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BSST is the leading charity focusing on small-scale grass roots cross community, anti poverty and humanitarian projects in Israel/Palestine

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Unpunishable killings

This is a Visualising Palestine graphic which identifies how the (still living) Palestinians in Gaza have been unable to get any redress through Israel’s military court system, despite the massive damage done to them – over 2100 killed – and their environment by the IDF.

Israel and War Crimes


The Israeli investigation into liability for breaking the laws of war during Operation Protective Edge, the war on Gaza in August 2014, is over. The Israeli military has exonerated itself. There are no indictments (though three Israeli soldiers have been found guilty of looting…).

Cue the likelihood of an International Criminal Court (ICC) delegation to Israel and the occupied territories. Israel has (had to) agree in principle…

Settlers act with impunity

Waiting for Gideon - Yesh Din

How do you think the Israeli police handled a serious case of assault when, two years ago, Ahmed Uda and Fouad Skhadeh were attacked by Israeli civilians while tending their field in the West Bank? Frankly, they didn’t care a damn. As usual.

Yossi Gurvitz of Yesh Din explains.

Sergeant Elor Azaria


Israel is divided – and the army being blown apart says Uri Avnery – by the Azaria affair. Sergeant Azaria, remember, shot and killed a wounded, incapacitated Palestinian at point blank range. For the army command killing a wounded enemy is against orders. For a large part of the population, especially the religious and the right, Azaria is a hero. Lieberman and Netanyahu are supporting him – against the army command…

Parliamentary debate on the illegal military detention, transfer and treatment of Palestinian children by Israel

Sarah Champion MP calls on the UK government to establish a watch list of those involved in the illegal military detention, transfer and treatment of Palestinian children by Israel, and to make a commitment to arrest and prosecute them should they enter the UK.

B’Tselem on the brutal murder of Hadil al-Hashlamun in Hebron

We reported a few days ago about the brutal shooting at Checkpoint 18 in Hebron in Lest we forget the price of occupation.

B’tselem has investigated the incident and in measured, cautious language says that “the soldiers at the checkpoint acted disproportionately. They did not try to subdue al-Hashlamun and take her into custody without resorting to live fire. The claim that al-Hashlamun tried to stab soldiers, repeated by the media, cannot be reconciled with the fact that there was a metal barrier between her and the soldiers at the time of the shooting. Furthermore, the soldier who opened fire continued shooting after she had been hit in the legs and no longer posed a danger.”

We call it murder.

Lest we forget the price of occupation

An International Solidarity Movement report from Shuhada Street checkpoint 56 in Hebron.

Short and anguished. Cold-blooded murder. Impunity in action. We wait to see someone held to account, but not with bated breath…

Update: supplemented by a report by Philip Weiss, with video evidence

IDF killed nine, looted $millions. One soldier punished.

The assault on the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish ship carrying passengers and aid to Gaza, in which the IDF killed nine people and got off scot-free remains an infamous incident, combining illegal and needless violence with total impunity for the aggressors. While on board the IDF looted possessions worth $millions. For which one soldier has been selected to take the punishment– 200 days in prison. Richard SIlverstein’s concluding remarks apply to many of our posts, such as the one below this.

Collective punishment in Awarta following the Itamar murders


A report by Noam Sheizaf into the aftermath of the killing of 5 members of the Fogel family in the Itamar settlement says that thousands of members of the IDF and Shin Beit have occupied the nearby village of Awarta, arrested and interrogated hundreds (including women), taken the DNA of all men aged 15-40, and searched and damaged many homes.

The Goldstone gefuffle – an easy guide


Over the past week we have published a selection of the many articles that have appeared since Richard Goldstone published his Washington Post op-ed on 1st April – twenty-one at the last count! There were colelcted together in two postings, “The Goldstone conundrum” and “Why did Goldstone do it?” , a division in practice with much overlap.

What follows is an attempt to give a brief, consolidated guide to the main issues raised in the various pieces and to provide direct links to them here.

8 April: links to articles by Ilan Pappe, Gideon Levy and MJ Rosenberg added to earlier postings;
10 April: links added to Uri Avnery, an EMHRN-Fide human-rights statement, Roger Cohen’s NY Times op-ed and a link to a Jewish Chronicle editorial.

