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Fight to entrench right to boycott

Many states in the USA boycott any company which supports boycotting Israeli and/or settlement products. The ACLU is taking up the case of a teacher excluded from a training course because she refused to certify that she does not participate in a boycott of Israel.

The hypocrisy of our Jewish leadership

With half a century of illegal occupation approaching next year, Jewish people who oppose the occupation should confidently confront the diaspora Jewish leadership about the settlements, argues Robert Cohen. People calling for settlement boycott, he reminds us, are those with human rights and international law on their side, and it is Israel and its supporters who are defending the indefensible.

Boycott on Palestinian goods – by Israel

In a vindictive act Israel has banned the import of food from five Palestinian companies. The lorries carrying the goods travel through the Beitunia crossing (no photos allowed) most heading for East Jerusalem whose residents prefer not to buy Israeli food.

Like talking to a brick wall

Roger Waters has been an active proponent of sanctions against Israel since 2006 because of the occupation. Supporters of Israel’s policies refuse to listen to the argument and call him an antisemite and a Nazi (always a sign the accuser has lost the argument). He says his fellow rock stars are so afraid of getting the same labels that they won’t speak up for Palestinians.

Aggressive Zionism is not about to give up and die

The anguish of ‘Liberal Zionists’ has been discussed here several times. The term can mean ‘Jews manifest destiny to inhabit Palestine but without violence’. Or there should be a Jewish homeland somewhere run on democratic principles. Or simply it’s an oxymoron. Larry Derfner seems in the middle – wanting Israel to exist where it is, but minus the occupation and siege of Gaza. To achieve this, he reluctantly joins the advocates of boycott. What other choice is there?

Israel to ban entry to all boycott supporters

Israel’s 2011 law against all who call for boycott against Israel, its institutions or ‘an area under its control’ is likely to be brought into force now that the EC has published its guidelines on importing settlement goods. This will mean the security services compiling a list of all those persons who have been associated with a call for the boycott of anything from Israel or the oPt.

Crying ‘antisemitism’ is Israel’s comfort blanket

And the lullaby is ‘the whole world is against us’. Having thus comforted themselves, the government side can sink back into sleep, wholly unaware of the seriousness of the ‘whole world’ refusal to be complicit with Israel’s colonial practice. As most of the world has gone through its own violent struggles to enforce, or resist, colonialism – a great driver of history – Netanyahu’s cry that it is all due to antisemitism is peculiarly obtuse and parochial.

Preposterous proposal to make Canadian boycotters criminals

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is well-known as an Israeli groupie. Even Israelis will be surprised at his desire to introduce a law making boycott of Israeli goods an antisemitic hate crime. Robert Fisk asks if he would prefer critics of Israeli policies not to use such a peaceful means of protest and advocacy for Palestinian rights.

Choosing not to buy settlement products is ‘offensive’

In the week after a New York court rules that the offensive Pam Geller can place highly offensive ads on Manhattan buses (freedom of speech) a Danish bus company, Movia, rules that ads on its buses asking people not to buy settlement products have to be removed because they are offensive. Whose very delicate feelings is Movia so concerned about?

NY Senate plans how to punish academic supporters of boycott

Those who complacently assumed eternal and unstinting support for the Israeli state, whatever it does, cannot have been more shocked if the sky had fallen in. After the withdrawal of one attempt to impose state sanctions on American academics who supported the boycott of Israeli institutions, another is being prepared for the NY senate. Meanwhile, former Israeli ambassador Michael Oren has described the President of the ASA as ‘antisemitic’ – an accusation that would be libellous had not such as Oren drained the term of all meaning.

Palestinians take the moral lead

Various forms of nonviolent resistance, which respect international law, universal values and principles and the requirements of a just peace, are gaining momentum in the international arena writes Hanan Ashrawi. In contrast, Israel claims exemption from international law and perpetuates its exceptional colonisation through destruction, imprisonment and contempt.

McDonald’s leads boycott of Ariel settlement

McDonald’s has a reputation for being the acme of commercial nous. The company protects its reputation with as much vigour as it protects its profits – in the long run, they’re the same thing. Hence its refusal to open a branch in the illegal West Bank settlement of Ariel. Israeli critics disingenuously complain that this is ‘political,’ No, it’s commercial. International companies operating in illegal settlements get more trouble than it’s worth.

Why pick on Israel? Because it is funded and defended by us ‘haves’

No-one who speaks out against Israel’s occupation or apartheid system says it is a uniquely destructive regime, worse than Syria, Saudi Arabia, the Taliban… But no western government funds or defends those regimes. The West’s left ‘pick on’ Israel because the West picks out Israel for favours, alone amongst law-breaking regimes.

German ambassador to Israel attacks Jpost columnist for ‘fabrication’

Recently, a former communications officer from Netanyahu’s office wrote an hysterical column charging Germans with reverting to their past and boycotting Jews – because Germany has accepted the EU law that imports from Israeli companies be labelled with place of origin.The German ambassador delivers a measured rebuke.

Israel’s legal and illegal products flourish in EU’s hot air

In the 2nd article here, Ramzy Baroud challenges the argument that settlement goods only should be boycotted; they could not be produced without huge support from Israel. In the first article, Dalia Hatuqa looks at the failure of the EU to achieve a ban on settlement products via honest labelling of provenance.

EU fed up with Israeli intransigence on settlements

The EU has two voices on Israel and Palestine The quiet voice discreetly makes preferential trade deals with Israel. The louder, political one – including the EU consuls in the West Bank and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton – is angry that Israel has rejected all diplomatic means to establish a Palestinian state. Israel wants to sell its goods, without labelling settlement products, to a market it treats with contempt.

BDS drives the future of Liberal Zionism/UPDATE Conference news

Many Liberal Zionists support the campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions directed against products from the illegal settlements and products and companies which maintain the settlements. They are divided when BDS is pushed further to take in its principle of a Palestinian right of return. The issue may determine Liberal Zionism’s future. Jerry Haber and Peter Beinart set out their arguments. UPDATE:
Conferences on BDS and Reclaiming alternative Jewish culture and identity

UK embeds a hub and an envoy in Israeli enterprise

We have been remiss in following the new Conservative policy of a uniquely intimate relationship with Israel’s hi-tech industries – the ‘focal point of the bolstered relationship’. It has been assiduously pursued by David Cameron, the Conservative Friends of Israel, the FCO and, most of all, Britain’s ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould. So here’s a bumper catch-up pack. (Yes, a few do mention boycott)

Making the unexceptional case for boycott

Israel’s boycott law allows settlers to sue anyone who calls for a boycott of settlement products. Gush Shalom has appealed against this law, hearing on December 5th. (3) A settler argues that boycott is collective punishment, or ineffectual (2). Jerry Haber takes apart his argument (1) UPDATE Report of hearing.

Frustrated Falk calls for boycott of settlement producers

In an address to the UN General Assembly on Thursday, Special Rapporteur Richard Falk spoke of the many companies now making use of the favourable (for them) conditions of production in the settlements. He called for these companies to be boycotted. None of the many bodies attacking him noted the laws and agreements which, Mr.Falk pointed out, the companies were violating.