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Time called on venal royal reign

The Netanyahu are frequently referred to as monarchs, not because of their regal bearing but because, like Louis X1V they think ‘L’etat c’est moi’, they are showily extravagant, Mr. N thinks he rules by divine right and, like ‘the Sun King’, they have reigned for so very long. Mrs. N’s sobriquet is Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVl.

The rot spreads

Michael Brizon, author of Haaretz Opinion pieces under his pen name B. Michael, writes that the land theft law (the “regularization” law, in Orwellian parlance) and Ayelet Shaked’s rejection of universal rights shows that the Israeli body politic has been wholly corrupted.

Beleagured PM blames fake news and conspiracies

Netanyahu has stayed in power so long because he’s Mr. Security and because supporters need to believe his claims of fake news and a media witch hunt. But, says Amos Harel, his judgment has become very flakey threatening his image as a safe pair of hands.

Where Bibi has brought his people: “Death to journalists”

These are two scary reports from Israeli papers of the recent rally held by PM Netanyahu for no purpose other than for his fans to express their adulation for him and their hatred of all his critics, the rule of law and, especially, the media.

Wealthy backers desert Netanyahu

Allegations of Netanyahu’s corruption have made him, in the court of rich people’s opinion, a man who can no longer be backed without embroiling them in a tawdry court case. Where there’s a corrupter there are the corrupted.

Netanyahu: the beginning of the end

Ari Harow, Benjamin Netanyahu’s former chief of staff, is about to turn state’s witness – to save his own skin. The vultures are circling and Netanyahu is now accused of bribery. As Yossi Verter writes: “Up until Thursday night, the word ‘bribe’ was uttered carefully by reporters, with caveats, with a question mark. That stage is behind us… Whoever is convicted on that count goes to jail, for years.”

Netanyahu is part of the problem, not the solution

Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has to choose between bringing corruption charges against the Israeli PM or dismissing the issue and jeopardising the honour of his office. By all accounts, writes Akiva Eldar, Netanyahu understands what’s at stake but is incapable of action.

Corruption the motor of Israel’s un-free market

From the beginning, writes Jonathan Cook, Israel had a Wild West notion of law and order – they could take the land they wanted and shoot anyone who got in the way. Their legacy was massive corruption. Now just 20 families control most of the wealth in Israel. Plus the PM wants to make a deal to ensure favourable media coverage for himself.

Most Israeli Arabs don’t want to live in Palestine

Avigdor Lieberman has proposed Palestinian villages in Israel should become part of Palestine. But polls of Israeli Arabs (who don’t want to be called Palestinian) show that most do not want to live in Palestine under any land-swap deal. They regard Palestine as a poor, violent, corrupt, police state. Is Fatah listening?

Another money scandal for Israeli PM

Netanyahu is expected to survive this latest police probe into his financial integrity – but perhaps only because no alternative PM is ready.

Perhaps their fiddled expenses will do for the Netanyahus

Once upon a time Israel was run by idealists (except on Palestinians) writes Uri Avnery. Now corruption is widespread and nowhere as showily as in the ‘royal couple’. Will that be Bibi’s downfall before he pulls down Israel?

Corruption? Par for the course say Israelis

tamar gas rig

This posting puts in context the despatch of Ehud Olmert to prison for bribery. Israel occupies a relatively low place on the Transparency Index sharing 32nd place with Lithuania and Slovenia. [The UK shares 10th place with Germany and Luxembourg]. But if you read this together with the posting below there is an inescapable sense of civic inertia. The village in the jungle has been overcome by creepers.

The future should be a struggle for democracy, not land

This is an essay by Perry Anderson, a founder of New Left Review, on the Zionist journey to Israel Triumphant . He examines Israel’s gung-ho application of neo-liberalism, its survival of recent financial crises (thanks to Russian immigrants and US largesse) and deplores the muddle and corruptibility of Palestinian opposition whose chances are small, he says, given the autocratic nature of the rentier Arab states and, of course, the overweening presence of the IDF.

Abbas’ agenda is entirely personal, entirely elitist and entirely corrupt

More evidence that younger Palestinians in the West Bank, expressing themselves via social media, are entirely alienated from the corrupt croneyism of Pres. Abbas and his Fatah faction. His attempts to revive Fatah’s relevance may be too late.

Patrons and clients – the PA political system

Where tribal or clan systems are hegemonic, democracy does not thrive. Clans are strong in northern Palestine in particular and President Abbas has had to accomodate them and their loyalties in order to function. The result is rampant corruption which if the PA does not exploit will destroy it. Tariq Dana accounts for this sorry situation.

Return, but to what?

Ghada Karmi’s extraordinary new account of exile and the impossibility of finding home, Return: A Palestinian Memoir, is sympathetically reviewed by Avi Shlaim.

Karmi describes her return to work with the Palestinian Authority and the disappointment and disillusionment she experienced: “The journey filled me with bitterness and grief. I remember looking down on a nighttime Tel Aviv from the windows of a place taking me back to London and thinking hopelessly, ‘flotsam and jetsam, that’s what we’ve become, scattered and divided. There’s no room for us or our memories here. And it won’t be reversed.’”

Lord Adelson of Jerusalem, corrupter of democracy

As cynicism about politics grows, the chances of government by an engaged, well-informed citizenry, shrinks. Into the space pours big money. There are few more powerful users of money to get the political result he wants than American Sheldon Adelson, especially in another people’s country, Israel. Not that Israel does not have its own money corrupters. Ehud Olmert for one.

Profiting from the occupation


Uri Avnery writes: “The case of Bil’in is especially conspicuous… because the motive trying to hide behind the Fence is so striking. Not Zionism. Not security or defense from the terrorists. Not the dreams of generations. Not the vision of Theodor Herzl, whose 150th birthday is being celebrated now. Just money. Lots of money…”