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Bibi fights corruption charges with alarms about Hamas, Hezbollah

Israel’s prime minister has just discovered that the country is facing new and terrible threats from Hamas and Hezbollah. What’s his evidence? Intuition, confidence in Pres. Trump’s backing and his sense that now is the time to play the security card which has served him so well before. Uri Savir looks at the players on the board.

Israel’s defence policy stuck in outdated groove

From a platform at the national security conference far-right minister Naftali Bennett attacked the Netanyahu-Ya’alon couple who dominate the cabinet and security policy – which in his view is lodged in the past and cannot deal with new threats.

Israel sidelined by Kremlin’s Syrian gambit

If the big powers are hoping for ‘deconfliction’ in the Levant and a possible new world order it seems as though Israel won’t have a say in what shape that could take. Having failed to create any new allies for itself or to stop the better relations with Iran – which supports Hezbollah and the Assad regime – Israel has no big power to speak for it.

Anti-Netanyahu rally attracts true critics – and cohort of antisemites

The demonstration against PM Netanyahu on September 9th when he visited his friend David Cameron produced many complaints that the demonstrators were antisemitic. Some were, using, as Brian Klug said, ‘the figure of the Jew’ (Netanyahu) to stand for many forms of depravity. There is a particular sensitivity here; President Assad has been portrayed as a child-killer as have other despots. But they have not been persecuted by Christians for centuries for child-killing as the mythical impulse for genocide. PSC makes a strong stand against the antisemitism.

IDF kills Syrians to ‘prove’ Iran deal is wrong

Shelling a vehicle killing the five Syrian civilians inside was, said defence minister Ya’alon, a response to Iran’s attempt to “open a new terrorist front against Israel on the Golan Heights”. The charge that this was a tactic by Israel to convince the US that the Iran deal has increased the terrorist threat from Iran was made by Arab media reports JPost.

Drone killing for electoral gain

Such is the cynicism about Netanyahu’s good faith that to many observers it is entirely plausible that he had ordered an airstrike that killed an Iranian general and six members of Hezbollah to boost his own reputation as Israel’s toughest defender.

Hezbollah losing its role as leader of ‘resistance’

The people of Lebanon are in a hard place. They are having to accommodate thousands of refugees from Syria; the effective power is Hezbollah which had proclaimed itself their principal protector through its ‘resistance’ to Israeli and American power in the region. But its military support for the Assad regime has damaged its reputation, as has its manipulation of Shi’ite/Sunni differences into a harmful sectarianism. (See Rachel Shabi below)

Israeli airforce bombs Lebanon or Syria or Hezbollah or the clouds or Iranian arms

The reason for posting several different reports of IDF airstrikes against targets in Lebanon/Syria is that there is no consensus on what the targets were, and why. One suggestion – also made last May – is that Israel wants to find out if any force in those countries has the ability to strike back (no, it seems). Another is that Hezbollah has to be prevented from receiving modern weapons, yet it is also said that because Hezbollah is committed to keeping President Assad in power it has no capacity for opening a new front with Israel. It’s the fog of war – or stormy weather. Perhaps it’s just IDF target practice.

Government refuses to tell Israeli public about its airstrikes

The least informed people in the West about the IAF’s massive airstrikes on Syria appear to be the Israeli public who have had to rely on agency and foreign reports to know what is going on. Nonetheless a well-informed report from Amos Harel, who reports that the government says only 2 people were killed. JPost reports 42 killed. Ynet reports the statement of an Iranian general that the target was not Iranian weapons which they had not provided and the Syrian government does not need.

Hamas on the move. From Shi’ite axis to Turkish-Qatari orbit

Since the Emir of Qatar’s visit to Gaza last week, comment has continued on how, where and why Hamas is changing its stance and its alliances. Hugh Naylor says that Hamas’ new alignment with Sunni Muslim countries has broken the anti-Israel, anti-western ‘resistance’ alliance, to which Hamas was affiliated, of Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Bets are off on Bibi’s gamble with mass destruction

After many months of talking up their existential need to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, Israel’s political leaders are now expected to put up or shut up in the near future. While most Israeli people and international counsel think such an attack would be self-destructive, the FT’s Gideon Rachman now thinks Israel might gamble that it has more to win than to lose with an attack. Sefi Rachlevsky, Ha’aretz, disagrees.

EU cowers before bellicose Lieberman and ditches Palestinian principles

As predicted, 2 posts below, the EU-Israel Association Council has decided to expand their areas of co-operation even though ‘respect for human rights and democratic principles’ is part of the agreement. Stuart Reigeluth believes the EU side was bedazzled by Lieberman’s talk of Hezbollah, Syria and war. Palestinian human rights groups have jointly condemned the EU’s failure to stand by its own principles.

Israel stands by to gain from Syrian disarray

In contrast to the loud and belligerent words from Netanhyahu about Iran, the actions of Iran’s ally, the Syrian government, have been met with silence from Israel. Roxanne Horesh reports on what the generals ane security experts are saying at this year’s annual Herzliyah conference.

Fault lines in the Syria crisis

Hezbollah (or Hizbullah) has added its voice to the hubbub around and about Syria stating it would come to the aid of the Syrian government in the event of any attack from outside.Based in Lebanon, the Shi’ite Hezbollah has long received support from the Shi’ite rulers of Iran and Syria (most Syrians are Sunni). The divisions intersect with military threats to and from Israel. Reports from Naharnet and the Guardian.

Baseless beliefs blind Israeli regime to strength of those they conquer

Acting on an ‘Orientalist’ ideology about the apolitical passivity of Arabs, Israeli governments and the IDF have continually been tripped up — by the resistance they encounter, unwittingly create and over-react to, writes Yitzhak Laor

Israel opts for permanent insecurity


Paul Rogers on the growing insecurity in the Middle East and Israel’s (futile) quest for absolute security. A sobering account of current strategic thinking in Israel, in which a minority that “advocates a different path involving negotiation and compromise…is very much on the margins of public debate…”

Wall Street Journal : Hamas-Hezbollah shift towards non-violence


The Wall Street Journal has given prominence to a new development in the middle-east – Hamas coming to appreciate the importance of international support for its legitimacy as a representative of the Palestinian people and its fight against Israeli occupation… “Hamas used to believe [international support] was just empty words”, says Salah Bardawil, a Hamas lawmaker in Gaza City. “Today it is very interested in international delegations … and in bringing Israeli officials to justice through legal proceedings.” […]

Ameer Makhoul charged with espionage…


Richard Silverstein writes: “Yesterday night, the Israeli secret police and their judicial subordinates announced the indictments of Ameer Makhoul and Omar Said. And I’m sorry to say both for the victims and the State of Israel that the bill of particulars is a laughingstock. Nevertheless, the Shin Bet, with these lurid, barely supportable charges has put blood in the water of the body politic. Now Israelis, prone to see “the Arabs” as a fifth column already, will be like sharks circling for the kill. Get them, burn them, hang them, expel them. You will hear all this and more from Israeli Jews…”

And, in a separate piece, Ameer’s partner and his brother write about his ordeal…