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Just another week in Palestine

The PCHR enjoys a good reputation amongst most media agencies; the centre’s reports of those killed and wounded during Operation Protective Edge were relied on for their accuracy. Here are their last two reports showing the daily infractions of human rights by all branches of the Israeli state.

The need for a human-rights approach

Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City

Edith Garwood is Country Coordinator/Specialist for Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territories for Amnesty International. She urges that a human rights framework should put at the centre of any talks – something that has not been the case since Oslo two decades ago.

IDF rewrites the laws of war


Michael Sfard shows how the IDF has redefined the laws of war, challenging any differentiation between military targets (which are legitimate) and civilian targets (which aren’t) and undermining the principle of proportionality, which forbids attacking even a legitimate target if the anticipated harm to civilians is excessive in comparison to the military benefit from the target’s destruction has gone. The IDF interprets the laws of war in a way that is “shockingly different” from the general consensus worldwide.

Lawyers ask Hague to intervene in Operation Brother’s Keeper

Governments which have been happy to intervene in Libya and Iraq have left it to human rights organisations to speak out about the aims and effects of Operation Brother’s Keeper and the toll taken on Palestinians: three deaths, uncounted homes searched, over 280 arrests, harsher conditions imposed on prisoners, all free movement stopped in much of the West Bank. Only a fit, secretive, group of people could have kidnapped the Israeli boys. The IDF operation seems to have less and less to do with finding them.

Systemic breaches of human rights are not anti-Israel myth

There is nothing in this post which regular readers of this website have not read before in the many authoritative reports on the detention of children from the oPt. The point is who has said it now – a senior British solicitor just back from the West Bank and who has published it – the Jewish Chronicle which is responding to the growing disquiet among even conservative British Jews about the illegal practices inherent in Israel’s occupation.

Call it what you like, Israeli rule over Palestinians always breaches their human rights.

The Israeli state – and its vanguard, the settlers – use many methods to displace Palestinians because they don’t want them where they are, because they do want their land. Adalah workers describe the methods used to get land into – and Palestinians out of – Israel in transgression of their human rights (and the spirit of Succot this week).

Palestinians look to EU for action on human rights

Palestinian efforts to get the EU (parliament and Commission) to take up issues of Palestinian human rights have increased and become more focussed in the last year. With several organisations now representing these interests, including the UFree network (based in Oslo) and the CEPR (Council for European Palestinian Relations), Palestinians hope that the EU’s reiterated commitment to unversal human rights will lead to more action to enforce those rights in their dealings with Israel.

No Palestinians have their full civil rights respected

Every year a bureau of the US State department issues human rights reports on all countries receiving US assistance and all United Nations member states. The muted but careful language of the reports on Israel and the oPt makes their judgment of the poor respect for and enforcement of Palestinians’ rights the more shocking. The PA scores better than the Israeli occupation forces or Hamas.

Hamas disputes report on its abuse of human rights

Criticisms of the Hamas government for its lack of respect for human rights have dogged its five-year rule in Gaza. While, like its neighbour governments in the West Bank and Israel, it is accused of acts of torture and arbitrary arrest, it is the lack of due process, of a criminal justice system, which draws the most opprobrium. The Hamas defence — it is acting under siege — does not convince Human Rights Watch.

Why should Jews and Israel NOT be held to the same standards as other people and states?

Cultural boycott causes unease, boycotting ”Jewish” products causes dismay. But as Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi argues here, the conflation of Jews and Israel as though these two entities are one and the same thing is an evident factual error while acting as though either Jews or Israel are subject to different ethical criteria from everyone else risks a “twisted, reverse antisemitism”.

Proposed EU-Israel trade deal puts EU credibility on human rights at stake

A proposed agreement between Israel and the EU on easing trade regulations (ACAA) in relation to pharmaceuticals is coming to the European Parliament next week .JfJfP is asking EU citizens to write to their MEPs urging them to oppose the agreement (see Action Alert in side bar) Here we provide briefings on this ACAA by Euromed Human Rights Network and an account of its history by the Dutch Palestine Committee.

Palmer report wrong to condone Gaza blockade says UNCHR

UN experts say Palmer report is blind to how ‘Israel’s siege of Gaza is extracting a human price that disproportionately harms Palestinian civilians.’ Concerned to mediate between the states of Turkey and Israel, it ignored the violation of human rights enforced by Israel’s blockade of Gaza. 2nd, 19 NGOs ask foreign ministers to make clear that Palmer does NOT say closure of Gaza is legal

US Senator wants aid stripped from IDF units in West Bank, Gaza

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy proposes bill to take US subsidy from elite IDF units which, he alleges, commit acts that violate human rights in the Gaza strip and occupied territories

All voices raised against boycott law

From a modest little leader in the JC criticising Israel’s new boycott act to tirades and cutting analysis from Israeli papers and human rights groups, all but the most short-sighted in and outside Israel condemn this bill as anti-democratic and an underhand way of protecting the illegal settlements

Big issues in Jewish politics

JfJfP Logo

Sponsored by JfJfP, Professor Yakov Rabkin speaks in London, Cambridge, Coventry, Liverpool and Brighton on Zionism, anti-semitism, the Arab spring amongst other conflicts

The denial of Palestinian human rights under occupation


Sarah Leah Whitson of Human Rights Watch brings the occupation down to its reality as a massive infringement of human rights and theft of Palestinian property: “in the areas of the Occupied Palestinian Territories where Israel has moved almost half a million Jewish “settlers,” not only do Israeli laws and policies strictly segregate Jews from Palestinians, they deliberately deprive Palestinians of the most basic needs, in many cases forcing them out of their communities.”

Rabbi Asherman of Rabbis for Human Rights under attack in israel


The Israeli settler far-right, as part of its campaign of vitriol and intimidation is stalking Rabbi Arik Ascherman, founder of Rabbis for Human Rights. Richard Silverstein reports on Tikun Olam and JfJfP sends message of support.

Life under occupation – 17


A UN press release chronicles the onslaughts on Palestinians since 1st January. These events, said Richard Falk, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights on Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, “demonstrate a general and unacceptable Israeli disposition to use excessive force against Palestinians, who are already suffering from prolonged occupation”.

Israel’s Assault on Human Rights


Neve Gordon comments on recent developments in Israel: “A spate of anti-democratic bills, now in the process of being ratified in the Israeli Knesset, render it a crime to support any ideology that poses alternatives to conservative interpretations of Zionism, such as support for the notion that Israel should be a democracy for all its citizens…”

Operation Cast Lead – Goldstone follow-up: report to UN Human Rights Council finds investigations to date inadequate


A Panel of Independent Experts established by the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council to monitor and assess domestic investigation by both parties during Operation Cast Lead has concluded that these investigations “remain incomplete in some cases or fall significantly short of meeting international standards in others.” These events cry out for further investigation. According to the International Commission of Jurists: “The Human Rights Council must therefore assess these domestic proceedings and report accordingly to the UN General Assembly and Security Council.” Plus a statement by Amnesty International…