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Likud long-planned last-minute scare tactic

Until the last minute, the polls before the March 2015 election pointed to Likud coming second to Zionist Union. The right-wing vote was split between several parties. Then, says a Channel 2 documentary, Likud reverted to what focus groups had shown them – Israelis were moved more by fear of Arabs, and the Left’s softness towards them, than by hopes for a government focused on the economy and housing.

Israel becomes country of exclusive Jewish nationalism

Ironically, the more Israel becomes a place of belligerent, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim nationalism the less attractive it becomes for all but the most fanatical Jews abroad. By voting in such large numbers for a man who despises Palestinians and is sworn to prevent a Palestinian state, Israeli Jews demonstrate that this ethno-nationalism is now dominant in Israel. Michael Young fears for the consequences.

Tribalism, Israel’s driving force

When it comes to elections in ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ Israel is more like Africa than like any of its European parents. Analysis of results showed that it is not a melting-pot nor indeed that Jews have more in common with each other than with any other. Most voted on tribal lines, Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi. The latter two make up more than half of Israel’s population and the left in particular lost out because of its contempt for the greater religiosity and tribal adherence of the poor under-classes.

Election 2015, coalition government

Israel still has no government. Netanyahu’s ‘crushing’ victory was more a swallowing victory – the further Right scuttled to safety to give Likud its unexpected number of seats. Which still left sizeable other Knesset parties which have to be let into a coalition. This is not a graceful business says Uri Avnery, with disgust. The scramble is on for who gets what.

Bibi surfs to power on fear and ignorance

Janus Netanyahu came to France and told European Jews to move to Israel, the only place where they would be safe. He went home and told Israeli Jews that they were in constant danger of annihilation by Iran, hostile Arab states and the enemy within. A survey by New Majority explains why Jews voted in droves for the status quo and pinpointed where there is some room for manoeuvre.

Women try to break political silence on Occupation

Better late than never- having missed the activity of Women Wage Peace in the weeks before the election, we carry two reports of this organisation, set up after the horror of the destruction of the war on Gaza. Having attracted thousands of supporters, they have plans for sustaining the campaign into the future.

US-Israel split widens

The US-Israel relationship was poor before the election, made worse by Netanyahu’s visit to Congress and plunged after he promised there would never be a Palestinian state. Barak Ravid explores the growing chasm.

Bibi sinks to new low to save his skin

Jonathan Freedland may or may not be accurately described as a Liberal Zionist. but here his distress at Netanyahu’s victory is visceral. Jonathan Freedland says Bibi won, in part, by invoking popular fear of The Arab and rejection of a Palestinian state. Thus he pulled in the right-wing vote for Likud. That put him beyond reach of western powers who want to find a way to reconciliation – but will popular opinion respond?

Whatever the result, Netanyahu is doomed

In this last posting before the Israeli election results are known, we put forward the assessment by Barak Ravid that, whatever the results, the momentum of the 2011 social protest movement means the cry of ‘security’ is not going to win an election.

The Netanyahu pantomime

Astonishingly, Bibi’s speech to the US Congress is still garnering comment, again, all of it hostile. ‘A tremendous own goal’ says one, ‘It was just an exercise to paint a straw man and knock it down’ said a senator and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee. And as the anti-Bibi rally showed, the effects are leeching into the election campaign, in exactly the opposite way of his intention. How did he get it so wrong?

This election is about one thing only – nothing

The clearest proof of Israeli decadence and escapism? Jewish ‘parties sell Israelis an all-inclusive package of ‘social justice’ – within Zionist and neoliberal parameters – that does not include Arabs, conflict, refugees, Jerusalem, settlements or any other passé 1990s concepts’ writes Yonatan Mendel in this dispiriting account of the pull to Zionist conformity of the campaign and of Israeli voters. He does mention Joint List, but cannot see them getting Jewish votes, Instead he fears progressive Jews will vote for Zionist Camp giving the same racist, unequal Israel a human face.

New hope for anti-racist Left in election

Two of the three articles here have ‘new’ in their headlines. A new generation of PCIs (Palestinian Citizens of Israel) displaying a new activism. The third, from the Communist Party of Israel is more wooden but as it’s joined the new Joint List – the source of the hope – it must feel something new in its bones. And new in this election is their emphasis on ending racism and occupation. Perhaps the ebbing tide of left-wing activism and hope has indeed changed.

Rally for change – no more Bibi

More than 35,500 Israelis turned up for a rally in Tel Aviv demanding change and a end to Netanyahu’s policies. Polls show they do do not regard Iran as an imminent threat – but the need for social and economic action is urgent. Are the Americans who lauded Bibi’s anti-Iran speech really acting in Israel’s best interest?

‘Never be the first one to stop clapping’

As most political jouralists seem to have wanted to comment on Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, we’ve made a selection – though it’s been hard to find one that is appreciative. Most support seems to have come from Arab dictatorships who are opposed to Iranian hegemony as Israel.

What’s the best place for the votes of Jews outside the ‘tribal camp’?

There is still a Jewish Left in Israel which puts co-existence with Arabs as their electoral priority. They are considering whether the Arab-led Joint List is the best vehicle for their aspirations.

Israelis want US to support Palestinian rights

There is a maxim that no country should intervene in another’s election – but recent polls suggest Israelis would welcome an American intervention by producing a framework for a final status agreement. The poll finds a concern about a 2-state solution on which most Israeli parties are silent.

Joint List aims to break Zionist consensus

Israel’s new governance law, which raised the electoral threshold to a point where no Arab parties would get a Knesset seat has in fact produced the Joint List, the Arab-led coalition which, it is now predicted, could get 12 seats. Daoud Kuttab interviews its head.

Bibi blames plotters for his expenses scandal

A Prime Minister who treats public funds as his own and uses them to pursue a lavish lifestyle for himself and his wife… The hedonism was obvious but , as Netanyahu’s a very rich man, it was assumed he used his own money. That he didn’t is likely to affect his election chances – though he blames media schemes against him and an embittered ex-employee.

War for independence by diplomacy

Palestinians are the forgotten issue of politics – unmentioned in the Israeli election campaigns, let drop by the US and, though European parliaments have been enthusiastic about a Palestinian state, the EU appears to lack the clout to do anything about it. So can Palestinians themselves use diplomacy to press their cause?

How to extricate Israel from its undemocratic mess

If you are an Israeli citizen who cares about Israel and the Palestinians and is progressive opinions there is , says Jerry Haber, one serious option for the March election, and that is to vote for the Arab-led Joint List. It’s running on an anti-racism platform unlike any other party.