destruction of the imagined home of white male supremacy

Mark LeVine, the ’42nd most dangerous academic in America’ and author of ‘Impossible Peace: Israel/Palestine Since 1989’, looks at a paradox of modernity which links all opponents of their politically correct states with their declared enemies