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Protecting Israel more important than hurricane aid

Loyalty to Israel and hostility to boycotters is so adamant in Dickinson, Texas that city councillors have decided that anyone who supports boycott, in any form, reports Ali Abunimah, will not receive city aid for damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Have they no moral compass?

Fight to entrench right to boycott

Many states in the USA boycott any company which supports boycotting Israeli and/or settlement products. The ACLU is taking up the case of a teacher excluded from a training course because she refused to certify that she does not participate in a boycott of Israel.

Protecting Israel from principles of free speech

There is only one issue on which the highly antagonistic US parties lay down their arms, and that is defending Israel. This is the unique role that Israel plays in US politics. It is left to the NGOs, here led by the ACLU, to raise questions about why Israel alone is let off Human rights criteria.

Hypochondriacal Israel

Remarkably for an American newspaper the LA Times posts an editorial calling the ban on visits by all supporters of BDS ‘disappointing’ . As Netanyahu et al have blasted nearly all criticisms as causing damage and hurt to the country, a growing number of Jews are no longer heeding their cry of pain.

Israelis may not question Occupation

NGOs are the most articulate critics of Israel’s occupation. In response the government last year tried to limit their effectiveness with its ‘transparency’ (anti-NGO) bill. Only senior officers in the security services enjoy free speech. John Reed tells it how it is.

Attempts to block book on Jewish terrorism

Israel was created by Jewish acts of terrorism against Arabs and British soldiers and police, not the benign moves of a sympathetic world. When Tom Suarez started a tour to promote his book, State of Terror, he found the pro-Israel establishment was doing all it could to silence him and his argument. Jonathan Cook and Suarez.

Hebrew University capitulates to right-wing pressure

This article is Haaretz’s lead editorial, published in both the Hebrew and English newspapers in Israel. It is a biting critique of the Hebrew University’s capitulation to those working to place opposition to the occupation, or even discussion of it, beyond the pale. A situation has developed where it is enough to send a letter of protest or write a post on Facebook to make events discussing the occupation disappear.

We in Britain are becoming familiar with a similar alarming trend…

Edging towards censorship

The definition of antisemitism which Mrs. May so eagerly and single-handedly adopted not only has no legal weight writes law professor Stephen Sedley but is also vague – allowing a wide scope of speech to be classified as antisemitic. It deals only with words not acts, and is contrary to existing laws about free speech.

The harassment of Richard Falk

Richard Falk was appointed in 2008 by the UN to succeed John Dugard as their special rapporteur on human rights in the oPt. As a Princeton professor of international law, this American Jew was well qualified. He has been on a tour promoting his latest book – and everywhere pro-Israel zealots turn up and try to prevent him speaking. Why does supporting Israel seem incompatible with free speech?

US states block free speech

Pro-Israel lobbying in the US, often by Christian groups, has produced a slew of laws declaring the support of boycott or of limiting free commerce to be illegal. Such groups are following Israel’s lead in flouting international laws. The Progressive tracks them.

Universities censor free speech on Israel

This is another disturbing report, Manchester Uni this time, on the bureaucratic measures being taken to prevent students saying a critical word about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. None of the measures (Prevent and IHRA) has been subject to any parliamentary debate.

May sets up attack on free speech

The British PM doesn’t appear to have strong views on anything. She adopted the IHRA definition of antisemitism without, it seems, any discussion. The line in the guide to the definition that states that it is antisemitic to deny the Jewish people their right to self-determination or claim that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour is obviously not OK with many British voters. Or did she hope for what is happening – a clamp-down on support for Palestinians? Over 140 academics sign a letter of protest.

New US law to silence Israel’s critics

A bipartisan bill to outlaw expressions of antisemitism which includes Israel in its definition highlights the US’s tortured relationship with Israel. Making criticism of Israel illegal is an obvious denial of free speech, a cornerstone of American democracy. Is protecting Israel more fundamental?

Operation target journalists

If truth is the first casualty of war then those who record the truth embody the first casualty. Palestinians have learned that their best weapons of defence are sight and sound recorders. Here The Media Line casts a jaundiced eye over the denial of free speech throughout the MidEast.

Palestinian authorities clamp down on free speech

MENA Palestine Free Speech 1

The Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and Gaza are arresting, abusing, and criminally charging journalists and activists who express peaceful criticism of the authorities. The crackdown directly violates obligations that Palestine recently assumed in ratifying international treaties protecting free speech.

Free speech and civil speech

The emphasis on civil discourse by Shami Chakrabarti in her report is a proper rebuke to all sides. Comments on pieces about Israel/Palestine descend more quickly into abuse than on any other issue. The complaint from pro-Israeli Sue-Ann Levy that she is denied free speech – from the second word in you know it’s not going to be civil – is a bit rich coming from someone with a regular press column. And since when is arguing for Palestinian rights the same as baby-bashing?

Free speech! but not on Palestine

The American acronym PEP (Progressive Except on Palestine) applies to the subject of this report – the silence of progressives about the many ways in which advocates for Palestinian rights can be silenced. A Palestine Legal report.

Fear of Islamic terrorism destroys our freedoms

The exaggerated fear of terrorism and its partner, ‘hate speech’, in whatever country it occurs, leads, says Suzanne Nossel of Foreign Policy, to “a creeping tolerance for authoritarianism.” We have seen it in Israel. Now in Europe?

Sabotaging a peace debate

One university debate cancelled is not a major event. This one, scheduled for the Truman Institute for Peace at the Hebrew university, is worth remarking because of the forces preventing its taking place – threats from unnamed far-right groups and withdrawal of the Palestinian speaker on the PNA’s orders.

Not a word about Palestine

What with the $millions from Adelson and Saban and Israel’s anti-BDS fund, pro-Israel groups can afford to spend time keeping a close watch on American students for any sign of critical thought about Israel and moving in to crush it. They reclassify advocacy for Palestinians as ‘hate speech’ and ‘support for terrorism’. No argument. Palestine Legal has been keeping a check.