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Destroying shelters at Succot

The origin of the three Abrahamic religions is in the hard lives of the desert dwellers. The gulf between those times and ours is immeasurable yet all cling to their festivals of survival against the odds, none more so than Succot. +972 points out the irony of commemorating the lack of shelter for Jews while Israel continues to demolish, ruthlessly, the shelters of Palestinians.

Israel applies to ‘transfer’ Bedouin

Bedouin, made up of many tribes, are a thorn in Israel’s side. With an undoubted right to live on the land they nonetheless find themselves harried from place to place. They fight for the right to maintain their communities and way of life. Their identity and tradition are in danger of eradication through ‘transfers’ and demolitions.

This is a war crime Prime Minister

The treatment of Bedouin tribes, residents of Palestine long before Jews arrived, is legally and morally indefensible. Israeli governments invent post-facto laws declaring Bedouin don’t have the ‘necessary permits’ to live where they have always lived. A letter from B’Tselem clearly sets out where the state is acting illegally or in bad faith.

Israel rendering Bedouin stateless

Bedouin tribes are among the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine when it stretched from Lebanon to the Naqab/Negev desert. They always assumed they had Israeli citizenship. Now they find the state is denying they are citizens, making it easier to speed up their demolitions and clearances to make way for Jews-only settlements.

Entire Bedouin village in E1 to be demolished

This demolition of Khan al-Ahmar, a Bedouin village near Jerusalem, is absolute and without excuse. It’s simply in the way of what the Israeli state plans for the E1 area – a contiguous bloc of settlements which would divide the northern and southern West Bank and smother any hopes of a viable Palestinian state.

‘In the Jewish, democratic state, I watch Israel eat itself from the inside’

‘In the Jewish, democratic state’ writes Emily Hilton ‘technological innovation and communal identity are threaded through the fabric of society. So is state violence and displacement’. And the state policy of displacing all Bedouin betrays any notion of the equality of citizens ‘regardless of race, gender or religion’.

Police use smash and grab tactics to drive Bedouin out

Israeli police are acting as an imperious occupier; armed, masked men force Bedouin to leave their homes, demolish the homes, fire randomly at a driver, leave the wounded man to bleed to death and then claim he was a terrorist. This crude violence is uniting Bedouin in angry resistance.

Bedouin strike over home demolitions

There are seven places in which Israel’s Bedouin population may establish communities. These are the townships built to rehouse them from Galilee, the Negev and the Jordan Valley where their existing dwellings are being demolished – because, of course, they don’t have planning permission which is also why they don’t have access to water and electricity services. They are calling strikes in protest at the demolitions.

Bedouin treated as terrorists

PM Netanyahu has come up with a new euphemism – parity of demolitions. One Jewish settlement, Amona, has been moved to a new spot. The Bedouin village Umm-al-Hiran is being demolished to be replaced with a Jewish settlement. And the killing of an Israeli policeman seems to have been an accident – the shooting of the driver, a Palestinian, was deliberate.

Solidarity gets stay of execution on Bedouin village

The Bedouin are one of the indigenous people of Israel, living either in the Negev or in Galilee. They are Israeli citizens. This does not inhibit the Israeli state from trying to cram them all into one all-Bedouin town, freeing up the land they live on for more Israeli (Jewish) towns. Um al-Hiran is again the target for evacuation. Many organisations have protested against this high-handed policy of displacement.

Move away – we’re crushing your house

Different agencies of the Israeli state use home demolition to achieve what they want: punish ‘terrorists’; punish house-builders for lacking planning permission (which it’s impossible to get); freeing land for settlers – forcing Bedouin to move to designated towns where they are also easier to control. Ben White on this last.

Attack on EU for building ‘Palestinian settlements’

The EU has been funding the construction of simple modular homes for Bedouin in the Jordan Valley for some time. The Israeli state has been knocking them down for just as long. Regavim, the right-wing body which has appointed itself the guardian of all land in ‘Greater Israel’, has sharpened its attack on ‘EU-funded Palestinian settlements’ but not improved the quality of its arguments.

An urgent appeal from Jewish Voice for Peace

14 February 2016 Two villages are at immediate risk of being destroyed, and we need your help. Can you send an urgent message to Netanyahu? Send an urgent message to Netanyahu: stop the demolition of Um al-Hiran and Atir!   Last week we received an urgent request from The Jewish Coalition for the Bedouin of […]

NGOs get temporary halt to village demolition

The Israeli state – civil and military – have declared a large chunk of the southern West Bank to be a military firing zone – so all people (mostly Bedouin) must leave. To make the point the IDF have begun destroying their homes. At the last minute the High Court has ordered a halt to the destruction. It’s temporary.

All (almost) Arab Israelis are loyal to their state

Israel’s Palestinian citizens are largely Bedouin – as are most of the knife-attackers. Here Joint List MK Zouheir Bahloul talks to Al Monitor about this troubled political identity – which drew him from sports broadcasting into the Knesset.

Court backs state decision for forced removal of Bedouin

Or, as Bedouin spokesperson Oudeh Basharat says, the Jewish state ‘is poised to wipe us out’. The Bedouin are Israeli citizens.The Bedouin are also Arabs with legal claims to the land they live on. The Israeli state has spent much time in working out how to invalidate these claims and move the Bedouin to a bantustan, e.g. the bedouin-only township of Hura. The ‘free market’ Israeli state is using its state ownership of land to get rid of the Bedouin from land Israel wants

Joint List draw Israelis out of their villages

There is something Biblical about the decision of Joint List leaders to walk the land from enclaves of excluded Bedouin in the south to a razed Palestinian village on the border with Lebanon. They are followed by a motley crowd of Arab Muslims, Christians and Druze and a handful of Jews. At the moment, new MK Ayman Odeh needs to be seen reclaiming land for Palestinians. He will find it hard to fulfil all the hopes that have been placed on him.

Destroying Bedouin habitat

Israel’s Nature and Parks authority have demolished small shelters, donated by the EU, for the Bedouin living in Issiwaya near Jerusalem. The aim is obvious – to clear all Bedouin out of the area so that Jewish settlements can be built there. It remains to be seen what the EU will do about this.

‘Jerusalem Gate’ built and bulldozed nine times – so far

The Jerusalem Gate peace camp, to protest the forced removal of Bedouin from their land, is one tent near Jerusalem. So far it has been knocked down nine times. Five activists have been arrested – and two of them are still being held. A British volunteer describes brutal treatment by the police.

Send an urgent message to Netanyahu: stop the demolition of Um al-Hiran and Atir!


Send an urgent message to Netanyahu: stop the demolition of Um al-Hiran and Atir!