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We have posted more than 30 articles on The Bedouin of the Naqab/Negev over the last three years

See the JfJfP briefing note on Bedouin Palestinians of the Naqab and download our 2013 leaflet on the Prawer plan

Did you know?

Settlements Generate Virtually No Economic Activity
"A recent Israeli government report estimated there are…$250 million in annual exports — [only] 0.55 percent of the national total — from the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, territories the international community generally considers illegally occupied."
Jodi Rodoren cited by Richard Silverstein, 22 Jan 2014

Daily acts of violence committed by Jewish Israeli citizens against West Bank Palestinians
"These incidents — now particularly heightened during the olive harvest season — are not the aberration from the norm, but a regular feature of life in the occupied West Bank. In 2012, over 7,500 Palestinian olive trees were destroyed. In the 5-year period between 2007 and 2011, there was a 315 percent increase in settler violence."
Mairav Zonszein, Israel Must Stop Settler Violence, 8 November 2013
Police impunity
After their own investigations establishing a prima facie violation, Btselem has lodged over 280 complaints of alleged police violence in the oPt since the start of the second Intifada: "we are aware of only 12 indictments" Btselem April 2013
Runners in the first ever Bethlehem Marathon were forced to run two laps of the same course on Sunday 21 April 2013, as Palestinians were unable to find a single stretch of free land that is 26 miles long in Area A, where the PA has both security and civil authority. See Marathon report
30th March, land day.
On 30 March 1976, thousands of Palestinians living as a minority in Israel mounted a general strike and organised protests against Israeli government plans to expropriate almost 15,000 acres of Palestinian land in the Galilee.The Israeli government, led by prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and defence minister Shimon Peres, sent in the army to break up the general strike. The Israeli army killed six unarmed Palestinians, wounded hundreds and arrested hundreds more, including political activists. All were citizens of Israel.
* Out of 103 investigations opened in 2012 into alleged offences committed by Israeli soldiers in the occupied territories, not a single indictment served to date
Yesh Din, 3 Feb 2013
* In total, out of an area of 1.6 million dunams in the Jordan Valley, Israel has seized 1.25 million − some 77.5 percent − where Palestinians are forbidden to enter.
Haaretz editorial, 4 Feb 2013


UN: end illegal collective punishment of Gaza

Regular readers of this website do not need to to be told of the deprivations visited on all people in the Gaza Strip by Israel Security – and the Egyptian government. On his first visit, the new head of UNWRA is shocked and says the siege must be ended. 50 UN agencies made the same call 2 years ago. An entire people is locked into an enclave without basic resources. Say ‘security’ and care dies.

Gaza/Israel airstrikes continue, all else changes

Israel has fired into Gaza killing 3 members of Islamic Jihad, in response the IDF says to 30 rockets fired into Israel (no-one killed). Familiar – but alliances of the region are changing, creating a de-facto partnership between Israel and Egypt, the PA coming into the Egypt/Saudi camp and Hamas stuck between Iran and the new power of Qatar. These alliances are fighting for dominance of an area the US has vacated.

Nothing to be done in Gaza

As well as its shortages of food and fresh water, Gaza now has no cement. Israel has banned its export to the Strip and the military government of Egypt has closed the tunnels through which building materials were once carried. No cement means nothing can be repaired or built; it means no work for the lorry drivers who transported it. It means unemployment has risen even higher to 45%.

British MPs join up to condemn Israeli ‘punishment’ of Gaza. Who knew?

British MPs queued up last Wednesday (Feb. 5th) to deplore the situation in Gaza and ask what was being done, and why it had come about. Who knew? The well-attended debate was in Westminster Hall – where backbenchers, without a party whip, can speak on what they care about. Despite this,and although 30% to 35% of all the correspondence to the Foreign Office is about Israel-Palestine, this debate received no media coverage at all. Conservative Friends of Israel chose to boycott the debate – knowing they could not legitimise Israel’s siege.

Goodbye to Gaza and to hope

For several years Harriet Sherwood has been visiting Gaza as part of her job at the Guardian’s Jerusalem bureau. She has found much to admire in the courage and resourcefulness of the people there but now, as she leaves her post, she wonders how much longer they can go on taking the punishment inflicted on them by Israel – now abetted by Egypt.

Gaza overwhelmed / UPDATE 4, 2014

Abu Sami. (Photo by Rosa Schiano)

So terrible is the situation in Gaza – no fuel, scant drinking water, thousands flooded out of their homes, economy shattered by the collusive blockages of Israel and Egypt, that JfJfP is appealing for emergency aid. The plight of the people of Gaza has been ignored by the media and is unknown to most people. 29 MPs (Commons and Lords) have published a letter demanding an end to the Gaza siege. Plus what you can do including Saturday January 18th Protest Vigil: Cast Lead 5 Years On. Latest update- Israeli and Egyptian barriers.

Amnesty and NGOs demand Israel and Egypt act on wretchedness of Gaza

This is one of several postings on Gaza this week. The reason is obvious. Despite many many warnings from responsible bodies that the conditions of life for the people are becoming dire – beyond anything anyone in Israel or Europe or the USA would find tolerable – no-one with the power to alleviate conditions has acted. Easier to let the people of Gaza suffer than ship in fuel or a desalination plant or even a gift of a few tankers of fresh water.Critical articles from Ramzy Baroud and the Economist, pleas for action from NGOs and Amnesty.

