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That’s Chutzpah: Attack First, Kill First and Claim Self-Defence

James Marc Leas introduces some facts into Israel’s claim that it is always the victim of Hamas attacks and so has no case to answer for war crimes. This analysis refutes the claims of Netanyahu and the HLMG (posting below). And what of the mighty rocket-downing iron dome system?

Pressure rises for outside investigation of Israeli war crimes

The UN Human Right Commission, Yesh Din, B’Tselem, Amnesty, Human rights Watch are some of the organisations pressing for a proper investigation into the IDF’s lethal assault on Gaza, and judging them against Israel’s own laws as well as international laws. Jonathan Cook adds a new point: the effectiveness of Iron Dome makes indiscriminate attacks on Gaza indefensible.

Despite salvoes from his right, Bibi baulks at ground invasion

Clamour for a ground invasion of Gaza from Israel’s right wing is growing – though neither IDF nor Netanyahu are keen writes J.J. Goldberg. The aim – to stop the rockets, although as between 1600 and 1750 launch sites have purportedly been destroyed since the offensive begun it’s amazing that rockets continue to fly (all to be shot down by Iron Dome of course.)

Iron dome is a “sound and light show”

When asked about the gulf between Palestinian and Israeli deaths – currently 176:0 – in a supposedly equal conflict, Israeli spokespersons say ‘this is because of Iron Dome’. Without their infallible and innovative system (buy it now) the casualties would be the same. Dr. Moti Shefer, Israeli Defence Prize winner, says Iron Dome is a sham. Far fewer rockets from Gaza are being fired than Israeli propaganda would have us believe.

Claims for supremacy of Iron Dome ‘illusory’

The Iron Dome interceptor system, developed by Rafael together with Israel’s Ministry of Defence, has had the best PR any innovation in warfare could have had. It’s proof of Israel’s claimed unique talent for innovation. Its advocates claim it is so effective that it has changed the game, especially in relation to Iran. Now three different weapons experts have all reached the same conclusion: the heavily susbsidised system is nothing like as effective as it’s cracked up to be. Will American tax-payers want their money back?

Ehud Barak scurries to be first at Hagel’s door

Forget the Republican noise about the appointment of Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary (on the grounds he doesn’t love Israel enough). The Israelis are more hard-headed and hardly had Hagel got his bum on the chair than Defence Minister Ehud Barak was at his door with repeat declarations of undying love and joint military interests. ‘Special relationship’ is US-speak for ‘your land is our missile base’, qv the UK.

Insatiable demand for more missiles and more US money

Because of the post below on US budget cuts we are also posting two articles from last year, after the budget had been decided, on how much extra money, on top of the annual $3 billion, is donated by the US to the Israeli military-industrial complex.

Israel’s message to Iran: Gaza can’t hurt us, nor can you

Different reasons have been given for the Israeli attack on Gaza on March 9th, which left 23 Palestinians dead but no Israelis from the return rocket barrage. Here Neve Gordon suggests the most likely is that the Israeli government used it to send a message to Iran: we can attack you with impunity as any return assault from you will wither in the air.

Rulers take refuge under dome

The second headline here – ‘200 rockets hit Israel’ – is misleading; it should be ‘200 rockets reach Israeli airspace’, where they were quickly detonated by Iron Dome (see post below). Meanwhile, the Dome provides the Haaretz editorial team with a good metaphor for the position of the Israeli government – sheltering behind its mega-expensive military system rather than engaging with political reality.

20 Palestinians killed to test Israel’s new defence system

So far 20 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli airstrikes, supposedly in response to rocket attacks,which were a response to the killing of 2 leading militants. In fact, says Ynet, the strikes were a deliberate provocation so that Israel could test its Iron Dome defence system. Plus a report on Iron Dome – which makes Israel immune to Gazan rockets – from AFP and marketing blurb from the Israeli manufacturer, Rafael.

Israel sealed in against all outsiders

Laws that were originally (1954) intended as an emergency measure to prevent Palestinians returning have been made permanent to keep out North Africans – and anyone else who might spoil Israeli ‘purity’. The other side of locking Palestinians and Africans out, or up in the world’s largest detention centre, is that Israelis are immuring themselves in the cleansed space inside massive walls and barricades.