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Comments in 2012 and 2011




The world’s longest, harshest occupation

How is it that ‘the world’ tolerates such an anomaly – the longest occupation that becomes harsher by the day? And is illegal? UN Rapporteur S. Michael Lynk spells out some small steps that all governments could take if they acted on their principles.

Why are those lying bastards lying to you?

Last month Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar gave a media briefing about his political plans, but he might as well have not been there himself. The Israeli media were not interested. Like their audience they knew he must be a terrorist and didn’t want to have to think. Ronit Marzan decodes for those who do.

Unpunishable killings

This is a Visualising Palestine graphic which identifies how the (still living) Palestinians in Gaza have been unable to get any redress through Israel’s military court system, despite the massive damage done to them – over 2100 killed – and their environment by the IDF.

Pass the Gaza parcel

The first Mondoweiss article on Gaza is about the ‘incremental genocide’ that is Israel’s policy toward the Strip. The second is made up of vox pop interviews. A few people hope Trump can achieve something; most think US presidents make gestures and pass the problem onto their successor.

We need to talk to Hamas

Guardian reporter Sara Helms deplores the fact that the west is only too happy to leave the people of Gaza inside their prison. Hamas’s election of a new leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, as well as its new policy document provides an opening for a new initiative – but the British government shows no sign of being willing or able to think outside its self-imposed box.

Despite UN+ deal, siege on Gaza tightens

The Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM) was brokered between the UN, PNA and Israel. In a bitter irony it has allowed Israel to declare more materials as having ‘dual use’ and so prevents its transport into Gaza. Palestine Monitor on a report from Oxfam.

Gaza, emigrate or fade away

It is Gaza’s young men who take the risk of escaping from the Strip. Lack of water, lack of fuel, lack of jobs, lack of arable land have rendered besieged Gaza as a place with no future except for Hamas military men.

Choking Gaza in the name of ‘security’

Gisha, the NGO concerned with freedom of movement, produced this report 2 months ago. It records a recent unexplained clamp-down on Palestinians wanting to leave Gaza through the Erez crossing. While economic policy must be for freedom of movement of students, business people and goods, so-called security policy is for the complete immobilisation of Palestinians.

Rockets from Gaza

Ben White has recently published The 2014 Gaza War: 21 Questions & Answers, an ebook available for Kindle download here. Accessibly written and comprehensively referenced, it is exemplary in tackling head-on the difficult questions that are raised around Israel and Gaza: didn’t Israel disengage?; is Gaza under occupation?; isn’t the siege legitimate? who started the war of 2014?; did Hamas use “human shields”? – and more. We reproduce here White’s chapter on the argument most used to justify the bombing: “Israel’s right to self-defence”.

The illegal closure of Gaza


An up-to-date legal statement from Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights elaborates and corroborates the case put forward by Gisha (Legal Center for Freedom of Movement) in 2008 that “The closure of Gaza is neither a siege, nor a blockade, nor an economic sanction – it is an illegal act of collective punishment and stands in violation of both international and Israeli law”.

Israel and War Crimes


The Israeli investigation into liability for breaking the laws of war during Operation Protective Edge, the war on Gaza in August 2014, is over. The Israeli military has exonerated itself. There are no indictments (though three Israeli soldiers have been found guilty of looting…).

Cue the likelihood of an International Criminal Court (ICC) delegation to Israel and the occupied territories. Israel has (had to) agree in principle…

Destroy all terrorists and their shelters

This injunction seems to have been the IDF’s aim in the 2014 OPE. As the shelters are homes and schools, as the IDF cannot identify and target ‘terrorists’ it follows they will cause mass death and destruction. Ma’an on Israel’s self-exoneration.

American values in the MidEast

The US commitment to Israeli security is not in question said Matthew Duss to the Democrats’ Platform committee. But unless it acts on American values of justice and freedom for all there will be no 2-state solution.

The ‘dedevelopment’ of Gaza

‘Dedevelopment’ is when people have very little and even what they have is taken away. Gaza was poor and lacking amenities before the Israel’s 2014 onslaught. Now they lack everything – funding, housing, fresh water, medical facilities, medicines, fresh food, fuel. Bill Corcoran of ANERA tells it how it is.

Collective punishment of Gaza

Collective punishment is illegal. It is being visited on Gaza with the failure of the promises to rebuild the shattered economy and infrastructure, with thousands still homeless. A few charities struggle to help. Mohammed Omer appeals to Pres. Obama to intervene. Help means confronting Israel to lift the siege and to Hamas to stop the needed building materials being diverted to building military tunnels.

Unlawful and reckless killing by UK’s friend

In the smokescreen of IDF propaganda, the IDF insists on its careful and professional targeting of enemy terrorists. Such as six-year old children. The credulous believe the Israeli message. Here the lawyers take them to task and press the UK FCO to stand for the law and accountability as it does in other countries.

No base in evidence for your unprofessional smear

As Dr. Derek Summerfield says in this letter to Sir Mark Pepys and his fellow signatories of a letter of protest to Lancet publishers: he pays no attention to the evidence of what was happening in Gaza, he dismisses other medics with irrelevant smears and, perhaps most seriously, he puts his own beliefs (about Israel) above his duty of responsibility to his professional ethics.

Doctors take the gloves off

Last July, a group of doctors and scientists wrote to the Lancet expressing dismay at the carnage in Gaza and Israel’s propaganda. Since its publication, Sir Mark Pepys, a leading light in the Jewish Medical Association has been protesting about the decision of Lancet editor Richard Horton to publish the letter and last month Pepys organised a letter of protest, under the name Concerned Academics for Editorial Ethics (sole functions, attack Horton, defend Israel), to publisher Reed Elsevier about Horton. This prompted a counter-letter and campaign, Hands off the Lancet. Read on.

Things are worse than ever in Gaza

A photograph by the renowned Mahmoud Hams says it all: a young man sits on the step staring at nothing. The road outside is a mud track. He is cold and has nothing to do. He has nothing. His situation has been produced mostly by Israel’s bombardment and life-squeezing siege, but also by Hamas’ diversion of aid money to military purposes, the linked drying up of donor funds and the careless failure of the ‘international community’ to stand up for human rights and needs in Gaza. Charles Fromm reports.

It’s better to drown than die a little every day.

Palestinians execrate the word ‘Oslo’ because it stands for the deceptive peace plan that was imposed on them. In the actual city, Amira Hass meets Palestinian men who tell her everyone would leave the Gaza Strip if they could.