Amnesty International:Israeli campaign to avoid accountability for Gaza war crimes must be rejected


Recent Israeli government calls for the UN to retract the 2009 report of its Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict are a cynical attempt to avoid accountability for war crimes and deny both Palestinian and Israeli victims of the 2008-2009 conflict the justice and reparations they deserve, Amnesty International said yesterday…

Settler impunity


Yesh Din – Volunteers for Human Rights, an Israeli NGO that monitors the investigation of offences against Palestinians, finds that very few ever reach the stage of an indictment. Failure to proceed is particularly high in the case of investigations into offenses of violence against Palestinians and damage to their property…

Amnesty International condemns the Turkel Commission report


In a hard-hitting statement, Amnesty International has condemned the findings of an Israeli inquiry into last year’s raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla as a “whitewash” which failed to account for the deaths of nine Turkish nationals. The Turkel Commission concluded that, of the 133 incidents of force used by the IDF during the raid on the Mavi Marmara that it examined, 127 were in conformity with international law, while it had “insufficient information” to make a determination on the other six… The report of the International Fact-Finding Mission – the Goldstone Report – came to diametrically opposite conclusions on every issue of substance and it has not been answered in any way.

Life under occupation – 17


A UN press release chronicles the onslaughts on Palestinians since 1st January. These events, said Richard Falk, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights on Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, “demonstrate a general and unacceptable Israeli disposition to use excessive force against Palestinians, who are already suffering from prolonged occupation”.

Breaking the Silence – new book published


Breaking the Silence has released a new publication, “Occupation of the Territories – Israeli Soldier Testimonies 2000-2010”, as part of the organization’s wider goal of increasing access to information on the daily reality in the Occupied Territories. The 431-page volume is made up of testimonies from 101 male and female soldiers who served in the Territories over the past decade. Joseph Dana of +972 provides a brief commentary on the publication and its significance.

URGENT APPEAL. More children collecting building gravel have been shot and wounded in Gaza. Please lodge a protest.


It makes you want to weep and gnash your teeth… Defence of Children International, Palestine section, reports on two further shootings of children in the Gaza strip, as they attempt to collect building gravel well inside the border with Israel. These are the latest of sixteen cases documented by DCI this year. It urges people to protest to their MPS, our government and to the Israeli embassy.
And the case of a seven-year old in Silwan grabbed and beaten by two soldiers on suspicion of throwing stones… And an Open Letter from 60 Israeli professionals to the government, protesting at the treatment of the accused in more than 1,200 criminal cases against minors suspected of involvement in stone-throwing incidents in East Jerusalem opened this year!

Unflinching report to the UN General Assembly


In his final address to the UN General Assembly, Richard Falk, Special Rapporteur on the Situation of human rights in the Palestinian Territories occupied since 1967 said it was important that “urgent and tangible attention be devoted by this body to the ongoing ordeal of the Palestinian people whose fundamental rights are being daily violated in numerous and ways. This intolerable, immoral and unlawful occupation must be brought to an end, and there is no present prospect that traditional diplomacy will achieve this goal. The United Nations will be judged now and in the future by whether it contributes, at long last, to the long-deferred realization of the Palestinian right of self-determination, and thereby brings a just peace to both peoples.”

The inquiry into Rachel Corrie’s death – latest


Having been obstructed by the Israelis’ opaque investigation and largely betrayed by their own government, the Corries have been forced to take matters into their own hands. And so they have filed suit against the Israeli government for criminal negligence. Max Blumenthal reports on the hearings in Haifa’s District Court; Time magazine also carries a sympathetic report by Karl Vick.

Because they’re Palestinian…


Two ordinary stories that bring home the bitter realities of occupation: 1. The Palestinian Minister of Prisoners, Issa Qaraqe, was refused entry to Israel on Tuesday and was stripped of his VIP card allowing him to pass unhindered through checkpoints, in direct contravention of the Oslo accords. Why? Because the soldiers can do it and no one in authority cares. And 2. Hamed and Ahad Jeredath are from the village of Sa’ir near Hebron. Israeli soldiers entered their home and arrested them, tied their hands behind their backs with plastic handcuffs and blindfolded them. They then beat them and tortured them. Why? Because the soldiers can do so with impunity, and because there is “a desire to improve the statistical results in a new [computer] program”….

Russell tribunal reports on EU complicity in Israel’s continued occupation


Last week the Russell Tribunal on Palestine ruled in Barcelona, Spain on six questions concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Tribunal’s judgements are not judicially binding but are meant to examine the complicity of the European Union in perpetuating what the Tribunal called Israel’s “policy of war, occupation, and colonization for 60 years.” The jurists were assembled from around the globe and issued their conclusions on Wednesday, March 3rd. Among the conclusions, the jury stipulated that Israel practices a form of apartheid. The Real News’s Lia Tarachansky attended the Barcelona session and spoke to jurists and participants […]