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The stuff on Israel which Americans may not see

Telling the truth may be a defence against a libel action; it is no defence against the multi-headed hydra which is the American lobby in the USA. Forget the rational argument of free speech; think the religiosity of blasphemy. In an excerpt from his chapter in ‘Israel and Palestine : alternative perspectives on statehood’ Richard Silverstein tracks how the Israel lobby demonises Palestinians and does all it can to prevent any less than adoring picture of Israel being made public.

Poet pursued as criminal inciter

This posting is about Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour who is being prosecuted by Israeli authorities for ‘incitement’. Thus she has become the symbol of Israel’s denial of free speech for Palestinians in Israel.

Don’t imagine love between Jew and Arab

The best selling novel, All the Rivers in English, is about love between a Palestinian man and Israeli woman. Author Dorit Rabinyan says it was taken off the national curriculum because it threatened the armour Israelis wear to prevent them knowing anything about the Other.

Mrs May’s IHRA used to silence critics of Israel

As was feared, Mrs May’s adoption of the IHRA definition of and guidelines on antisemitism as government policy is being used to silence pro-Palestinian activists. The government’s Prevent policy (against extremism) is being used for the same purpose. Several universities have already banned pro-Palestinian speakers and events. Defend free speech!

Facebook kowtows to Israeli demands

This posting has articles on two forms of self-expression – flag waving and Facebook posting. Adalah has found that 96 Israeli citizens were arrested 2011-2015 ‘on suspicion of waving a Palestinian flag’ – which is not illegal. For Palestinians Facebook is the primary source of news and opinion. Since last October at least 150 arrests have been made on charges of ‘incitement’. Facebook execs visited Israel in September to agree censorship rules.

Twitter censors what Israeli State Attorney asks it to

Twitter is feted (and cursed) for introducing a means for anyone to broadcast, with very few restraints, whatever they like (in 140 characters). Now we learn from Richard Silverstein that Israel’s legal cyber division habitually demands it removes embarrassing tweets – and Twitter does.

Poems of Darwish ‘like Mein Kampf’ says Lieberman

Ignorance based on lack of knowledge based on lack of curiosity is a mark of racism and Avigdor Lieberman bears the mark with no shame. Which has he studied more carefully – Mein Kampf or the collected works of Mahmoud Darwish? Only one suggests eating the usurper’s flesh – and Adolf was a vegetarian; one is a poetic image and the other is a serious plan to export the ‘Jewish peril’ out of Germany.

Foreign press accuse police of violent attacks

This consists of a series of statements issued by the Foreign Press Association – a body set up to help foreign journalists working in Israel – in the last year. Increasingly, they report violent assaults by the border police. They have also been summonsed to the Knesset to answer charges of bias against Israel. Will this lead to self-censorship?

Israel: no matter how bad it is, it can always get worse…

Michael Sfard, activist and lawyer, reports that incitement against human rights defenders is part of a greater government assault on democratic freedoms in Israel. Bills and laws supported by several Netanyahu-led coalition governments between 2009 and today continue to narrow the boundaries of speech and activism. Things are getting worse…

Culture minister to enforce anti-left national culture

Miri Regev has opened a new front in the government’s war against the left – as unwelcome and contemptible to the Israeli right as Palestinians, if better off and protected, by declaring that she will dispense state arts funding depending on the national (government) loyalty of their productions. It is galvanising organised protest among the artists.

Dispute over gas supply ‘nothing to do with environment’

At least, not if the gas in question is in the eastern Mediterranean and rights to it are claimed by both Gaza and Israel. Nafeez Ahmed recounts how he was sacked from his post as an environment blogger when he wanted to write about it.

Supporting Israel is Germany’s purpose as a state

Max Blumenthal describes how a mix of pro-Israel organising and the German Left’s terror of criticizing Israel meant he and David Sheen were publicly branded as antisemites. In fact, Germany has not learned the lessons of the holocaust, merely bought cheap absolution through discounted weapons sales to Israel.

Al Jazeera caves in to American pro-Israeli censorship – and repents

In a disturbing development for any online newspaper hoping to operate in the USA, Al Jazeera removed an article by provocative intellectual Joseph Massad. Ali Abuminah speculates this follows from the ‘cozy’ relationship between an Al Jazeera director and Chicago’s pro-Israeli mayor, Rahm Emanuel. Glenn Greenwald deplores this self-censorship and fear of causing offence as he hunts for the missing article. (He should have checked our website where it has been since it was first posted on Al Jazeera. It has now been restored by Al Jazeera.)

Documentary that questions Israel’s myth of exile dropped by BBC

‘Myth’ may be used to mean a lie, but properly it means a story that develops over time with the effect of binding contradictory elements and people together in a common story. The myth which Israeli filmmaker Ilan Ziv explores in his documentary Exile a Myth Unearthed was of the exile of the Jews after 70AD. The BBC had scheduled it for showing last month but abruptly dropped it days before. If they think that questioning the truth of a mass exile is new and dangerous they haven’t been keeping up. Ilan Ziv gives a picture of the insular and fearful world of the BBC.

JPost agrees to hide opinions of Israel’s most racist rabbi

In a sermon two years ago, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, founder and spiritual leader of Shas, told followers that the Goyim were only created to serve ‘us’. Accounts of his words were widely published – and even condemned by the right-wing ADL (2nd). But JPost has taken fright and expunged all traces of its report for fear of being accused of fomenting antisemitism. What are Jews not allowed to know? Richard Silverstein takes issue (1st).

All regimes in Israel/Palestine guilty of restricting free speech

Special Rapporteur Frank La Rue has written a critical report for the Human Rights Council of the state of free speech under all governing bodies in Israel-Palestine. In the Only Democracy in the Middle East free speech is limited on issues such as Israel as a Jewish state, calling for boycotts and the Nakba; the PA censors, Hamas harasses and arrests journalists. The report’s conclusion after a news report from AP.

Oakland museum caves in to Jewish lobby to block Gazan kids’ art from view

Racheli Gai of JPN writes ‘this article puts the cancellation of an art exhibit in the context of growing efforts to silence efforts to bring to light artistic expression by Palestinians. Below the article is an open letter to the Oakland Children’s museum, which you can sign if you feel so inclined.’

Palestinian TV satire banned for not being ‘constructive’

The Palestinian prosecutor general has banned a TV satire show, broadcast during Ramadan for the last three years, because of complaints by professions which expect deference – security forces, judiciary, medics. Officials from PLO and PBC condemn the censorship

New ruling on US Civil Rights Act censors campus critics of Israel

Kristin Szremski, director of communications for the American Muslims for Palestine, on a new definition of anti-semitism made possible by Israel’s self-definition as a ‘Jewish state’. The law affects both academics and pro-Palestinian students.

Escalation of efforts to undermine the solidarity movement


Ali Abunimah, co-founder of the Electronic Intifada, writes about “a well-coordinated, escalating Israeli government-endorsed effort to vilify individuals and cripple organisations that criticise Israel’s human rights record and call for it to respect Palestinian rights and international law…”