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84 words that killed Palestinian aspiration

What did Weizmann offer the British in 1917 in return for their ‘favour’ towards a Jewish home in Palestine? After the 1947-8 war the commitment ‘nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities’ was dead. Ramzy Baroud says the Declaration was ‘equivalent to a decree calling for the annihilation of the Palestinian people’ and yet they survive.

Arming mass murderers

About 3,000 Rohingya Muslims had been killed by the Myanmar army by October 2017 – and 100 times that have fled the country. Richard Silverstein breaks the gag by making public that Israel is the munitions supplier for this genocide – as it has been for other genocides.

When Zionism was a left-wing cause

This is a rather anachronistic attack by Asa Winstanley on the Labour party of the 1950s when Israel was admired by the left as a socialist start-up and Palestine was not the cause célèbre it is today. His charge of ‘advocating genocide’ is not borne out.

Jews, Israel, what’s the difference?

The Nazis, SS and Action Groups had many enemies they wanted to obliterate, but only two whole peoples – Jews and Romany. Only the former were subject to mass, industrialised extinction – Judeocide. We know the US President doesn’t know European history but one might have thought this one fact would have got through. Trump’s Holocaust Day speech.

Is this symbolic genocide?

If a people can no longer function effectively as a people do they no longer exist as a people – viz. genocide has been committed? Larry Derfner, formerly at +972, thinks the Palestinians have given up. There’s room for argument. specially about the role of the PNA.

Outrage at Abbas accusation of genocide

President Abbas addressed the UN General Assembly on September 26th. He needn’t have bothered because no-one listened. While Netanyahu’s speech received widespread coverage, only one word of Abbas’s speech was heard – genocide. Which meant the commentators have not been listening to the wider discussion about whether Israel’s policy towards Palestinians is genocidal.

Palestinians surplus to Israel’s globalised economy

In an original analysis, William I. Robinson argues that Israeli racism – all Palestinians are terrorists and should be got rid of – plus globalisation (in which the Israeli military-security complex plays a key part) – has created a genocidal society. Within global labour trends this amounts to a 21st century form of fascism.

The case for the charge of genocide

‘Here is a summary of the crimes that Israeli leaders have committed and U.S. leaders have abetted’. Law professor Marjorie Cohn details the agency of the US in the undoubted war crimes committed by the IDF. These are justified by the ‘Dahiya doctrine’ of the right to use disproportionate force and killing civilians as a deterrent force.

Why Israel should be expelled from the community of nations

Successive onslaughts on Gaza killing thousands of people and destroying homes, mosques, amenities and infrastructure, as well as the overall siege, are treated by ‘the international community’ as discrete events which may prompt humanitarian aid at best. They are not treated as a pattern of oppression that would not be tolerated anywhere else in the world.

Western interests flummoxed by loss of ‘evil Iran’

Leonard Fein of Jewish Forward says the air is loud with the same old ‘strike Iran’ songs from the neo-cons and right wing; it’s time for others to raise their voices for diplomacy. As Israel’s stance has been almost wholly shaped by the idea of Iran as an evil aggressor Bibi is now at a loss and can only say Rohani is a fraud and deceiver.

Speak Up – unless you’re a Second Generation refugee who cares about Palestinians

Who better to grasp the fear of Palestinians as all means of decent living are squeezed or destroyed, all movement checked by armed men in uniform, than the children of refugees from the Nazis? Yet when Yvonne Gordon, one such child, wrote an article for 2GN on Holocaust Memorial Day her passing reference to the oPt was cut out. Five members of 2GN have now resigned in protest and we publish for the first time an article by Yvonne about Palestinians and the threat to their existence.

Right and wrong lessons to draw from the Holocaust

From the Shoah one can conclude it’s Never Again for Jews (Israel’s position) or Never Again for anyone (and never let it be forgotten the millions of non-Jews who died in Nazi camps and exterminations). Gilbert Achcar says the only true repudiation of Nazism is Never Again at all.

Link between Holocaust and founding of Israel is weak says eminent scholar

Historian Yehuda Bauer talks to Al Jazeera about Jewish identity and extremism in Israel today. 2nd, ‘We are still teaching about the generals, about the politicians, and about the philosophers. We are avoiding the recognition of the dark side of history’ Bauer said in his address to the Bundestag. He discusses the genocides of modern times and the world-wide Nazi ambition that made the Shoah particular

Claim that Palestine supporters accomplices to genocide is ‘crackpot’

Last week we posted a Washington Post opinion piece by Robert Bernstein attacking the UN and Human Rights groups for their attitude to Israel and Palestine, and a rejoinder by the Economist: Here Mouin Rabbani of Jadaliyya adds his voice to the outrage. Wikipedia’s entry on Palestine Media Watch is at the bottom

Was 1948 a genocide?


A battle among genocide scholars as to how to characterise the dispossession of the Palestinians in 1948 is aired in the pages of the American paper, the Jewish Forward. It is an issue that has divided genocide scholars for some time, one of the factors that led to criticisms of the International Association of Genocide Scholars and the formation of the International Network of Genocide Scholars in 2005.
The arguments are complex…