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BDS supporters banned from Israel

These articles only make sense if you know that Israeli ministers project onto BDS supporters a desire to destroy Israel. The first is straight out of the apocalyptic anti-BDS unit (shame on JPost for publishing it), the second is JPost’s more factual report.

Is BDS too blind and blunt?

Here are two pieces a raising questions about the efficacy of the BDS campaign. Is it just a social media phenomenon? Does it fail to distinguish between the illegal settlements and Israel proper? Is it too confrontational or is it the only bulwark against the pressure for ‘normalisation’? Does it boost the right’s charge that it seeks to delegitimise Israel?

The legitimacy of “Israel”

The drive of pro-Israel propaganda has become the claim that critics want to ‘delegitimise’ Israel. When this meant refusing to accept Israel’s existence as a state this had little meaning. But, argues John Whitbeck, it now has a truth if ‘Israel’ is understood to be a system of ethnic and religious supremacy which depends on the total conquest of Palestinians.

Settlements nurture anti-Zionism in many Jews

When President Obama appeared to define antisemitism as a denial of the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish homeland he trampled on history. This is the argument being so actively promoted by pro-Israel propagandists. Even anti-Zionists may not question Israel’s existence – merely the actions it carries out in the name of the state’s god-given destiny. Anti-Zionism is growing in the US as elsewhere. Sometimes it is a cover for antisemitism. But generally it is in the tradition of solidarity with a people oppressed by rampant nationalism.

Bibi’s hard right tack won him the election and lost him the world

When these three experts on the MidEast say ‘few on the global stage believe Netanyahu is committed to trying to find a way to end Israel’s occupation of the Palestinians’ that is an overstatement. Does anyone? They warn the PA about expecting too much from the ICC but their admonition is directed first at Netanyahu for his intransigence and thus opening Israel to a revived delegitimisation campaign.

Panic as universities debate Israeli policies

Free speech is what distinguishes the modern world from the Islamic. A conference at Southampton university on ‘International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism’ has been condemned by the usual suspects who have called on the university admin to cancel it. This new university follows one of the oldest, Oxford, in thinking Israel is beyond the pale. Too many dead bodies in Gaza,

Myths, truths and lies about BDS

Extracts and articles posted here to illustrate two points: the BDS movement has a renown far beyond its actual power and it has a wide range of powers and purposes attributed to it – from easing the conscience of individual consumers to destroying the state of Israel. It displays how much myth clouds the actual conflict between Palestinians and the Israeli state.

‘Delegitimisation’ of settlements by Europe ‘is the new antisemitism’

For years all EU bodies have said the oPt settlement are illegal. When it acts on this (July 2013) Israelis act as though this a dastardly blow out of the blue. The right wing fights back, relying on the Levy report which declared the occupation was not an occupation because it was permanent.

If Israel wants people to think well of it, talk peace not ‘delegitimisation’

A diplomat previously responsible for countering BDS arguments, has written a private report for his Foreign Ministry department advising them that their propaganda about ‘delegitimisation’ is counter-productive. Only serious statehood talks with Palestinians will restore Israel’s reputation. Or Israel should acknowledge its power and stop playing the victim.

Does Israel have the right to exist? The questions that question raises

Israel does exist. The moral questions – exists as what, on what territory, for whom, remain unanswered. And as a state is not a living being, the question avoids the responsibility of those who run the state to the people living under its rule. Brian Klug explores what the question implies

Israel: no-one’s stopped us breaking the law so we’re a special case

Propagandists for Israel invented the lie that all critics of its oppressive policies want to ‘delegitimise’ its very existence. But it is the Israeli state that, by transgressing international law at every turn, has ‘delegitimised’ the civilising regime of international law argues Ewa Jasiewicz

Jerusalem NGO attacks other NGOs for ‘demonization’ of Jews

NGO Monitor, director Gerald Steinberg of Bar-Ilan university, publishes ‘ethical guidelines’ which NGOs should adopt to make transparent to their funders that they will not participate in ‘demonization, political warfare or political antisemitism’. Professor Steinberg’s own page,, makes his views transparent

Don’t talk about the Occupation


Seph Brown hears some good speakers and discussion at the We Believe in Israel conference , but is dismayed by the refusal to admit there are questions of Palestinian statehood and rights which need to be considered

Israel’s dissidents are saving the country

Gideon Levy writes that what delegitimises Israel are Lieberman, Israel Beiteinu, Netanyahu and their flood of anti-democratic laws, the unbridled Israel Defense Forces and the settlers who know no boundaries. Groups like B’tselem, Breaking the Silence and the others are responsible for whatever little sympathy Israel manages to garner in the world today…

Targeted BDS


The Magnes Zionist calls for targeted Boycott, divestment and sanctions (TBDS): “Global BDS is at its core an anti ethnic-discrimination movement. And the common denominator for all the progressive movements on Israel should be just that – opposing ethnic discrimination. Actually, I would prefer another trademark besides BDS, one that articulates a vision for a decent, if not just society for Palestinians and Israelis. Perhaps that trademark will emerge, perhaps BDS will lead to it. But in the meantime, supporters of TBDS or of BDS should work together, and not against each other, in trying to advance the vision via non-violent platforms like BDS…”

Norway’s attitude to Israel

It is hard to find a diplomat who epitomizes the difference between support for Israel and delegitimisation of the occupation better than Svein Sevje, Norway’s ambassador to Israel: “If Israel wants to be a normal country with its face toward the West, it has to respect universal values.”

Escalation of efforts to undermine the solidarity movement


Ali Abunimah, co-founder of the Electronic Intifada, writes about “a well-coordinated, escalating Israeli government-endorsed effort to vilify individuals and cripple organisations that criticise Israel’s human rights record and call for it to respect Palestinian rights and international law…”


Akiva Eldar argues that “Israel is basking in the light of the delegitimization…It is much easier to give the world the finger when the whole of it is against you. If we say “delegitimization” enough times the public will believe there is no connection between what the gentiles say and what the Jews do…Indeed, it is necessary not to dismiss the increasing delegitimization of Israel in foreign countries. But instead of whining and blaming the messengers, the captains of the ship of state would do well to change its direction.”

“Israel has a strong message but it will still be a hard sell”


The Tel Aviv-based Reut Institute has been arguing for a while that the UK has become the centre of a systematic assault on Israel’s right to exist that unites Middle East resistance networks with allies on the liberal-left in Europe, in what it calls a red-green alliance. It has just followed up its February report “The Delegitimization Challenge: Creating a Political Firewall” with a call on supporters of Israel to build this “firewall”. Writing in the Jewish Chronicle Martin Bright explains why this won’t be easy for, he says: “The other side has a far better product to sell to liberals: decades of discrimination, a nationless people facing a colonising military power.” Amen to that.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is at it again.


The American Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has produced an official list of the “top 10 anti-Israel groups in America” – including Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) a group with which JfJfP has many affinities. JVP has produced a brief rebuttal of the ADL smear…