Darkness and sewage cover Gaza

There’s a humanitarian disaster going on in Gaza but it doesn’t seem to be attracting much international attention let alone effort. There is such a shortage of fuel that power plants, lighting, sewage processing and small private or corporate pumps and generators cannot function. The effort to keep life going is exhausting and the threat of the diseases borne by polluted water is very high. Israel, General Sisi, the PA and Hamas are all blamed by people in Gaza. They also say – what have we done to deserve this?

Lobby your MP: Gaza, Bedouin, settlements…

There is a mass national lobby of parliament on November 27th organised by Palestine Solidarity Campaign and supported by JfJfP. This is your chance to press your MP on which aspects of government policy towards Israel/Palestine you would most like him or her to take up. The petition for EU action on Gaza’s lack of fresh drinking after is still running. If you haven’t signed yet, it takes just a few seconds.

Fall of Hamas predicted

Hamas has many powerful enemies – aka Hamas has no friends – so that it’s hard to assess the weight of these reports about the Tamarod challenge to Hamas rule in Gaza. Rumours swirl that Tamarod Palestine is a front for Israel or the Egyptian military. There is no evidence that it is, and so far no evidence either that it represents popular discontent in Gaza – although anger amongst the young at stultifying rules of conduct is evident. We will have to wait and see what the planned mass demonstration on November 11 produces.

Nothing may move in or out of Gaza – except sewage

Hamas has no reputable friends. The people of Gaza must be punished for choosing the wrong government. By locking them in a state of siege – no fuel, no medicine, no movement – Israel, the UN, the US, the EU, the Arab states have declared the people of Gaza guilty. The aim is to separate good Palestinians from bad ones, and if people suffer as a result, well they brought it on themselves. Israel’s our friend – don’t blame us.

Rebellion against oppressor Hamas in Gaza

A group of young men in Gaza calling themselves Tamarod (rebellion, as in Egypt) has posted a defiant video declaring their opposition to Hamas as an oppressive and unjust regime. Hamas has arrested several of them and is, according to a report here, in a state of panic as the military get a grip in Egypt, strengthen security ties with Israel and close the smuggling tunnels. Hamas is left without allies in the region.

IDF photo of ‘luxurious Gaza city’ exposed as fraudulent

It says something about the anti-Gazan hostility, ignorance and credulity that a photo wrongly named as Gaza’s main shopping mall on an Islamophobic site should have been picked up and reposted as such by the IDF and many other websites. The photo in fact shows the luxurious shopping mall of Kuala Lumpur. Israel’s propagandists are really getting desperate – see also ‘PM’s office recruits students as paid social media propagandists’ below.

How the US and UK rule through contempt and humiliation

It is impossible to sum up briefly the achievements of Professor Noam Chomsky, one of the best-known public intellectuals of our age. Here we post his Edward Said memorial lecture, given from his long history of critiques of modern imperialism. Its theme is the contempt shown by the powerful – as in the ignoring of Palestinian rights in the Oslo Accords – the deliberate policies of humiliation and how the insistence on dignity is the hall mark of those who resist.

French solidarity group crosses into Gaza from Egypt

A 90-strong delegation of French and Egyptian people has arrived in Gaza via the Rafah crossing. They have brought drugs, surgical supplies and French textbooks. It is claimed as the first Welcome to Palestine group to have successfully got through the blockade although restrictions have been eased by Israel (as well as Egypt).

JfJfP supports protest rally on Gaza, December 27, London

A national protest rally calling for an end to the siege of Gaza and remembering the launch of the lethal Operation Cast Lead four years ago. The rally is supported by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, British Muslim Initiative, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Friends of Al Aqsa, Stop the War Coalition, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Palestinian Forum in Britain.

Who aimed to “freeze the political process” so no state could be set up?

As a festive Chanukah offering we bring you Stephen Shalom’s Gaza Quiz. No marks for getting the right answers but congratulations if you read this website so thoroughly you know at least half the facts about Israeli policy towards Gaza which the quiz provides. Sorry – it’s not a fun read.

Hamas leader arrives in Gaza for first time

Guns, flags and cheering crowds met Khaled Meshaal, formal head of Hamas, when he arrived in Palestinian territory for the first time in 45 years, and for the first time ever in Gaza. He has lived in exile since his family left the West Bank when he was 11 years old. He vowed to push for unity with Fatah.

Don’t blame Hamas for starting it: JfJfP to William Hague

On behalf of JfJfP Diana Neslen and Arthur Goodman write to Foreign Secretary William Hague objecting to his assertion that Hamas bears the main responsibility for the current crisis and citing the many Israeli assaults on Palestinian life and the truce potential preceding the barrage on Gaza.

Predictions of an all-out war

In a bleak assessment, George Friedman sees little chance of a negotiated truce; the issues of difference between Hamas and the Israeli government are too large to be contained by any such agreement, and the new power of Hamas’ Fajr-5 rockets too great to be left in hiding. 2nd, Iran denies supplying the rockets.