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States’ move to make free speech on Israel a crime

What is it about BDS which so upsets American politicians that they are willing to ditch their own precious principle of free speech to shut them up? As usual any support for Palestinian rights is traduced as antisemitism.

Spotting ‘antisemitism’ gives Israel its dominant role

Antony Lerman, expert on the discourse of antisemitism and on Israeli lobbying says Israel re-made its dominant role in the diaspora by finding antisemitism lurking everywhere which only Israel could define and combat.

BDS supporter stands as president of students’ Jewish union

Caryl Churchill wrote the play Seven Jewish Children in response to the 2009 Israeli assault on Gaza. It has been produced by student and professional theatres in many countries. British Israeli student Eran Kahane produced a version at York university where he also supported Israeli apartheid week. He is standing for the post of president of the Union of Jewish Students. Predictably, if dismally, he has been attacked as ‘antisemitic’ as has Churchill’s play. The York Jewish Society complained that the university failed to ‘look after’ them leaving them to be the lone complainant about the play. Perhaps they were alone in seeing antisemitism in the play.

Canada boosts Israel’s sense of impunity

Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) Canada calls out its government (PM now Liberal Justin Trudeau but almost as pro-Israel as Harper) for ignoring Israeli violations of international law. It sets out a statement of beliefs, each one founded in basic human rights. Plus, the vote to condemn BDS.

Habima theatre heads into cul-de-sac


It’s possible the management of Habima has strong Zionist views about treating all the land between Jordan and the sea as Israel’s by divine right. Its crass decision to perform at one of the most hardline settlements is likely to limit its touring future as the decision delivers a seal of approval to the settlement despite the universal anti-settlement policy abroad.

It’s OK to be anti-Israel

And to support BDS, which will make Israel a better place for everyone. Rebecca Vilkomerson, executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace, sees JVP’S principle task of working with others to change the US attitude to Israel. In the process, JVP has created a new model for Jewish communal life.

Fighting BDS from the top

It appears that popular support for BDS is strong enough to cause severe anxiety amongst Israel’s best friends. In the UK the Cabinet Office stepped in to ban local governments from adopting any BDS position. In the US it’s state governors. In France it was the highest court of appeal. What they have in common is the fear that local governments are more likely to respond to BDS lobbying. Democracy it’s not.

Jewish Labour Movement woken by Israel’s kiss

A former officer at the Israeli embassy in London, Ella Rose, has been appointed as the new director of the Jewish Labour Movement. From Asa Winstanley’s account it seems as though the embassy sees the once defunct JLM as its anti-BDS weapon of choice.

An Israeli own goal!


Israel is in serious danger of being excluded by FIFA from world football. The reason: its settlement teams. Since 1998, FIFA has recognized the Palestinian Football Association and the league it operates, and it sees the West Bank as Palestinian territory. A few days ago, 66 members of the European Parliament signed a sharply worded letter to FIFA President Gianni Infantino, calling on him to enforce its rules.

The Board of Deputies and its siege mentality


The Board of Deputies of British Jews and the UJS have produced a campaign resource to help students to combat the BDS movement on campus. What strikes us is how terribly thin it all is. We offer some brief rejoinders to their assertions.

The invention of antiJewish myths

This consists of two articles from Open Democracy by two JfJfP signatories in sharp disagreement. The first by Labour History professor Mary Davis attacks what she thinks is the monolithic view of Zionism – she doesn’t name who she means. JfJfP website has consistently pointed out the lack of consensus on what Zionism and especially anti-Zionism mean. Then she suddenly launches into an attack on BDS as monolithic. Where has she been during all the arguments about boycotting only settlement products or companies which profit from the Occupation? Jonathan Rosenhead responds, equally surprised at Mary’s lack of homework before going into print.

Boris doesn’t bode well for BDS

Britain’s new foreign minister has created a public persona of a child-man who likes to have fun. Boris has never spoken of human rights. He thinks it enough to say of BDS supporters that they ‘wear corduroy jackets’.

When Israel is God all heretics must be banished

‘Knowledge of Jewish culture and traditions has been replaced in this country by a cheap form of religion which I call pro-Israelism’ writes Richard Silverstein in sorrow and in anger. It prompts one Jewish ‘leader’ to whip people into line with tales of rampant antisemitism.

Persuading people that occupation is not normal

This interview with BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti reveals a man who is cautious, realistic and utterly opposed to letting the poison of personal attacks and any sort of racism enter the movement.

Israel’s cyber-war against BDS

The BDS movement is causing serious anxiety in Israel’s ruling circles and they are throwing money at efforts to crush (‘neutralise’) it. The first target of Israeli cyber attacks is the Palestinian BDS HQ. The second is any website which supports BDS. It’s the loss of reputation as much as of sales that so disturbs them. Web agency Deflect analyse it.

Bans on BDS ordered by dictat

Several national and state governments have prohibited any action which supports BDS. All these orders have bypassed elected bodies – in the UK it came direct from the Cabinet Office. Any representative assembly would have certainly raised questions about freedom of speech, assembly and peaceful protest. Why, asks the Intercept, are the normal defenders of free speech silent on this?

Left should target US not its useful servant Israel

This is an impressive analysis of the political economy of Israel by CUNY doctoral student Joshua Sperber. He is critical of BDS supporters for targeting the client state, Israel, rather than the patron, the US. Why expect Palestinians to sidestep the source of Israel’s military power? Regular readers will recognise themes from Moshe Machover and Jeff Halper.

Israeli Ambassador visit to SOAS a snub to BDS vote say students

A visit to Lady Amos, director of SOAS, seems to have been the first formal call made by Mark Regev after taking up his position as Israel’s ambassador to the UK. Rabbi Mirvitz had to make do with a tweet. Students of course protested.

How to stop BDS? Simple, “solve the Israeli Palestinian conflict”

On March 28 a conference was held in Jerusalem on “Stop the Boycott”. It was organised by Ynet/Yedioth Ahronoth (Latest News). It chose former comic actor Roseanne Barr as its chief speaker. Lars Faaborg-Andersen represented the EU despite appeals from European Jewish groups, including JfJfP, not to attend. Tzipi Livni was the most prominent speaker to say if the conflict was stopped BDS would be too.

BDS does not promote peace

What’s the point of the BDS movement if it does not enable Israeli Jews and Palestinians to live in peace with each other? And, asks Uri Avnery, what’s the point if it encourages a train of antisemites and Israel-haters?