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We established a state on the mass graves of others

Palestinian medic tries to comfort a wounded boy at Shifa hospital in Gaza City, northern Gaza Strip,

This is a very angry statement by Israeli musician Jonathan Ofir, now living in Denmark. It’s not just the mass deaths of Palestinians which Zionists needed in order to create the Israeli state. It’s the lies Israelis tell themselves and others about their driving need for self-defence.

Most Palestinians do not support ISIL

Contrary to the emphasis of this report by Robert Swift , polls show that the vast majority of Palestinians (82% -91%) do not support ISIL or want it to operate in their territory. The notion that the reverse is true comes from Israel whose leaders wish to portray the country as a victim of ISIL, for obvious reasons.

Teaching hatred on the West Bank

We often hear Palestinian textbooks being accused of teaching hatred. As we reported back in 2013 in Israeli textbooks also obliterate ‘the other’, Israeli textbooks can be pretty shabby. Now, from the Yesha Council comes Occupation Shmuccupation a pure “hasbara booklet for kids” designed to incite hatred, not just of “Arabs” but of Israeli “left-wing organisations” as well.

Story by Ben Norton on Mondoweiss.

Palestinian Christians rebut Israeli propaganda

Many educated Palestinians seek to escape the Israeli stranglehold through emigration. It’s obvious why. But when those Palestinians are Christians the Israeli government asserts this because of relentless persecution by Muslims. Ben White reports.

Israel wastes $billions on buying a good image

Omar Barghouti wows a huge audience at Columbia University, New York, with an optimistic assessment of Palestinian determination, of BDS and the inability of the Israeli government – however much money and soft power it expends – to convince the world that it’s the persecuted good guy.

Language wars

The Readers’ Editor of the Guardian comments on accusations of bias almost bordering on antisemitism made against the Guardian, largely by the Israeli embassy, because of its “obsessive” interest in Israel. Jonathan Cook argues, rather “that the Guardian, like most western media, is really only interested in the Israel-Palestine conflict because of the Jews, not the Palestinians”. And Moshe Machover, cited by Cook, takes the Guardian to task for its use of language that obscures the fact that East Jerusalem is part of the occupied West Bank.

Israel’s foreign ministry: there is no siege of Gaza

This is one of the more brazen bits of hasbara yet produced by the Israeli state. There is no blockade. Goods move freely in and out of the Gaza strip. What’s the problem? In the post below, Gisha responds, and here an uncommitted journalist from Vox-com looks at limits on freedom of movement and trade in Gaza.

Facts that speak louder than propaganda

The handbook for Israel’s famed hasbara machine (terrified Israelis having to live in bomb shelters as they are bombarded with rockets) was a ‘secret’ report by an American Republican pollster – his advice, to tailor all output to the hopes and fears of Americans. But, says Patrick Cockburn, images of strikes by Israel’s war machine reducing Gaza to rubble, facts about its inhabitants killed, injured, displaced in huge numbers, have gone all round the world before Bibi can say ‘telegenically’.

Iron dome is a “sound and light show”

When asked about the gulf between Palestinian and Israeli deaths – currently 176:0 – in a supposedly equal conflict, Israeli spokespersons say ‘this is because of Iron Dome’. Without their infallible and innovative system (buy it now) the casualties would be the same. Dr. Moti Shefer, Israeli Defence Prize winner, says Iron Dome is a sham. Far fewer rockets from Gaza are being fired than Israeli propaganda would have us believe.

Fear of boycott hits Sodastream shares

Sodastream’s confident and ambitious directors may have made a classic insular mistake in failing to recognise how much anger is caused by their state’s occupation of Palestinian land and its use of that land to provide low-cost space to Israeli companies. They will have been shocked to find the fall in their stock market rating since the publicity – and naive to think nice pictures of Arabs and Jews as human beings (who knew?) answer the problem.

Dutch companies lead the way in divestment decisions

Divestment from companies operating in Israeli settlements is being seriously considered by a number of large pension companies following the decision by Dutch firms to withdraw their funds from Israeli companies with installations in the settlements. A new Labour government has ended the Netherlands ‘special friend’ status in Israel leading to a flurry of recrimination about superior NGO propaganda.

‘Hamas book of the month’: attacks on Max Blumenthal

This debate between Max Blumenthal, author of Goliath, Life and Loathing in Greater Israel and Eric Alterman might seem a nit-picker’s dream, but it’s more revealing than that. It shows how transgressive it is in American public life to to produce a well-researched critique of Israel. It shows how any critique of Israel quickly degenerates into abuse about Hamas (the devil incarnate). It shows how deeply important Israel as a self-governing nation is to those who live there. It shows how reluctant many are to face the racism of today’s Israel.

Rebranding Israel is throwing good money after bad

This is the fourth posting in the the past three months about the desperate efforts being made by Jewish bodies to get people to think ‘Israel – start-up nation, only democracy in middle east, no Jew is safe without Israel’s strength’ etc etc. Students are being trained, institutes set up, media groups primed, millions of dollars being spent. And people will still think Israel: occupation, overbearing military, injustice.

Israel cranks up its propaganda machine for British students

It is evident that Israel’s qualities (and its case for squashing the Palestinians) do not speak for themselves. These things have to be paid for. With the new university year opening Britain’s Union of Jewish Students has met with every pro-Israeli organisation it can think of and appointed an ‘Israel Engagement Officer’.

Pleading ‘rights’ of Palestinian workers in settlements is hypocrisy

The hyperactive Israeli propaganda machine hopes that its argument that boycott will primarily hurt Palestinian workers will stop the BDS movement. As the conditions for these workers are notoriously poor and most of them would rather work for themselves or Palestinian employers Ben White gives four good reasons to dismiss the hasbara argument. Unionisation, freedom to work their own land, the end of movement restrictions and investment by the PA are the measures to push for if the fate of Palestinian workers is the propagandists real concern.

PM’s office recruits students as paid social media propagandists for Israel

What better way to debase the arguments for Israel’s policies than to pay students to make the case to the diaspora through posts on Twitter and Facebook? What better way to debase the National Union of Israeli Students than for them to sign up for this exercise, claiming the need to prevent the ‘delegitimisation’ of Israel. What value will their tweets now have? Ha’aretz and Electronic Intifada set out the story.

The foreign interests paying to skew Israel’s agenda

The Alternative Information Centre’s regular bulletin, The Economy of the Occupation, has devoted an issue to a thorough, and invaluable, investigation of the right-wing NGOs which operate in Israel: who they are, what they do who funds them. Unsurprisingly, the donors are largely wealthy American individuals and bodies, both Jewish and Christian. The Israeli government increasingly relies on them to sell Israel’s case – hasbara. Given the results, one might wonder if they’re getting enough bang for their bucks. (Foreign income for human rights NGOs is far smaller.)

Withdrawing, defeated, from the battle for “the truth of history”

Alan Hart is a controversial figure in Israel/Palestine politics, not for his consistent support for Palestinian rights and critique of Zionist practice and myth-making or his anger about the failure of wealthy Arab states to fund an effective Palestinian public relations operation, but for his endorsement of the attention-seeking Gilad Atzmon. He has, however, withdrawn from the battle to establish the historical and contemporary truth, feeling – wrongly we think – that the money and influence of Israeli propagandists will always triumph.

Israel’s critics should get themselves organised

Israel’s propaganda (hasbara) industry is centrally controlled and renowned for its productive intensity. Materials, speeches, rapid-responses flow out, visits offered, young people groomed as ambassadors. But sometimes it doesn’t work. Settlements can’t be sold. Meanwhile those deemed ‘anti-Israel’ (rather than anti-Occupation) should, says think-tank Molad, unify their efforts.

TUC votes show Israel losing battle of ideas in Britain

The series of votes, reports and decisions by the TUC in the last three years all rest on the assumption that Israel is the oppressor and the Palestinians the oppressed. So, argues Sarah Colborne, it is clear that the Israeli government’s propaganda is failing to impress the bulk of people outside the right wing in the UK.